Is Teen Mom Farrah Abraham’s dad Michael her biological father?

There are a lot of reasons to assume that Farrah Abraham’s father Michael is her step-dad.

When her parents told Farrah about their divorce on camera last season she coolly accepted that Michael wouldn’t be around much anymore. In fact, when he asks if Farrah “Are you done with me? Do you want me around?” Farrah replies with a chilly “Yeah, I want you around to a certain extent.” Not exactly a normal relationship with a biological father, but he could have done things (or not done things) to make her emotionally detached from him.

But combine this chilly reception to news of a divorce with the fact that Farrah’s mom’s last name is Danielson and Farrah almost always calls her dad “Michael,” and its easy to assume that he’s not her biological dad. However, the truth is that Michael Abraham is her real father. Both Farrah and Michael’s last name is Abraham. Her mother didn’t change her last name when she married Michael.

Apparently Farrah explained that she started calling her father Michael when he took her mother’s side when she assaulted Farrah. She claimed she’s back to calling him dad, but since she continues to call him Michael on the show, it looks like she keeps up the first name basis whenever she is upset with him.

Even though Michael and Debra are going through a divorce, it looks like Michael has continued to be a huge part of Debra, Farrah, and Sophia’s lives.

UPDATE – Farrah did an interview with MomFinds in which she explains she has always called her dad Michael at her mother’s request because her sister had a different father and Deborah didn’t want the daughters to feel like they might be treated differently. From Farrah:

Everyone asks this. I have a sister and we have different dads, so in all fairness to my sister I call my dad Michael just like she does and everyone else in my family. It works out fairly this way in my family. I do call my dad “Dad” sometimes. If others look at this as a disrespectful thing then you can talk to my mom about it. I never started it, I was taught to do it this way.

On the last reunion special for Teen Mom, aired September 4 (but taped months earlier) Farrah shed more light on the situation when she told Dr. Drew that she called her dad Michael because “It’s hard to call your parents mom and dad when you’ve lost respect for them.”

UPDATE: June 2012, Michael left a very kind and thoughtful comment on one of our blogs posts, and added at the end this statement about how he feels about Farrah calling him by his first name:

“As for her calling me Michael, even though she is my child, she is an adult and she can call me Michael anytime!”

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  • Nicole Fisher

    She looks exactly like the man… It breaks my heart that she treats him like sh!t.

    • cj

      I totally agree with you. It makes me so sad and it’s very disturbing. At the end of the day he hasn’t done you wrong to be treated like that, and he’ always there for you and your kid. She needs a reality check.

      • bird

        I.can’t stand Farrah she better hope I never see her! She is.the most disrespectful female I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!

        • sparklyprincess

          I agree like a trillion percent. She is vile to all the people in her life including her baby. She is her only priority and even her daughter looses out. Look at that whole thing with the puppy. She is not nice at all.

          • KIm

            I agree she is so nasty to her father! and all goes back to her mom being nasty and not showing him respect. She even let her daughter say his first name and disrespect him. That is why she is such a rude spoiled brat and then her mother wants to know how she turned out to be like that …well hello you. And if you notice when her little girl sophia is around her and grandpa she ends up picking up her mom bad habbits by being rude to Michale! It’s all starting all over aging. They need to show that man respect and He needs to start asking for it and getting it . If not cut them off untill they start showing him it.

  • Steph

    It is sad. To be fair she treats everyone like sh!t though including her baby! Farrah needs to grow up and get a reality check.

  • Ce’Onna

    Even though you and your ex wife have or are still having problems does’nt mean you have to void your daughter out your life because one day your going to regret it. being in a child’s life is one good reason that keeps you to be strong and to go on in life.

  • bay

    okay so farrah is pretty dumb………she nedds to grow up…….yes he mom messed up but so did she …..she treats her mom like crap and she deserved to b hit in the face. grow up

  • britt

    I think Farrah’s mom is a cold unloving mother and Michael seems like a puppet that does whatever the mom days to do.. I feel for Farrah…

  • Farrah is what you call a spoiled brat! Yes her mom is soooooo irritating but you still DO NOT disrespect your parents like she does! And her poor father! What the heck is her problem w/ him? She is a very rude little girl who needs to grow up! And get her mouth washed out w/ soap! Sad thing is is she is going to be teaching Sophia to act like her and its not ok! She needs to go do some serious counseling to deal w/ her anger she has built up inside and the loss of her babies father!

