PHOTOS Simon Barney’s new girlfriend Kay

Real Housewives of Orange County's Simon Barney and his girlfriend Kay

In a previous post I revealed that The Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Simon Barney appears to have moved on after his less-than-amicable split from wife Tamra Barney. At the time all we knew was that he had a girlfriend and that she was an attractive brunette. (At least she looks mighty attractive to me, judging from the photos!)

Simon went public with his new relationship back in October of 2010 and going by Simon’s recent Facebook updates and photos the two are still together and loving life! So what have we learned about Simon’s new lady since October? Not too much really, other than she’s still brunette, and still attractive. We do however have a name!


Tamra Barney's ex Simon Barney as Santa Claus with his girlfriend Kay
^ Simon Barney as Santa Claus getting the best Christmas gift ever!

There you go! We at least have enough to sing a rhyme: “Kay and Simon sittin’ in a tree…”

Just after kissing in the tree, Kay must have fallen out because Simon reveals she has recently had knee surgery. On Valentine’s Day Simon shared this update:

Simon Barney Patrick, She is still recovering from knee surgery. I’ve been taking care of her the best I can in between my kids, work, etc. She injured her self trying to get around her place while I was in SF. I think I also broke my back carrying her up and down the stairs. LOL

(I don’t know about the “trying to get around her place” story, I think the knee injury may have been the result of boogy-oogy-oogying with Simon’s kids! In an unembeddable video clip Kay unknowingly gets caught on camera by the lil Barneys having a fun time playing Dance Central on Xbox Kinect.)

Simon taking care of Kay was just some old fashioned good karma coming down because Kay had helped out when the Barney family was stricken down with the flu. From Simon on November 14:

Omg. I’m still awake. All three kids are sick now. Throwing up till they having nothing left. Must be stomach flu. Be careful you don’t catch it. I guess I’m next. Ran out of towels. Washing load after load of towels and sheets. Lol. Even My girlfriend came over to help. She is the best. Willing to risk exposure to help us. Wish she was still here to help so I can sleep. Lol.

Kay is Simon Barney's sexy new girlfriend
^ Kay with Simon Barney’s daughter Sophia.

It seems Simon has a good thing going! No matter whose side of the break up you were on you would probably agree Simon and Tamra had reached a point where they were toxic for each other, so it’s good to hear both parties seem to be moving on after such a tumultuous break up.

That being said, Simon and Tamra still have their issues and they occasionally play out online and will most certainly be featured in the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Occasionally Simon will post comments obviously addressing his relationship with Tamra, like this one from November 17:

Don’t let people try to take or steal your happiness. People hate to see other’s happy. Especially if their miserable. When you get that call, text, email or visit that is intended to bring you down. Just ignore it and smile and keep your happiness in tact. I do…. Yenrab Nomis

And on November 27:

unselfishness – the quality of not putting yourself first but being willing to give your time or money or effort etc. for others.

I always seem to get the short end being unselfish and trying to make the selfish happy. Why can’t I learn? Because God made me this way and it in my nature.
Niaga Em-sti Haey

(By the way, read his “signatures” backwards)

A commenter asked him about Tamra Barney’s recent appearance on George Lopez Tonight:

Commenter Please tell me you are planning to do something about this George Lopez show that Tamra took your oldest daughter too and talked about very inappropriate things.

Simon Barney Not much I can do legally. I’ve asked her be aware of what she does, because it does affect the kids. And that everything is a permanent record if it is on tv or Internet. And how it could haunt our kids for years to come. “You can point to where the water is in a Dessert, getting them to go and drink it is a Different story. “

He also addressed a photo and story that appeared on that alleges Simon partied and got pretty intimate with a man thinking he was a she. Simon responded to that story as well:

1st. This article says this picture was taken last weekend.. How Strange! because I was 7,000 miles away in Hong Kong on business.

2nd . The girl I’m currently dating over 4 months now, looked at this pic and remembered that night. It was actually taken over two months ago when we were both out together with her brother.

Lastly…So photoshoped. You can tell these are two different pictures. The Shadows are opposite on each person.

Finally- I have kids that don’t need this crap-and this should really be confirmed before being published anywhere. Very amateurish and juvenile..

This just goes to show that once you appear on a reality show it is SUPER hard to shake the drama and media attention that will follow you around like a hungry dog you gave your hamburger to.

Anyways – Good luck to you Simon, and congrats on finding a little happiness and stability!

  • Alison

    She looks YOUNG. Holy Moly! Like no joke I think she looks my age, 23.

  • Stormyboo

    Young and controllable, that’s how Simon likes them!!!

  • SusieQ

    Simon Barney has a way of making even the most “innocent” of comments have an edge of pure malice. I agree with Vicki: I look at that man and I SEE HATE…on his face, in his eyes, unless he is getting his own way and no one is giving him ANY grief.

