90 DAY FIANCE SPOILER Did Evelyn and David get married or not?

90 Day Fiance Evelyn and David married

On the new season of 90 Day Fiance, TLC introduced viewers to Evelyn Cormier, an 18-year-old musician from New Hampshire, and her 27-year-old Spaniard beau David Vazquez. Evelyn seems completely smitten with David, and she is confident that her decision to walk down the aisle at such an early age is the right choice as she has faith that love and God will provide all they need. But did Evelyn’s confidence remain unwavering? Did she and David actually walk down the aisle and get married?

The answer to that question, which will probably not surprise viewers in the least, appears to be “yes.” The couple signed up for multiple online wedding registries (love and God are just responsible for providing the essentials, but friends and family had to buy the Nutri Ninja Pro BL450 900 Watts single-serve smoothie blender — which someone apparently did) with a wedding date of October 21, 2017.

Unfortunately, New Hampshire does not make recent marriage records public, so I was unable to confirm that the two officially got married (as I did with Elizabeth and Andrei), but there were other online sleuthing options available.

TLC put a quarantine on wedding photos, and amazingly I couldn’t find ANY pictures of the wedding that slipped through the cracks. I did, however, find photos of family and friends gathered for the wedding reception and other events in Claremont in and around October 21.

That usually wouldn’t be much of a confirmation, but included in the photos are David’s parents and his sister — who all flew in from overseas for the event. Also present was David’s cousin, who is currently an actor in Los Angeles. He posted several photos that he tagged with #familywedding, including one of David’s family at what appears to be the wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. In the background you can see a camera man, whom I assume was capturing the dinner for 90 Day Fiance:

90 Day Fiance Evelyn and David's wedding photo from dinner

There is also a camera crew present for another photo taken the day before the wedding in which David’s cousin is seen at a clothing store in a tuxedo. He captioned the picture with “Fitting day” before adding the hash tags #groomsman #cousinswedding and #fun.

On one of the photos posted by David’s cousin on Facebook, a commenter wrote “Felicidades a los recién casados que sean muy felices,” which translates to “Congratulations to the newlyweds who are very happy.”

David’s sister posted a photo of herself in a formal dress on Instagram and wrote “A day to remember.” All of the secrecy inevitably led to some confusion among the family’s social media followers, and someone responded to the photo by asking David’s sister if she got married and if congratulations were in order for her. “Hahahahaha my brother,” she replied.

As a result, I feel I can say with 99.9% certainty that Evelyn and David did get married on October 21. I will confess that I was a bit disappointed that I was unable to track down a photo of Evelyn in her wedding dress, because she is most certainly one of the most photogenic cast members the franchise has ever had! Ah, but I suppose we will all get to see it soon enough.

Congratulations to David and Evelyn! I know that may not sit too well with a lot of viewers, as Evelyn has surprisingly emerged as one of the most polarizing cast members to ever be on the show. Her detractors seem to feel that she gives off a self-righteous vibe and she comes across as a bit overconfident given her age. Unfortunately, those detractors have been a little less than courteous in expressing their opinions, resulting in Evelyn posting this response before deleting her personal Facebook page:

I can’t believe the hate out in this world. That people saw who don’t even know me somehow convince themselves that they do, and that they have some sort of right to be utterly cruel and nasty to me. Why? Because you watch a 3 minute clip of me on a highly edited reality show so now you know me? You are all mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers…with beautiful families…what part of you woke up this morning and thought how wonderful it would be to reach out to me and say the most cruel and hateful things? People, it is a tv show for entertainment purposes. What you are watching is not really “Reality”. *Spoiler Alert* David and I are very happy, believe it or not. We work through our differences and find common ground. You are watching edited clips of things that happened, then are cut and pasted and put together to appear as if it really happened that way. Sit back, relax, make some popcorn and enjoy. Getting triggered and sending me hate really shows me more about you then about myself. God bless you all…and hey, thanks for watching! ♥

I will confess that I’m a little put off by Evelyn, but I TOTALLY agree with her about all the hate and vitriol! That being said, she agreed to go on a reality show and people are pretty much free to be as mean as they wanna be. Personally, I think #Davelyn have perhaps the best chances of having a long-term relationship out of all the couples on the current season, and I wish them all the best.

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You can keep up with Evelyn, David, and the rest of the 90 Day Fiance couples with new episodes airing Sunday nights at 8/7c on TLC. I will let Evelyn send us home…

Evelyn Cormier Bring on the 90 Days! I'm Ready! 90 Day Fiance Season 5

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  • Bebe

    I always have to laugh when people blame editing, or the tiny time slot they’re allotted. Child please, the crew is only working with material they’re supplied with.

