Kaylin Zorich responds to Jenelle Evans Facebook feud

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evans former friend Kaylin Zorich

The feudal fallout continues from this week’s OK! magazine story in which Jenelle Evans’ friend Kaylin Zorich says the Teen Mom 2 star has been lying about who the father of her son Jace really is. Kaylin says in the story that Andrew Lewis, who Jenelle says is the father, was actually in rehab at the time Jenelle got pregnant and the dad is in fact Stephen Fullwood, who was dating Jenelle’s best friend at the time.

UPDATE! Jenelle has basically admitted that Kaylin told the truth! Read exactly what Jenelle said HERE!

The story angered Jenelle who took her revenge out on Kaylin by posting her phone number and mug shot from a shoplifting arrest on her Facebook page. (CLICK HERE to read all about that!) In addition to posting the phone number and mug shot, Jenelle also claims Kaylin tested positive for heroine use and referred to her as a “crackhead.”

We talked with Kaylin Zorich about the Facebook feud with Jenelle and the accusations she made online:

To clear her [Jenelle’s] false statements up, I don’t smoke crack. I don’t shoot heroin. She must have me & keiff [Kieffer Delp – Jenelle’s current boyfriend] confused. He’s an ex heroin user. I’ve seen first hand what drugs to to people.”

But Kaylin isn’t going so far as to say she’s a saint!

I’m only an average teenager. We’ve all experienced with drugs & alcohol. It’s normal. But I am not an addict by any means! Not at all. I don’t do drugs. I have to pass regular drugs tests to maintain my job.”

And what about the mug shot for shoplifting?

As far as my shoplifting charge, I did the crime & I did the time. 15 days in jail & you can best believe Ii will not ever do it again! Not worth it. I am only human. We all make mistakes. You just gotta learn right from wrong, and I learned it the hard way. Jenelle has been arrested for a lot too. It’s like the pot callin’ the kettle black.

Kaylin also tells us there was no failed drug test and that she spent time in jail only because she couldn’t afford the fines attached to her probabtion so she voluntarily activated her suspended sentence.

Photo of Kaylin Zorich and Jenelle Evans from Teen Mom 2 when they were friends
^ Photo: Kaylin Zorich and Jenelle Evans from happier times

So was that actually her phone number posted by Jenelle?

Yeah, it was my real number. And then i posted hers, but she traded her phone to someone.

So what about all the attention she has been getting since the article came out and Jenelle has taken it upon herself to exact revenge in a public forum like Facebook?

I could honestly care less. i’m flattered that people haver nothing better to do but make fan pages & anti-fan pages for people like us. I get a kick out of it. :) It’s petty & childish. Everyone should do themselves a favor & save their breath. Who cares?

Man! I think Bravo needs to get down to Oak Island, North Carolina to film a new reality series called The Real Teenagers of Brunswick County! What’s that? It’s on MTV and it’s called Skins? I’ll have to check that out!

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  • kim

    poor jenelle she gets famous and a bunch of loser nobodies want in on it. what kind of freak puts hidden cameras in their car and pretends to be someones friend just to video tape them. u should have kept ur face out of the video cuz all ur doing is letting the world know ur crazy, and not to be trusted.

  • Jalissa

    Yeah if Jenelle would be so bold to put someones # on Facebook she would be bold enough to do anything-Smh

  • MissNY

    Um, Jenelle should be focusing on raising her son, not fighting over bs. To be honest, I’m not surprised that andrew isn’t the father, Jenelle reminds me of the type of girl who will be living in a trailer with 5 kids all by diff. fathers living off of welfare, section 8 and food stamps. She doesn’t even take care of her kid, her mom does. She thinks picking out his outfit and putting him to bed is being a mom… what a loser. Try staying home and keeping ur legs closed Jenelle…

    • realtalk

      i dont think there is anything wrong with having food stamps or any of the free services if not abused and when needed! if people need them then they need them i dont like the fact that jenelle doesn’t take care of her son i hate it,and she does choose men over her son,as for her friend that wasnt her friend that was just a hungry chick would could get foodstamps so instead of starving she sold her soul for money,her friend looks like the type of person that if you leave your man in the same room with her she would make a pass at him do i like jenelle no but her friend was dead wrong !

  • http://yahoo.com shiann

    thtas effed up lil mama

  • shiann

    you shouldnt tell someones ishh just to f**kin get paid

    • whattadumbass

      she needs that ther moneys fer her crack addiction lmao (emphasis on the hick accent that your supposed to imagine) someone who would do that to anyone at all period sell someones secrets regardless of the truthfullness of said comments is a rat and cant be trusted worth a dime lol pun slightly intended (since apparently her words were worth something to stupid as* ok magazine) and should therefore be exposed shes someone people should avoid . trashbag.

  • nae15nae

    Yea that girl kaylin is a bitch ass snitch. That bitch wasn’t jenelles friend. Mind ur own fuc*** business.