Who is Lina Morgana? Did Lady Gaga steal her soul?

Lady Gaga is being sued by a former producer Rob Fusari, who helped write some of her hit songs like “Paparazzi,” but now someone is going after the pop queen with a more macabre claim.

Yana Morgana claims that Lady Gaga, who grew up with opportunities and privilege, stole her dark side from Yana’s daughter, Lina Morgana. Lady Gaga collaborated with Morgana in the years before she became a pop sensation. Now her mother, a Russian immigrant, claims that Gaga stole a lot of Lina’s style (and her “darkness”) when she spent time writing songs for Lina. Not only that, but she now believes Gaga is holding on to Lina’s soul. Lina committed suicide October 4, 2008 at the age of 19 by jumping from a Staten Island hotel.

Yana tells the NY Post:

“I’m doing this because I want to keep her spirit alive. Lady Gaga is holding Lina’s soul, and I want her soul to be free.”
She says before she met Lina, she didn’t dress in lingerie or wear wigs, and that she copied that Lina’s style to help propel her to fame. She doesn’t want to sue (nor does she appear to have any grounds to), but she does want her daughter’s music to be released (which was partly written by Lady Gaga).
Here’s a photo of Lina Yana says proves that Lady Gaga copied her:
Here’s Lina singing a song Lady Gaga wrote, “Wunderland:”

Another Lina song:

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  • Chuckjones

    Sad all around, including the mother trying to enhance the memory of her daughter at someone else’s expense. Gaga didn’t invent dark and edgy, and neither did the late Lina Morgana. Everyone is influenced by their experiences. That said, Gaga’s body of work is so immense and successful for an artist of such a young age that reducing it to a possible influence at the start of her career would be absurd.

    • godiva


    • Tony

      Because “immense” and “successful” is what matters in this life, after all.

    • Samuel

      you’re missing the point. all the mother wants is for lady gaga to acknowledge that she got her style from lina morgana. all she wants is for her daughter’s soul to be free and she thinks the only way for that to happen is for gaga to admit she stole morgana’s style. that’s all.

      and she doesn’t even have to admit she STOLE it, she just has to say “lina morgana was my inspiration”. why is that so hard? she ripped off her style and got famous off of it after she committed suicide. you don’t think morgana at least deserves that?

  • Pamela

    Lina was so beautiful! Such a strong voice, she really could’ve made it. So tragic what happened. My sympathies with the mother for her loss, she’s clearly still dealing with what happened…

  • shane

    I don’t really see how lady gaga and this girl are similar to each other…..

  • Not here

    There is doubt as to the validity of the “Lina Morgana tragic story”. No death records were ever found for “Lina Morgana” on Oct 4th, 2008 from Staten Island, NY. The jumper was never identified and a car belonging to the individual was released as having Illinois license plates. Either foul play has occured, or this person has never existed.
    As to Stefani Germanotta and her “dark side”: She is NOT a great talent, nor in my immense music circles will she ever be. She is a nod to the “Machine” of the Music Business. Nothing more nothing less.
    I suggest that IF you can, in point of fact, find ANY death record for “Lina Morgana” THEN I might have a reason to believe some points in this story. Otherwise, it is all hearsay and NOT factual news. I’d like to see some actual proof, of which NONE has been forthcoming, of a death on Oct 4th, 2008 of one “Lina Morgana” or any persons using that name and 19 years old in the Staten Island, NY area. We have ONE woman and a few people’s word. THAT is all we have, not solid proof.

    • Not here

      Excuse me, the jumper’s identity was never PUBLICLY identified and had a car registered to them, from the State of Illinois.

    • Unknown

      Morgana was not Lina’s real last name. That is why you won’t find anything about her with the name Morgana. She took the name from a book of paintings when she was 16. Watch her video pitch on her website. We should let her rest in peace and enjoy what we can of the beautiful gift she was given. She was a very talented girl. Very sad that we can’t see what she would have become which would have been a super star.


    • LindaT

      Her last name was not Morgana. I saw an interview of hers and she says she came up with that name from a picture she saw in some magazine she had. The picture was of a cartoon like witch. I don’t know why the mother uses the same name. That’s probably why you can’t find her death records.

  • Gin

    They re similar some ways exspesialy by voice..

  • Emilie

    Lady Gaga’s look was created by DJ Lady Starlight. You can find that infos everywhere on the web. Sad that this woman killed herself but her style wasn’t copied by Lady Gaga. When you become a big star, any kind of accusations comes out, just like that stupid one. Not sure? Please type Lady Starlight in Google to find out by yourself.

