Who is the rapper in the Rebecca Black “Friday” video? Meet ‘Pato’ Patrice Wilson

Rebecca Black in the back of a car from her Friday youtube video

Overnight YouTube sensation Rebecca Black continues her successful-so-far bid for musical world domination as her single “Friday” has not only launched a tour but has since been made available for download and is racing up the charts!

Much has been written about Ark Music Factory, the company behind the successful single that has been called everything from “great teen pop” to “the worst song ever written,” but little has been mentioned about Rebecca’s co-star in the video: mysterious rapper dude driving a car:

Rapper Pato Patrice Wilson from the Rebecca Black music video Friday

Mysterious rapper dude driving a car is actually Ark Music Factory producer Patrice Wilson, and his hip-hip rap breaks make an appearance in most all of AMF’s music releases. My guess is that his cameo appearances are meant to add an element of maturity to the songs in addition to making the videos seem more “legit” in that they feature a guest artist like a lot of urban Top 40 singles. (I also have a sneaking suspicion that Pato’s appearance in the videos guarantees him a big cut of the performer’s take if the song becomes a hit – like “Friday” has done. But, that’s purely speculation!)

UPDATE – Watch a video interview with Patrice Wilson in which he answers all your questions about Ark Music Factory HERE!

As you might have guessed, Patrice Wilson was an artist prior to joining up with AMF, and as you might have guessed, he realized “Patrice” wasn’t a very marketable name for a dude in the hip-hop world. So, Patrice performed under the name of Pato!

Ark Music Factory producer Patrice Wilson when he went by the name Pato

I desperately tried to round up a video of Pato but sadly came up empty-handed. He does have a MySpace page though, and you can listen to samples of his songs there. (The profile credits him with two albums, but after doing a bit of research I discovered they were other performers going by the name of Pato and not actually Patrice.)

Rapper and hip hop artist Pato Patrice Wilson

Also included on Pato’s MySpace page is a fairly detailed bio that reveals our man Patrice is a world-traveled prodigy of sorts!

“Pato was born in South Africa. His love for music began at a very young age. At age 7 he had already taught himself to play the piano. His favorite childhood singer was Michael Jackson.

“Pato started performing at age 9 in churches and local primary school talent shows. This continued though his teen years and into secondary school. Some of the many schools he performed in were, Zamani College, Wilson Prep. School, and Essence International School.

“When Pato graduated from high school, his desire to continue his great passion that he had enjoyed over so many years grew. At age 17, Pato moved to Eastern Europe where he met European super star, Ibrahim Maiga. It wasn’t long until Pato was touring and performing with him. Their style of music was cultural music mixed with urban hip-hop. They performed in places like Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and many other Eastern European countries.

Pato Patrice Wilson is the rapper from Rebecca Black's Friday video

“While his music career was growing tremendously, Pato also started modeling for big name agencies like Calvin Klein, Collins Sports Wear and Gap. He was even in several movies, one of which was Urban Menace, which stared Snoop Dogg.

“In 2001, Pato moved to the United States. It was in Hollywood, California where he was able to further his goal, and long dream in the musical world. His desire was to make music that could reach out to everybody in the world. He took his flavor of Nigerian music, along with his style of music he had performed in Eastern Europe and combined it with new age hip-hop.

Ark Music Factory producers Clarence Jey and Patrice Wilson
^ Ark Music Factory producers Clarence Jey (L) and Patrice Wilson

“After spending years and years perfecting his music, he’s decided to bring it back to his motherland, AFRICA, NIGERIA. He is ready for both his homeland and the entire world to enjoy, embrace and be entertained with his masterpiece.

“Are You Ready For A New Beginning………… .. .. Pato’s Phrase: “I am about to show you that we, as a people, are Unique… we are the Future.” …. .. .. Coming Soon!!!!”

