90 DAY FIANCE Alan and Kirlyam are selling their ‘Price Is Right’ Mazda

90 Day Fiance Alan and Kirlyam_selling their Price Is Right Mazda car

Are you looking for a brand new sports car and would also like to own a piece of genuine television history? Then ***YOUR NAME*** COME ON DOWN! and put in your bid on the Mazda MX-5 Miata won by 90 Day Fiance star Alan Cox on the final Price Is Right episode of 2017!

“So Kirlyam and I have decided to sell the Mazda!” Alan announced on Instagram, along with a photo gallery of the car. “Sad to see it go but we will use the money to fund our future annual family trips back home to Brasil!”

Here’s the photo gallery of the car:

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So how much for this sporty whip with the conversation starting provenance? “Anyone got around 24k laying around?” Alan asked, adding the ? emoji. “Lol let me know if you’re interested…”

In case you missed it, in what was a late contender for my favorite feel-good story of 2017, Alan and Kirlyam attended the taping for The Price Is Right and Alan was instructed to “Come on down!” early in the show. After eventually putting in the winning bid on four Michael Kors smart watches, Alan exploded in celebration — which included doing the worm and giving birth to my favorite animated gif of 2017:

90 Day FIance Alan Cox doing The Worm on The Price Is Right The Worm animated gif

Alan didn’t have much luck in his individual segment, but he would eventually spin his way into the Showcase Showdown, which he won by coming within $500 of the actual retail price! Kirlyam joined Alan on stage as they both celebrated their win. (Click here for a complete recap of Alan’s appearance on The Price Is Right with lots of photos!)

In addition to the Mazda, Alan also won a trip to Fiji — which the couple has apparently yet to take. A commenter responded to Alan’s announcement that he was selling the car in hopes of funding future trips to Brazil by asking about the Fiji trip. “We are going to Fiji,” Alan revealed, “but we go back to Brazil every year to visit Kirlyam’s family. ?”

If I was in need of a sporty car I would certainly be hitting Alan and Kirlyam up! Not only am I a huge fan of theirs and Alan’s Price Is Right appearance, but it would do wonders for my social awkwardness. “Nice car,” someone would say. “Thanks! It was won by a reality star in a Price Is Right Showcase Showdown.” BOOM! (Instantly the conversation would be in my comfort zone lol. “Wow! Which reality star?…”)

Anyways, somebody hit Alan and Kirlyam up and buy that car! Reality stars are often selling things via Instagram, but you won’t find anything much cooler than this whip!

UPDATE – After we shared this post on Twitter, Alan responded by assuring everyone the car is still available:

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