  • Eric

    Since when is biting someone’s style a crime? Is it even style if nobody else follows lead?

  • anna

    she is envious of lady gaga and wants to take money from her.If se had been a good mother,her daughter would not have commited suicide.Lina is dead,but Gaga is alive and deserves all the success in the world.

    • Sara

      THIS IS the MOST stupid comment I’ve read all day! “If her mother was a good mother she wouldn’t be dead” CONGRATULATIONS! HOW can you think that way? Unbelievable! So disrespectful for the victim’s family…so disrecpectful…like Lady Gaga!


      May she still rest in peace..

  • Samorau

    Um stole her SOUL? She’s not satan…besides, it never happened. Gaga’s original it’s a fact!

    • F.A.G.

      She is most definitely Satan. Only Satan would think of something as disgusting as a perfume that smells of blood and semen. Kind of ironic how someone who preaches about celibacy wanting the scent of a beat down prostitute in an alley way.

  • Sissi

    Love u Lina!
    Rest in peace!!!
    I apologize that we could not save u…

  • Emma

    think both Lina and Gaga are talented. I understand Lina’s mom wanting to release the songs her daughter made with Gaga, I would definitely love to hear them but I do think it’s a little unfair to follow that wish with claims that Gaga stole her daughter’s style. People have been dressing and posing like this for decades. Gaga’s style was pretty much the same at the 2007 Lallapalooza before Lina died. It is sad and unfair but the situation doesn’t warrant some of these awful insults.


    • mhmm

      they “DON’T SEEM NOTHING ALIKE”…so they are alike then…

      if she didnt copy lina, she copied madonna

    • soul

      would you have said the same and still feel Gaga is sooo sexy if she were wearing YOUR meat just so she can get attention? Its sooo sexy let her wear yours then.

      Oh btw, she hardly wears anything most of the time, as if porn is the norm. Sexy not the same as prostitution.

      Read a book, get a life better still, get a new brain.

  • Santos Gaga


  • alex

    lady gaga is a Satan worshiping occultist who murdered Lina to gain fame, i hope she enjoys it because her contract with the devil is in blood and she will forever live in the depths of hell..

    • rosey


  • I really love lady gaga. she is one of the best out there. I think she is the new madonna.

    • Hipeeps

      There is only one queen and that is Madonna!

  • Lianna

    @Alex, Finally someone who sees the truth! Lady Gaga worships Satan. It’s all over her videos and media. It’s hiding in plain sight with all the hand signals and symbolism she uses. Open your eyes people. Why is it so hard to accept that the same way people worship God, they worship Satan? Lady Gaga did everything she could for the fame, including possibly pushing the TRUE talent off a building. She is obsessed with it all and it will destroy her in the end. She will pay for what she’s done. One thing about the devil, he gives you EXACTLY what you want, until you beg for mercy. It never lasts long before he comes for his soul and drags you off to hell. Just another suicide/accident in Hollywood! Lady Gaga will meet the same fate!

    • OMG… STFU.. Its POP music.. calm down people, its not like shes a racist natzie. Are you telling me you think someone who claims to be an activist for “free people” and animal rights is a devil worshiper??!! geez how old are you people, didnt you like any music when you were young, or even now? Because an artist sings about love and sex this makes them a demon? get real people

  • This is RIDICULOUS!! I Cant BELIEVE this poor girl’s MOTHER is trying to basically ROB Lady gaga… they arnt simalar at all.. and my heart aches for this girl and what ever she was going through when she killed herself I just feel so bad for her.. If anything the mother should be THANKFUL for gaga. I downloaded a song she sings just because when I downloaded it, it said “lady gaga” when I heard it it was obviously not her but it was a great song, and apperently gaga wrote it.. its called “wonderland” This was way before I even knew who she was. If she was still alieve and if they were in deed “Good friends” gaga would have totally helped with her career <3

  • Adan Romeo

    I wish with all my heart and my ears of yearn that Lina would have been alive today to stomp all over Lady Gaga, I was a Gaga fan, but untill I recently discovered her music rythyms were that of many other artist like Ace of Base, Depeche Mode,madonna, and of coures Lina morgana, I was instantly repulsed by her. I truly believe Lady Gaga copied Lina’s style and as time went on she morphed herself into what we see today and although her style today is her own, I think it’s fair we owe some of that to Lina. Lady Gaga is a fraud, a creative talented fraud, but she is a rip off artist. “Alejandro=ace of base, dont turn around”, “I was born this way=madonna, express yourself” just to name a couple, but you have to be very familiar with music as I am and as you hear Gagas music you can identify each song as a rythym of someone elses, it’s amazing she is getting away with this without copyright infringment. My prayers are with you Lina.

