16 & Pregnant’s Valerie Fairman says she’s expecting her second baby months after prostitution arrest

Valerie Fairman Pregnant New Boyfriend

After hearing relatively little from 16 and Pregnant‘s Valerie Fairman throughout the past few years, we’ve had two significant updates about her life in 2015. First, in February, there was the shocking news that Valerie was arrested for prostitution. Now, she is reportedly expecting her second child with new boyfriend Bosi.

Following Valerie’s arrest alongside seven other women in a prostitution crackdown, ex-boyfriend David said the young mom had been in a downward spiral for years, which involved drug use and unprotected sex.

“She’s a really pretty girl, so it is not hard for her,” Valerie’s ex-boyfriend David said of her turn to prostitution. “Eventually, she got Hepatitis C and after that she just really gave up.”

16 and Pregnant Valerie Fairman arrested for prostitution

In April, The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that, in March, Valerie served 16 days in jail for the arrest. During that time, Valerie got several lucrative offers to do an adult film, but wisely turned those down. A friend also said Valerie was committed to overcoming her drug addiction and had a great deal of support from her friends and family, including her adoptive parents, who have full custody of her 5-year-old daughter.

We haven’t gotten any insider updates on Valerie since then, but Teen Mom Junkies reported this week that Valerie claimed on her private Instagram page that she’s expecting a second daughter: After Valerie posted a picture of her boyfriend, Bosi, a commenter asked if he was the father of her first daughter. Valrie responded, “No but he’s the father of the baby I’m about to have.” She added she’s expecting a girl.

Unfortunately, Bosi may not be the best supporter of sobriety, based on his Instagram page. Hopefully the pregnancy is keeping Valerie committed to living on the straight and narrow. We’re rooting for her!

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