Did Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry and Jordan Wenner break up?

Teen Mom 2 Kailyn Lowry and her boyfriend Jordan Wenner are apparently splitting up

It seems like only yesterday we were obsessed with whether or not Leah Messer and Corey Simms were splitting up and while our tissues are still soaked with tears over that one we’re getting rumblings of yet another Teen Mom 2 feel-good romance gone bad! This time it’s Kailyn Lowry and Jordan Wenner who are apparently having some serious difficulties.


Curses be to the MTV contract that prevents them from actually saying it, but every indication on Kailyn and Jordan’s Twitter and Facebook is that they have split up. (There are numerous reports of an alleged tweet between Kailyn and her ex Jo Rivera that clearly states she and Jordan broke up, but I can’t find any evidence of that tweet ever existing.)

Here is what the two have been saying – I’ll let you be the judge:

Jordan Wenner on Twitter (@renneWTnadroJ)

May 1:

Why when you think everything is going so well and everyone is happy everything has to change and make everyone so miserable :-/

Just want things to go back to the way they where a year ago

I guess most ppl think it’s best to do the hurting the be the hurtie

(Retweet) #becauseofmyex I find it a little more difficult to trust anyone…

May 2:

Good morning all thank you for all the support :-)

[After this post] Nothing can stay private when you are on tv :-(

[Another one after this post at Leah Messer!] @LeahDSimmsMTV we in the same boat and I kinda want to abandon ship what do u think :-/

Jordan Wenner on Facebook

May 2:

Just when u think things are falling back into place they all crumble back down :-(

Kailyn Lowry on Twitter (@TM2Kail)

April 30:

@ChelseaHouska Wahhh! =/ Texting you nooow.

Sometimes, everything has to fall apart in order for it to fall back into place.

(Farrah Abraham retweet) Remember – tough times don’t last, tough people do.

#yourenotmytype if your name is not Jordan Wenner. :'( @renneWTnadroJ

(Retweet) Even the smartest individual falls for the wrong one, even the strongest individual gets hurt, feels pain. We’re all human. #Fact

May 1:

“…People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right…” – Marilyn Monroe

I wana move down south, then I’d be able to start over…

Eating my feelings. I wana watch #MeanGirls!

Sick to my stomach.

What is going on here?!? If this is the end of Jordan and Kail – who seemed like a GREAT couple by the way – then that will mean the four ladies on Teen Mom 2 have a total of six exes during their combined time on TM2 and 16 and Pregnant! (I’m not even counting Leah’s brief fling while broken up with Corey the first time around)

So it’s looking like none of the Teen Mom 2 girls have a significant other?!? This fact has inspired me to create a new post so stay tuned…

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  • Inwonderland

    Kail tweeted the “you’re not my type if your name isn’t Jordan” Jo said “Aw”. There nay have been something said more but she finally told Jo “No, we aren’t together”

  • Inwonderland

    To which Jo said “must have slipped my mind”. Kail’s tweet confirming they weren’t together was deleted.

  • A.P.

    On the reunion special Jordan said that Kail was his first girlfriend so if he is doing ‘#becauseofmyex’ tweets then he must be talking about her.

    I wonder what happened.. and am curious as to how Jo fits into all this!

  • carmen

    Yeah i saw the tweet that said “we arent together anymore” but she quickly deleted it

  • J.O.

    renneWTnadroJ Jordan Wenner
    @LeahDSimmsMTV we in the same boat and I kinda want to abandon ship what do u think :-/

  • WOW LIES!!!!!

    I saw the tweet that she sent to jo saying they aren’t together. Then its deleted. Then jordan tweets leah saying they are in the same boat and earlier today kail tweeted jo saying good thing he was over and she knew he was playing around blah blah blah like they were joking and so close like best friends….everything points to her cheating on jordan with jo or at least in some way still having some sort of feelings for jo. Its obvious. Besides she seems the least effected by the break up. I mean its her life her baby dad and he was probably her first and they probably share a lot but jordan was a great guy and if this is in fact the case he didn’t deserve to be done that way especially that being his first girlfriend. Poor guy :(

  • jane

    Kail is rather annoying. I thought she was a great well grounded person until I started following her on twitter. She seems to like to play games with Jordan. Not cool!

  • Not lies.

    Kail had to delete it, they are under contract. Notice how when they are filming all the drama goes and then when they stop filming all the drama unfolds.

  • Inwonderland

    We know she had to delete it. No one is saying otherwise.

    I think they’re still friends though. The night she tweeted that to Jo, she also posted a picture of Jordan. There have been other tweets between the two of them as well. Didn’t she say they were together somewhere at some point. I’m interested to see what exactly is going on.

  • nunya

    I may be in the minority but they seemed kinda weird together. I think Jo and Kail are better fit, even though both need to work out things. Time will tell.

    Jordan seems like a really nice and loving guy, but not the guy for Kail. I was actually surprise they even started dating seriously because if I remember correctly didn’t Kailyn saw something like Jordan was funny looking or something like that before they started dating, I think she was talking to her friends at school.

    To me it’s really obvious that Jo has a LOT of feelings for Kailyn, and Kailyn for Jo… they’re both really hurt which turns into anger(Obviously).

    • ali

      @ nunya
      i totally agree with you! i like kail with jo not jordan! her and jo were cute together (when they got along) her and jordan were weird

  • toni

    Maybe she saw Jo’s music video and got jealous? LMAO

  • mae

    Lol @ video comment

    But seriously, who cares? They weren’t married or anything. You win some, you lose some, you get some more.

  • melissa


  • Jessica

    Jo would be stupid to get back with kailyn she played him on national television. She made look like a stalker and what she said about him on the reunion show that he might come over to her house in a fit of rage . She made him out to be OJ Simpson out of all of the teen mom girls Kailyn and Farrah are my least favorite do to their bad attitude they both acted entitled and self center. And if she did cheat on Jordan with Jo then Kailyn is really bitch because Jordan was so nice and he was there for her. If She wanted to ended things with Jordan she should of been a women and ended things not bed hop

  • Brittany

    7 combined exes, not six. Leah had 2, Jenelle 2, Kailyn 2, and Chelsea 1.

  • MKiss

    I think that Jo and kail are ment to be they have hard feeling against eachother nut alot of long lasting relationships have issues. Like u can tell I’n the episode where kail moves out Jo wAs so hurt n that’s why he was so mad . They just need to stop fighting and talk confrontation free ! It took me forever to figure that out but it’s been amazing for me! But Jordan was a super nice guy and i hope that he can move on from this if this rumor is true