  • janice


  • janice


  • single mom

    Only Farrah and her family truly know why their relationship is the way it is. If my child’s father died I’d be pretty bitter and shaken too, especially with the way her parents handled that whole situation. Don’t worry Farrah…I was a teen mom too and I was able to come out of it strongly! And my kids are awesome!!! (2 teens now). We have an awesome relationship…and that’s the mom/daughter bond relationship you should be working on…good for you girl!

  • Ruby

    i watch this show every Tuesday since it first started, and Farrah i understand what your going through but my mom died 2 years ago before i had my son and we would argue every once and awhile but she was always there for me and she was kind of like your mom…but you need to learn that you never realize what you have til its gone and let things go sometimes! And everyday i wish my mom was here to see my son grow..just respect her more even though she could say hurtful for your dad only you know what he did to make you not call him dad but maybe you should try to change that too.

  • Devi

    I think your such a sweet girl, bad things do happen to bad people…but you learn from them! I watch you every Tuesday and I can’t imagine being so young yet able to take care of everything on your own, mostly your still in school so you can have a better life for your daughter.
    Farrah may god continue to guide you, show you whats right from wrong and help you during this hard time.

    God bless,

  • Calysta

    Just FYI that is NOT Farrah’s real account! Her real account is

  • Farrah,should be ashamed of herself she treats her family like garbage!!!
    When Sophia,grows up she will treat Farrah the same way….
    Like they say Karma is a Bi%%H

  • Um ok..?

    How could he not be the dad when Farrah looks just like him!! especially on the nose seriously! smdh.

  • pam gaparovich

    Does anyone know what Debra Danielson’s occupation is? I’m watching a show about celebrity tragedies…when Kurt Cobain’s death is highlighted, the person reporting his death looks like Debra, but 20 years ago.

  • Hope

    Wow. This girl is a mess. She needs to be way nicer. That’s about it. She is embarrassing herself on national television. Yes, her daughter will develop the exact same kind of attitude towards her. Sad. Change things. Find a role model. Don’t kid yourself! You are not raising your daughter Any differently !! Good luck!

  • wnealy562

    Farrah has got to be one of the most annoying people I’ve ever witnessed. I deal with alot of personalities in my line of work. The place where I demand respect is at home especially with kids. If either one of my children treated me the way Farrah does her parents they would be out on their own! Everyone has seen this girl make mistake after mistake. Her dumbass fell for an internet scheme among other dumb shit and still acts like she knows everything. She got a sweet little girl but if I had a son I wouldn’t want him dating that trash. Glad she’s not coming to California! We are better off without her. Sophia and Leah are the 2 kids I worry about. They both have idiot children for parents who’s brains absorb nothing! I’m done for now.

  • Sarah

    yeah farrah is a total brat… wow…

  • Tabatha

    Farrah herself has said numerous times that she calls him Michael because that is what HE PREFERS to be called. I agree with others that she needs to learn to not be so rude to her parents, but calling him Michael is not a way of being rude…

  • cgirl

    Farrah should be ashamed of herself for treating her parents that way. All they want to do is help and she treats them like crap. I have no respect for Farrah whatsoever. Poor Sophia is going to grow up thinking it’s ok to treat people that way. Farrah, if you’re reading this, you have hundreds of thousands of people out there who think you’re a HUGE bitch, myself included.

  • Ross

    If Farrah’s dad cheated on her mom, and Farrah knew about it, then it would answer a lot of questions.

  • Paula

    She is a dead ringer for him, obviously he is her biological father.

  • Paula

    I would hope he didn’t cheat on her 🙁

  • shay

    Farrah’s parents have made it easy for her and probably spoiled her. They are submissive to her and that’s why she sees nothing wrong with her attitude and behavior, and for her there are no conciquences. I see that she treats her parents like they are less than her, in reality she is going to have a rude awakening when she comes across the wrong person and she won’t get away treating ppl like they can’t amount to her. She expects for others to lay in the lie for her and to her but in life you don’t get far when you think society owes you. I don’t hate her but I dislike the ungratefulness she displays and the attitudes. SHe’s still young and she should already know life is too short to hold grudges. she’s pretty and knows it and so that’s prob a factor in it too lol. I hope her the best as well as her parents and sophia.