  • Ashlee

    I think this bull is funny i dnt know if its true or nt bt its good music. I dnt thinks she stole it bt she should have said something saying she did this for her friend if she knew the girl.. and give the mother a few cash bt if this is bull screw that lady bt sorry about the girl tho bt who is this person and is she really dead..

  • crystal

    nobody will ever know for sure, and that’s that, but i highly highly doubt that lady gaga had anything to do with lina’s death.

  • anonymous

    For some reason I can only think about Jenifer’s Body on this one……..

  • sam

    i don’t think GaGa and like are alike. maybe they could wear funky wigs and weird outfits but they’re not the same. GaGa didn’t create dark and edgy and weird and so did Lina.

  • jackie

    people claiming that Gaga killed her are seriously ridiculous. and anyway, Lady Starlight had more influence that this chick did. its obvious you guys are just waiting for another fall of a celebrity.

  • Me

    I kno

  • me

    i think lady gaga did it cause they look so much a like and all that shit jus scary

  • jay

    umm if you all are gonna bash lady gaga abt “copying” you need to think again, katy perry,rihanna,beyonce, nicki minaj, etc. they copied lady gaga. go back and look at them before 2009, big big difference in music,style, gestures, i mean come on. before yall say something abt lady gaga look around.

  • Mason

    The story I came across went like this. The producer of Lina’s album Rob Fusari put Stefani (Gaga) together with Lina to finish Lina’s album. They also worked on about 12 other songs together. Somewhere at this time a DECISION was made to fund Stefani as the STAR. Lina was dropped and Lady Gaga was manufactured cannibalizing Lina’s work and adding on to it. This may have been fashioned by DJ Starlight but the end product was Lady Gaga. Lina, seeing her record deal dropped and all her work either stolen or sealed off legally, killed herself. I hope Stefani Gaga thinks it was worth it. This crap happens often in Hollywood. Lina was defenseless. Sad.

  • giggle much

    Are you people stupid? This is the music industry do you think anyone is gonna put their real “birth” name out there…. no! “Morgana”is a capcom character that resembles the kinda style lina made for herself. By the way clearly in every article you read about this ,… lina’s mother does not want money from Gaga the only thing she wants from her is for her to admitt that basicly she did work with lina and she got her style from lina and she simply wants everyone to reconize who and what lina was and that it was basicly unfair what the end result of all this was ….Lina’s death! Now I have very mixed feelings about it being suicide or foul play, both is very believable suicide because Lina couldn’t believe what was happening and couldn’t control it … and foul play to shut her up about what happend to her. People are so blind you have no idea how evil the whole music industry is hers a hint look up free masons that’s all I gotta say and if you donot know what you are talking about…..DON’T TALK!

  • giggle much

    I meant to say morgana is a differnt name for the character in capcom for morrigan

  • Nick

    LADY GAGA worships Satan! Simple as that!! She sold her soul to become famous and her friend was a sacrafice as they call it. Notice how all famous people always lose someone close to them when they become famous? This stuff is deep, really deep with all the secret societies and the music industry and I’ll just leave it at that. Do your own research! Truth does not fear investigation.

    • Nathan

      Then who did Madonna lose? Who did MJ lose? Who did Britney lose?

      • yeah

        look it up.. there is a website that says it all somewhere out there on the internet.

      • clearbluethunder

        Brittney lost custody of her kids and was even put under psychiatric care until she caved to their wishes. Madonna was a willing victim of the Luciferians. There is no telling who she has offered to Satan, most likely a baby that she had aborted.

  • rip lina

    Gaga is A Satan! say what cha want…..WE LOVE GAGA

  • eljeran

    Lina shouldnt have killed herself. Lady Gag can steal whatever she wants from a dead girl who never made it. In fact she steals from Grace Jones and Dale Bozzio and even Madonna. There is no law against it. All pop music is is old stuff being retread and remarketed to the newer generation who is too stupid to know any better and thinks it’s all cool and fresh and new. But WE CAN STOP BUYING HER RECORDS AND WATCHING HER VIDEOS AND GOING TO HER SHOWS!!!! I never did in the first place.

  • Jannaina

    They delete my links here, so if you want proof that Lina Morgana was a hoax created by Gaga and Fusari in 2010, read the Blog
    gagacopies.blogspot. or lina-morgana.blogspot.
    The publisher obviously doesn’t like the links.