And, just in case you ware one of the 327 people who haven’t seen it yet, here is Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video from YouTube:

Pato Photos: MySpace
All Other Photos: Ark Music Factory

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  • gary

    What a flop of a person

    • JamesBoned

      I used to realize the failed photoshop on the blue shirt pic, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  • Meh

    I thought his name was Fat Usher

  • Rick

    Its kind of jarring to suddenly have a black rapper show up in a tween pop video, but its standard formula apparently and he’s really not that bad.

    • John

      WTF DO YOU MEAN HE’S NOT THAT BAD?!?!?!?!?! He is the biggest joke in the song, his lyrics are even worse the RB’s, and he doesn’t have the excuse of being 13. Not that bad, HA. Either your actually him, related to him, or you are deaf.

  • http://pato Pato

    What a pathetic gimp, he can’t rap properly even to save his life. He’s exploiting kids, that’s what he’s doing.

  • James

    One thing’s for sure: after Rebecca Black’s video, this Patrice guy will NEVER EVER be taken seriously in the hip hop industry. Sorry, Pato!

  • Where’s My ‘tini At?

    One thing is certain – right now, AMF is raking in the cash, and they’re going to milk this as far as they can before the IRS moves in…..I wonder if anyone bothered to advise the tweens and their families on how to declare profits from song sales?

    • AMF is a HUGE scam

      Ark Music Factory gets publishing rights and all sales to the songs. The artists and their parents are basically paying for face time. The artists also get the rights to the “master recording,” but without the publishing or sales rights that is useless.

  • tgldude

    People need to stop bagging on this girl! She is very sweet and is giving all the proceeds towards the disaster effort in Japan!

  • Jonah

    Yes, Rebecca innocently got ensnared in this whole thing, and it’s because of the impossibly awful lyrics and production quality by these “Ark” guys. I hope she’s learned an important lesson: Don’t put your name or face on something that is complete garbage. The Ark guys obviously don’t care about that and at this point can only see $$$ sings. Fun, fun, fun, fun.

  • sonic

    Actually, Rebecca gets all money from this song, cause her parents paid this Label $2000 for all rights, the weird thing is they don’t need to pay the Label if they give up the copyright, but how could Ark gain from this business if “friday” didn’t success. Anyway, Rebecca’s parents made a great move, and Rebecca said in a interview that this label gets nothing!

    • Research Helps

      “For a fee, usually between $2,000 and $4,000, hopeful celebs-in-the-making are given a song to record as well as time with a producer-engineer (Wilson’s partner in Ark, Clarence Jey), a photo shoot, image consulting, a music video and promotion. The singer owns the rights to the master recording, and Ark owns the publishing rights to the song.” – LA Times

      Would you look at that, that is the complete opposite of everything you said! Research before commenting maybe?

  • Ezdays

    I believe AMF is doing something great for these kids and their families who otherwise would not have a shot at even trying the music business. Being a Nashville native, it is common practice for music companies to “charge” artists or their families to get published, produce videos, etc… due to the large expense that comes with it. My hat’s off to Patrice for letting these kids do something they love, and learn about the business at the same time. For most of those that are whining about the money, how many of you have sent your kids to summer camp for a week for a couple of thousand bucks? This is a great investment in their future.

  • Anthony

    Why is everyone bagging on him? Rebecca and her parents are the ones who sought out his services.

  • Tina Twito

    Funny how many people think any of this is worth being nasty over. (Nice that everyone in the video seems to be having fun.)Patrice may not have created a great song, but this much publicity can only help everyone concerned. Remember “Lucky Star” and “Borderline” by Madonna? Early work by an artist is often really vapid. Everyone seems to have gotten their money’s worth here. And if she really is giving money to Japan’s relief fun, that speaks more of her character than a silly song does.

  • ramsessbro

    patrice wilson is just a complete dumb wannabe, he cant spit bars and makin $$$ from trash lyrics? cmon son just get out of the game >>>

  • http://none Bk

    I think all the bad comment are from losers, that wish they were instead of Pato or RB – I think the best part of the song is When Pato jumps in, cool voice! – “… Hate me.. just makes me more famous..” – I like that!
    Peace out

  • Jecka

    doesn’t pato mean duck/gay in spanish? O_O