  • Mara

    that’s just weird all together. i have some issues with my dad, but i still call him “dad” never his first name! and i only call my mom by her first name when there’s a bunch of people around so she knows i mean her.

  • janna

    Farrah has some issues , I wish my parents stood by me, supported me through school, cared for my daughter and gave me a place to live like her parents have . I’m sick over how cruel she is. Her parents could breathe and she would say they annoy her..she’s the one with the issue.

  • wow this girl is really a piece of work she has no respect for not only her parents but everybody else one exception would be her daughter i believe she is a great mom maybe not at first but she picked up on it pretty quick farrah is no dummy she is very intelligent the deal with her parents is just irritating but its like u really think one day she is gonna wake up and realize that its not all about her….

  • Jules

    Farrah is such a disrespectful overgrown brat that does not appreciate how her parents are there for her and her daughter, where in the world would she be without them helping take care of her daughter. She is a total airhead!

  • Loving Mom

    Weird! I think that Farrah’s mom needs some serious counseling. It is obvious that Farrha has no respect for her mother or her father and I totally disagree that she should leave Sofia behind to go to school. She got herself in this predicament and she needs to step up and be the mother and go the extra mile to make it through school. Just because she is young gives her no right to leave her little girl behind. Shame on you Farrah!!!

  • Brittney pipps

    I love Farrah she is a great mother and has done everything she can for sophia I cry on every episode were they talk & show pictures of derrick, iys not eady bein the mother and father but I think shes done a damn good job so far everyone makes mistakes and im sure it takes alot to put your whole life on television. As far as her parents they can be a little over bearing as can alot of parents but regardless there is NO love stronger than parents have for their children with that being said keep up the great job Farrah.

    • falina


  • kristi

    i dont get why farrah is such a bitch to her father. she of all people should know how quickly life can snatch away your loved ones to leave you with nothing. she is going to regret being such a jerk as she grows up.

  • FaithHillFANatic

    If you don’t agree with Farrah or kiss her ass, she does NOT want you to be a part of her life. Farrah is a disrespectful bitch. Its plain and simple. I know giving advice is easier than actually taking it. With that being said, if I were Farrah’s parents I would stop all contact with her. Let them see how long it takes Farrah to realize that she does need them in her life. Like the saying goes, “you never know what you have until its gone.” They need to start giving her a taste of her own bitter medicine. They need to treat her exactly the way she treats them. Instead the bow down to her, kiss her ass…etc. Screw that. Farrah will realize one day that if she doesn’t get that damn chip off of her shoulder she is going to end up a lonely, bitter old woman. She has an attitude for no reason. Farrah decided to spread her legs. Now she is living with the consequences of her actions. She uses Sophia against her parents in attempt to get what she wants and needs out of them. Personally, I think she enjoys stringing her parents along. Farrah gets off on seeing her parents hurt emotionally. They love Sophia and Sophia loves them unconditionally and I think that pisses Farrah off. If Farrah does NOT agree with someone she will cuss at you or hang up on you. Farrah is very, very immature. She better get a reality check before she loses everyone (who loves her) in her life. If I talked to my Mother (just once) the way Farrah talks to her mother, my mother would slap me in the face and NOT talk to me again for a very long time. Farrah’s mom needs to get a damn backbone. I am somewhat embarrassed for her at times. I know that she loves her granddaughter, Sophia, but she should set some damn ground rules. Farrah has NO right to disrespect everyone that crosses her path. Farrah makes my blood boil. She is such an effin waste of space and personally I think that Sophia would be better off living with her grandparents.

    • falina

      Her grandparents are the very people responsible for creating Farrah in the first place. Just a I. ..

