MUG SHOTS Real Housewives of Miami’s Elsa Patton DUI arrest

Real Housewives of Miami Elsa Patton mug shot

Fans of the Housewives franchise know that sometimes the most interesting characters are not the featured Housewives themselves but assorted associates and family members.  In a previous post I featured PR maven Marysol Patton discussing the show with The Miami Herald and the subject of her self-proclaimed psychic mother came up.  Here’s what Marysol had to say about her mid-70’s but still kickin’ mom Elsa:

“Yeah my mom is a big part of it.  She’s really quite funny, she’s such a character that everyone wants to be friends with her and everywhere I go everyone is like, ‘How’s your mother?’ before they even ask how I am.  She’s just really funny.”

In the preview video provided by Bravo they show a brief discussion in which Elsa defines herself as a witch.  In the clip she’s holding a big ol’ Miami sized glass of wine which as it now turns out might have been some creative foreshadowing.  Here’s a cap from that vid of Elsa and her wine along with a promo shot via Bravo:

Real Housewives of Miami Elsa Patton

The mug shots seen above and below were from an arrest that occurred on October 9th, 2010 in Miami.  The arrest information via states that she was cited for a DUI / Unlawful Breath Alcohol Level and No Valid Drivers License.  From what I’ve seen of the spicy lady so far I don’t think I would have wanted to be the one on patrol that night responsible for bringing Miss Elsa in!

If you love you some Miss Elsa like I do I encourage you to check out our post on her and Marysol’s road trip from Miami to New York City to appear on Watch What Happens Live here.

UPDATE – It turns out that Marysol is a lot like her mother! CLICK HERE to see her mug shot stemming from an arrest for suspected drunken driving in January of 2010!

Here are two full images of both mug shots for Elsa Carreras Patton:

Real Housewives of Miami Elsa Patton front mug shot Real Housewives of Miami Elsa Patton profile mug shot
  • michael

    She paid to look like that!

  • conio

    Oh My Lord, I am going to have nightmares for weeks!!!! What an UGLY person. She might really be a man.

  • camille

    Did Elsa have some bad plastic surgery?

    • diane

      she almost looks like the female version of mickey Rourke

  • amanda heer

    so crazy I met them on a cruise ship 2 years ago on NCL I was so intrigued by all the surgery I had to get a closer look so we began talking she and her daughter must have went to the same surgeon
    I fell off my chair the other night when I saw them I have photo’s from the ship

    • ktown

      Please please please please please post those pics! Bahahahahah

    • Bea from NJ (sweeetbea on twitter)

      Amanda, please tell us your on twitter & will posts these pics! I love me some Mama Elsa! She is such a riot. And I admire the bond between her & her daughter. I do wonder what in the world happened to her .. surgery gone wrong maybe?

      • Manny

        People, Elsa is more proof that plastic surgery is ruining our society. Natural beauty is the best. People are starting to look more and more HORRIFIC with plastic surgery procedures.

  • P. Myree

    OMG…. my eyes are bleeding. WTF?? Is that a man? She looks just like that hideous cat woman, Jocelyn Wildenstein…..

  • coconut

    What happened to Elsa’s face, Was she burned?

  • Bob

    She looks a freaking toad-monster

  • romiurhomie

    They are actually both two fantastic ladies. They are sooo fun and a riot to be around. Elsa is very wise and being around her is enlightening. Bottom line is that they keep it real.

  • Graciana


  • Terry

    It amazes me how nobody has had the courage enough to tell these women that the look scary, both mother & daughter!!! They have a platypus’ mouth! I dunno if I should feed them crackers or put a sheet over there faces!!! What’s worse is how do these surgeons go on doing what they’re doing with such botched results? WTF!!! Furthermore, ummm…. Marysol, can’t u see the disfigured results on ur mom? What would poses u to go to the same surgeon? Your surgeon made ur mom look like a Lion!!! With all the $ u guys have, u mean to tell me u couldn’t find 1 friend of a friend of a friend with great results, especially in Miami????!!!!WTF!!!! Well here’s one that I know of who’s great n that’s just from 1 visit & photos + great reviews… His name is Dr. Michael Salzaur from Bal Harbour Plastic Surgeons, u need to get a consult, the 2 of you… Good luck!

  • Terry

    Marysol please get some lipo-suction on that mouth! You look ridiculous!!! & ur husband, he doesnt see u look weird? Like a duck?Is everybody blind??? WTF?!!!!Scary ….go get a consult @ Dr. Michael Salzaur’s office , check out his website @….Please!!!!

  • Angel

    Terry…..I am seriously on the floor, kicking my feet in the air and laughing till I cannot breath. Thank you for making my night with some real honest humor.

  • debbie

    i agree why would she elsa go on tv she looks ridiculous and so weird. they need to say that this is what happens when you have to much plastic surgery and also you cannot understand what she says. i think she is a witch and put a paperbag on her head. also yes theirs mouths are too big find someone else for the show.;

  • violet

    OMG! tonight was the first night i saw the “housewives of Miami” and i was welcomed by none other than Elsa. Sitting with a friend I at first was appalled and then figured there had been a terrible accident or stroke or whatever that could disfigure a woman without choice. There was however the side of me that really believed my first reaction. BAD PLASTIC SURGERY!! somehow i ended up on this site and Terry I have to tell u< like Angel, Me and my friends are laughing so hard we have tears running down our cheeks. I could not have said it better!! Thank you for making my night even more fun!! I look forward to more and just so ya know, I do have a life! lol

  • Alina Dominguez

    yikes!…people in Castro’s Cuba use her photo to show the ills of American culture!…..,hahaha!

  • EnacksGirl

    This was once a beautiful woman. I saw photographs of her in her youth. It is not age that has done this to her, it is her own hand. Woman need to know when to stop using plastic surgery or needle “therapy” natural aging cannot be as bad as this. I feel bad that she felt that she needed to go this far, if it where an accident or sickness it would be understandable, but being vain is the downfall of every beautiful woman.

  • sara34243

    Not only is she unattractive she’s obnoxious – I don’t know who thinks she’s funny but she’s not.



    • I love Mama Elsa, too. She’s the only good thing about that show, actually.

  • canadian girl

    She reminds me of one of those rotten apple witch faced fridge magnets that my nana had.

  • Isn’t that Mickey Rourke?


    I don’t even want to watch the show when she comes on she’s like pollution to my eyes….

  • Necromancer

    When the Nazi medical researchers escaped to South America, she was one of their botched Xperiments!

  • Necromancer

    There is a new TV version of Beauty & The Beast. VIVA LE BEAST…AYE CHIHUAHUA


    The Warlocks of Shablakka will banish you to the nether regions if you dare to meddle in their affairs. You’re weak magic is powerless against their might.

  • jloca

    It’s ashame that she look like a monster, she should have sued the doctor.