    The fact that several comments above and the picture of Kay, the newest g’frield, have to do with her attractiveness leads me to believe that Mr. Barney will not be content with any woman unless she is a sexpot. AND that Mr. Barney is NOT happy taking care of his children, but wants a way out…to sleep…whatever, and will rely on any g’friend, present and former, to help him out in that area.

    So, long one short: Simon Barney is “in it” for what Simon Barney can get. She has to be gorgeous, she has to be willing to help him out with his children. As far as a deep, loving relationship with someone less gorgeous: ain’t gonna happen. And, Mr. Barney: it won’t last if it’s based on looks. And you’d better wise up and give your g’friends and/or wives SOME respect…and that means you better find someone respectable…or you will get back what you give for the rest of our life: nothing but a golddigger. And, let’s face it: you really are NOT that good looking. What makes you believe you deserve someone gorgeous when you, yourself, are not?

  • ??????

    You know…when I first saw this photo, I thought to myself, “This must be a daughter”. How old is this girl (and yes I mean girl)?????

    I only started watching past seasons of this show (the drama is too muckin fuch), and it seems that his last wife was just as bad as he. What is up with her fake crying??? Ok, so he seemed controlling, but when you hear her as a mom, saying that her kids are 5 or 7 and she has time for “me”…WTF?

    Spoiled people…all of them…just sayin’…

  • Katja

    What a man-wh0re! He is disgusting, WTF!

    • christina

      rightt wtf he is gross…. i luv his tamra she was da best dat dickk eva had ! now he goes to a young one huh figures only da young ones put up with bull shit !

  • sl

    Somebody please wipe the Similac off her mouth for her!

  • iona

    simon is a bald, broke, man-whore…ew

  • Jaytay

    Seriously this is like a bad porno where the dad ends up with the babysitter. I mean at least Tamra got with someone who is close to her age and amazing! He just went to the town and picked her up and said. “You’ll do.”

  • Laura

    Does everyone seem to forget that Tamra is also dating someone much younger than herself. Wow, some people only look at one side of things…

    • Aimee

      Not this much younger. Gross… Eddie is closer to her age by far. This is disgusting. And he has those poor kids to him and his nastiness….YUCK.

  • a

    Is the age diff between T&E 20 some-thing years???

  • cannoli

    You go Simon.. Tarmra looks like a fool with her wormy little Eddie. Simon was right to dump her. She is trailer trash and she proved on the season fianle

    • Asil

      THANK YOU!! I’ve been saying that since day – she is total trailer trash. I think you’re the only one here that gets it. Good for Simon.

    • cannoli’s trailer

      oh please. then what is he? he can’t take any kind of moral high ground. she isn’t trash – i like her, she’s decent. he’s really hot though. just a tad too controlling.

  • Yorkshire

    I’d love to see Tamra booted off RHOC only to be replaced by Kay (Simon’s new girlfriend).

  • Josie

    Simon needs to take a spelling and grammar course. It’s scary to me that a person his age has no clue how to form a proper sentence!!

  • Shar

    Who actually forms sentences in today’s society filled with acronyms of LOL and cuz. Grammar or age difference is the least worry of this publicly exploited couple. I also find it hard to believe as outspoken and in the public position Tamra is in that she was abused with Simon knowing he would be under public scrutiny? Common sense people! Simon’s not stupid! Everyone claims to be abused in their lives at some point whether it be emotional, mental or physical. Shouldn’t people find it more ironic that Tamra who denies cheating on Simon is sleeping with his friend? Where many opinions would agree it is morally wrong to date an ex’s friend? And what if Tamra was cheating? Pot calling the kettle black considering she attacked Getchen for a similar situation. Is that why Tamra would never admit she cheated on Simon? Is Tamra really a hypocrite who’s trying to claim fame any way she can get it with whichever sugar daddy she can get a hold of? Considering the financial stress this couple was under doesn’t just happen overnight; Was Tamra wondering where her next expensive botox injection was coming from and who would pay for it? Tamera wanted the fame and was fully prepared for a public rock star lifestyle, yet she couldn’t can’t accept the attention to her faults and take responsibility for them like a woman?
    Wouldn’t Tamra have been better off just saying “yeah, that happened”, “I’m sorry” or “we fell out of love” or “I’m not an angel, moving on” or “it was both of our faults, we hurt each other and we are moving on”.
    Jeana was friends with this couple and obviously feels strongly about how Simon’s character was criticized. Simon probably has a “gag order” on him and couldn’t speak, so Jeana most likely thought she was doing the right thing by defending her friend since Simon probably leans on her shoulder. Who could be possibly talk to with a “gag order”? I can’t say I agree with how it was done, yet the stress and drama both parties are enduring must be insane.

  • Kelley

    She looks like she’s his daughter not a girlfriend. The pics of her online are trashier then anything Ive seen on Tamara