  • Leo Lady

    Farrah treats her parents disrespectfully and mean BECAUSE THEY ALLOW HER TO! It’s disgusting to me the way they let her talk to them and be so waspy. You have to teach people how to treat you! For the life of me, I don’t understand why her father doesn’t grow a pair and set his little girl straight about the crap she hands him! He’s spineless and waaaaaaaay too nice to her. Unfortunately, it’s obvious this is how they’ve let her grow up and I don’t see it ever changing.

    • Sherita

      Exactly! They allowed it all along so its no way she’s ever going to change. My father would never hit me but he damn sure would have asked me “Who the f*** do I think Im talkin to like that” if I ever got like that with him. Farrah is beyond disrespectful, its no word for it. She doesnt even teach Sophia to be respectful to her parents or other adults. she lets this little demom scream and holler at her own grandpa and they all sit back and do nothing. Her dad is beyond a p****.

      • falina

        One reaps what they sow.

  • Just because Michael doesn’t mind her calling him by his first name doesn’t make it right. It is a show of disrespect to call your parents by their name. It also shows who wears the pants in that family and it isn’t either of the parents.

  • Krista

    I personally think Farrah is disrespectful and is now teaching this to her daughter.
    I myself was a teen mom and its her behaviour that gives us a bad name.
    Being a mother goes far beyond feeding and dressing a child.
    You are to set an example, and to me the example she sets for Sophia is disgraceful. Regardless of how messed your parents are you really need to stand up and be the bigger person to change that cycle.

    At first I really felt sorry for her but now I really can’t stand her. She is ignorant and crewl. I have never once seen her ask her parents politely for something its always demanding and cocky. It’s time to grow up princess and I hope one day Sophia treats you with more respect then you do your parents.

  • KJinBC

    does anyone really care about Farrah? I feel sorry for Sophia to have such a spoiled nasty witch as a mom. Wonder if she will call her Farrah in the future? I hope she returns the bad attitude 10 fold to Farrah LOL.

    • Sherita

      R u kidding? Do u see how already at 3 Sophia RUNS Farrah, tells her no, and throws tantrums and even screamed at her grandad on the beach and yet Farrah sat back and did nothing. Sophia is gonna give her h*** when she grows up. Sophia will probably already have resentment when she figures out she grew up on tv, kids will probably pick on her for that, and she will be angry probably cause she doesnt have a dad. Not to mention she wont be a child forever and Derricks family will explain to her that they in fact wanted a relationship with her but Farrah forbid it. Farrah is going to be in for quite a surprise. She’s gonna talk to her the way she talked to her parents.

      • falina

        The rule of 3 applies with karma. She will reap 3x what she sows.

        • Sherri Scott

          Good I am so glad

  • Paula

    Her mom is messed up in the head. That is the lamest excuse, just because her daughters have different dads, doesn’t mean that it’s right to totally disregard that he is her father and it’s ok to call him by his first name. She has a messed up way of dealing with things.

    • Michelle Lester MD

      By the way Farrah Abraham lied about that. She called him mike after she got mad at him when she was younger. I know this for a fact. Farrah has mental issues, she needs more than just her butt busted it time out! One day when her parents are NO longer there, then she will truly see that her parents were the only two ppl in her life that actually had her back!

      • Sherri Scott


  • erica

    farrah is a spoiled brat that needs to grow up and be better mother. especially when she first had her wanting to go out and hang out leaving her child. when u have a child ur hanging out days are over u r a mom now once in a blue is ok. she is such a rude person. granted her mom is a pain at times but she just wants the best for them. farrah just gets on my last nerve..


    I think she’s a spoiled brat who takes her parents for granted and treats them like garbage. If I were her mom, I’d assult her too. She’s so disrespectful. Karma-her daughter will grow up and call her Farrah and treat her like garbage.

  • Candy

    It’s a shame Farrah doesn’t look back at herself on all the episodes and learn from her behavior. I would be embarrassed if I acted the way she did and it was on TV for everyone to see. If I ever disrespected my parents the way she does, I would get slapped across the face or at least get a talking to. She seems to have no reprecussions for her behavior and history is already repeating itself with her daughter Sophia. The Bible says you reap what you sow and the world calls it Karma…either way you look at it, she needs to change her attitude and start treating her parents with respect along with everyone else she’s rude to.