    • Kristenisacatch

      Did they edit her words together to say “There’s no such thing as a European Dream” or “Fun fact: we’re getting married in America?” those sentences are what made me dislike her so much. But I guess the words were cut and spliced together to make her sound like a selfish ignorant brat? My bad.

    • ASH

      Yeah, how about you just marry the guy without all the cameras if you don’t want people to comment.

  • Editing. The #1 excuse for all reality TV blunders. I’ll take “You’re not fooling anyone” for a 1000. Alex.

  • Kat

    Ugh I can’t stand her…something really irritating about her elitist personality.

    • Lise Binette Moore

      I dont like her either

    • cornell

      yeah and her husband. they’re the gross kind of couple that looks down on non-couples, especially the moment where her friend was saying “hey maybe yall should hang out together for a few months before doing this” then his reply was “clearly you’re someone who has never been in a relationship”. guaranteed they’re the boring grey’s anatomy watching couple that will never hang out with a non couple unless they do it with at least 4 couples or something. just disgusting.

  • Renee L

    I’m pretty sure to Asa, reporting is stalking. I feel a little itchy after reading some articles on here.

    • cornell

      lol you triggered?

  • Juliana25

    She is very immature and why not? She’s 18 yrs old! I feel so sorry David as he seems like a nice guy and makes sense in what he says. He will be pushed around all of his life by her and her family. Somehow I think he would avoid this marriage like the plague if thy had done the deed already. Nothing seems to stop couples when that has not been done yet. She will keep them stuck to her family even though he wants to move. I don’t think they have a great chance to survive by the looks of things.

    • sadie87

      She is very immature for her age but I think the thing that gets to me most is her intractable stubbornness which leads to her self-righteous behavior OR is it the other way around. LOL. I also can’ t see this working unless David completely caves in, 99% of the time.

    • ASH

      I don’t feel sorry for a 27 year old man who saddles himself with an 18 year old child.

    • Maryslittlelamb

      Why are you feeling sorry for a 27 year old man who has traveled but seen fit to marry an 18 year old elitist country bumpkin? He could have found a woman closer to his age who is not only a good match but more beautiful to boot.

    • Melanie Hubert

      I hated David from the moment when he didn’t even stand up to greet Mackayla (Evelyn’s best friend) when he first met her. Then he said to her, “You sound like someone who isn’t dating.” He’s a jerk and he and entitled, arrogant Evelyn deserve each other.

  • Great Scott

    I think I know why very few people like Evelyn. She is unyielding. She is a bumpkin brat. She has to have things go her way. She refuses to travel or see the world. There are different cultures, different lands, different sceneries, different cuisines, there are amazing mountains, volcanoes, caves, oceans, etc. and this bumpkin wants to stay in Claremont? I mean, does girl even read? And by the way, David is not an elitist because he never said he was better or superior. All David is saying is that her dumb little haircut and dumb little view of the world can only get you so far. Run David , run. When a group of people have been indoctrinated to think a certain way and dress a certain way, and sing a certain way, and run in the same limited circles a certain way, …it’s called a cult. You are about to join a cult. Run David r

    • cornell

      but david is a 28 year old virgin from spain. so yeah he already indoctrinated. he acts just as elitist and out of touch as her…saying that her friend who told them respectfully to slow down “clearly you’re someone (a 21 year old) who is not in a relationship or has never been in one”. such a passive aggressive prick move

  • motherall

    Ugh, she’s a pompous twit and doesn’t think we’re bright enough to see through her godly talk to see how vain she is.

  • Lise Binette Moore

    Not a fan , she bossy, immature , spoiled , rude , she needs more growing up to do.

  • Lily Riley

    Why do people keep saying she’s immature for 18? 18 is just one year older than 17. She’s a kid. Better question is why did he travel all the way to America to marry a child.

    • cornell

      because the economy in spain is shit and he a 28 year old virgin who doesn’t know better.

  • cornell

    i thought you had to be 21 year old to petition a spouse. this crazy b— still a teenager iirc. unless he entered under b2 and they got married therefore legally they have to acknowledge their spousalship or something. anyways after watching the reunion episode it’s even more obvious they’re elitists. the kind that would only hang out with other couples and eschew single people. other than that dominican loser (Molly is f’ing awesome, i’d party with her any time), them both are my least favorite people, and even def way behind the Moroccan who was obviously her unenthusiastic prostitute since day 0.