  • nancy

    One day Farah is going to pop off at someone like she does to EVERYONE SHE MEETS and they are going to pop her upside the head just like her mother did. Yes I said it! If I EVER spoke to my parents the way she does, I would be picking my teeth up off the floor and I thank God my parents raised me to be respectful of others. And she is raising that beautiful baby to be just like her. I feel for her because of Sophia’s dad passing away and all, but there is no reason to be a total brat.

    • falina

      Honestly surprised it hasn’t already happened. Her sister, former friends, SOMEONE…

  • Blue Sky

    Farrah is not a very likeable person at all. Wasn’t she broken up with the Sophia’s dad? All her would have could have’s mean nothing at this point. Who’s to say they would have even gotten back together? If he was still here she might be a teen mother with other problems of rejection by him, she needs to move on and stop glamorizing a relationship that was broken. She is rude, disrespectful, self serving and has a very annoying whiny voice. She speaks her mind without having any consideration of how she is stating something or how she could be hurting someone. Her mother is annoying too….that whiny baby talk voice of hers makes me crazy. Also, why is with her daughter still running around with a pacifier in her mouth all the time? Why did she get another dog when she took no time to train the 1st one and ended up giving it away. She sure is immature! Poor Sophia, I think her grandpa is the only normal person in the family!

    • sharebear

      Actually if I remember correctly she broke up with him because he was so called “stalking her” If you remember back to her episode of 16 and pregnant, she was at work at the telephone place and she was talking with him on the phone and he was getting mad at her for her going and hanging out with some guys. She apparently broke up with him later in the episode.

    • Celery

      AGREE! Her mom is annoying but Farrah is totally disrespectful to both of her parents.

  • Goober peas

    OMG I am coming to u Farrah!!!!

    • Mike Abraham

      Goober peas what do you mean “OMG i am coming to u Farrah” Is that a threat? I am turning this in to the aurthorities no mater what for their review so if you miss typed your intentions now is the time to do it.

      • falina

        Get a clue. A nasty response to your filthy daughter on an obscure website is the very least of your problems, pal!!! The world is laughing at you and your pathetic family. The only concern you should have is doing better with your granddaughters !

  • Petulant

    I think someone should send Amber down to ‘deal’ with Farrah. I think it would help both of them.. Amber can let off some steam while slappin’ the sh*t out of Farrah who desperately deserves it. Farrah is a total b*tch to everyone. I don’t understand how she has ANY friends. I feel bad that Sofia has to have a mom like that. One of these days Farrah is gonna get rude with someone who’s gonna snap on her.. just wish we were all able to see it.


    farrah is a disgusting excuse for an adult, let alone a single mother with enormous parental support from many, many miles away. it would be fantastic if she could read the many negative responses and take the best from them and grow as a young woman. however; she won’t. the bitter anger she’s carried around for years is turning itself outward creating an extremely ugly young woman despite all of the innumerable opportunities laying before her. best of luck, she’ll require at the very least that which i wish her to see her through the upcoming trials and tribulations.

  • horsefacehater

    also, so many thousands of women out there would die for the parental support system this ungrateful witch has in place, IN SPITE of her ongoing abusive mannerisms and treatment. such an entitled, spoiled, ungrateful, irresponsible, unrealistic, and disgusting display of wasted potential. seriously, farrah, you are likely the sole reason why my nieces have sworn they will not become just another wasted potential statistic like yourself. the ugly and bitter core of who you are shows itself time and again and is now reflected upon your precious visage. nothing you could possibly do could erase that from your body and being. ugly is forever and girl, you fugly through and through. i pray that you read this at some point and care nothing for your apologists. you had such an amazing opportunity to change everything for yourself and your daughter and yet you chose to perpetuate the very same life you’d decried as abusive and horrific. revisionist historian you may be, but resourceful, intelligent and forward thinking you are not. i am pleased beyond punch that your equine face shall not shadow my shitty viewing habits again.

  • Andrea

    in a word Farrah is a bitch. She has some rotten attitude and as far as the boyfriend Daniel—wanted him to commit almost overnight. She is crazier then her mother. She is just plain nasty. Run Daniel run !!!!!

  • beka

    the fact that she made her daughter call her own father by his first name is so weird and may be thats why her daughter is now a porn star and has all this issues that she has,she found an easy way out to deal with her problems and easy money… this to sad and even sadder that lil sophia will see and hear about this when she gets older 🙁

    • Sherri Scott

      And her daughter is learning all of this disrespect frim her own mother!

  • It’s a shame on her father making money by selling her sex tape! How can u do that even if it was at his daughters request that he may do so, just nasty and immature, ignorant father!!

  • Linda Andrews

    wow and Farrah is talking about respect.

  • reddhairgirl

    Every one is too serious about this..doesn’t everyone have their own problems?? I agree with u on some things but I have a life and don’t get myself wrapped up in someone who doesn’t do nothing for me.i understand they made a choice to make their life public so we’re in titled to our options but at the end of the day it’s their problems and not ours..I think it’s sad how we enjoy watching other places lives instead of living our own..and don’t say u do.cause u obviously have a lot of time on ur hands to be watching season’s of dumm reality shows when u can be out in real world living.

  • kiii

    Just because thats why she is saying doesnt mean its true. This girl is so fake i wound never believe anything that came out of her ugly mouth

  • Shannon Collier

    I’m guessing that Farrah lacks the mental ability to know when she’s wrong, she’s spent her whole life as a spoiled brat and doesn’t ever learn from her mistakes. It’s hard to learn from them when you think everyone else is at fault. Watch her on TV shows, she’s not normal, she doesn’t know what remorse is, even if she reads the script and says the words, she’s cold, needy, ignorant, and totally self-absorbed. You can’t fix that, she’ll always be like she is. It doesn’t bother her at all to treat her parents like crap, and maybe they have it coming, but she’s long past the age of ‘getting back at them’, no she’s not mentally or emotionally sound. Sadly she has a child she’s subjecting to all of this.

  • Missy

    Farrah is a disrespectful bitch to her family. They go out of their way to help her and she is an awful person to treat them like that! It’s like she has no soul. She’s a narcissist to the core and a really rotten person to be so mean. That’s why she had no friends.

  • shawn

    Low self esteem mom who wants to be loved and accepted is now creating another one of her . Really sad she feels she had to have work done as she was a pretty girl . You can see the mom has a screw loose and she was never really taught to respect herself or others .

  • Anon1

    Ya I absolutely agree. The way farrah portrays herself on teen mom is terrible. She is always constantly patronizing everyone, she is also very passive-aggressive in her conversations with her parents. I don’t know how her parents have tolerated her behavior towards them it’s shocking to watch how terrible she treats them. I only see what is shown on t.v. for an hour however what I do see is very disrespectful. Her parents have bent over backwards to help her and her daughter, they have gave up their careers basically to be at farrahs beckon call..moving across the country everytime farrah decides to up and move yet again. They are some of the most attentive and supportive parents I’ve ever seen. She’s very lucky to have them but she so damn mean to them it’s sickening to watch. However, I’ve also watched her boyfriend Simon get verbally bashed by her on camera every time he comes around its a train wreck. Poor guy. She seems very, very immature, talks about “communicating” but won’t let him speak at all as she is verbally bashing him, and belittling him he can’t get a word in edge wise. It hard to watch at times. She has a lot of growing up to do. I hope as she gets older she can learn how to communicate with others in an effective, positive adult manner. Instead of handing out the verbally abusive, passive aggressive one sided “bashings” she dishes up to everyone around her, that’s not communicating. It’s called “verbal abuse” and it needs to stop for her daughters sake so maybe the little girl will learn how to talk to others and communicate in a normal way. I commend her parents for putting up with her and her behavior all these years and still being there to support her, I’m sure it’s extremely difficult for them.

  • Sondra Cherry

    I try to like Farrah, but she’s just so nasty! Her mom is a hot ass mess, but that doesn’t mean she needs to follow in the crazy ones footsteps! Honestly, I feel very bad for Michael. He seems to be a very kind, and gentle man, and to have to put up with Farrah and her mom both…omg, poor guy.

  • Mike Caldwell

    Someone needs to slap the attitude out if that plastic surgery face o farah

  • Ashley Marie Bernard

    FARRAH you are so fack and farrah is a big A** crybaby