90 DAY FIANCE Pao apologizes for Tell All behavior with Loren, competing for Maxim’s Finest

90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Tell All Loren Pao apology

The three-part 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Tell All special is not going how many people expected — at all! Anfisa had clearly emerged as the show villain over the first two seasons, and apparently her co-stars Paola Mayfield and Loren Brovarnik assumed they could team up from their moral high ground and attack her (as well as Danielle and Mohamed) with the same things being said by numerous fans in forums and on social media. They repeatedly accused her (and Mohamed) of not being here for “the right reasons” and continually attacked Anfisa’s physical appearance.

“Was she a mail order bride?” Pao asked Jorge. “You couldn’t find someone, like, better than her, because she’s not that pretty.” Pao later mentions that she read an article about gold digging academies in Russia where they train women to find wealthy men in America. (Alexei jokes that they probably have those in Colombia as well. Here in America we call it Millionare Matchmaker.) Pao asks Anfisa is she attended one of those academies. Anfisa replies “Yes, I took those classes,” before bursting out laughing and asking, “What do you want me to say?”

90 Day Fiance Pao Loren Mean Girls

Pao and Loren (I will just call the duo Paoren from now on) continued their attacks, and Anfisa continued to laugh and shrug them off. This is when their ply started to backfire and public opinion began to sway in favor of Anfisa.

Unfortunately for Paoren, they were relentless — so much so that it seemed as though they essentially hijacked the hosting job from Shaun Robinson.

The bad poll numbers only got worse overnight, and this morning the show’s fan base was overwhelmingly anti-Paoren — with quite a lot of people rushing to the defense of Anfisa! WHUH?!

Pao must have been paying attention to the reactions online because she took to Instagram to post a lengthy apology for the way she has acted on The Couples Tell All special, blaming peer pressure and “production’s sly influences.”

“There is more to the Tell All that meets the eye… tardy cast members, productions sly influences, and the pressure to make good tv,” Pao begins. “It was wrong of me to talk behind anyone’s back and disrespect others through degrading words. I let peer pressure get the worst of me and I ask forgiveness and understanding from my REAL FANS! It’s up to us to accept and admit our mistakes.”

That apology seemed to be coming from a humble place, but Pao immediately went back to high moral ground as she assumes the role of bully victim before then going after Danielle and Mohamed as well as Jorge and Anfisa again for discrediting the K-1 visa process:

There are always two sides to the story and since I’ve been bullied this way, I’m going to point out my side. We, as part of the K1 visa process (“Fiancé visa”), represent couples that are or went through the process and know how HARD it is to get approved. It wasn’t right to tell them what we think because at the end we don’t know them any better than you do BUT it’s not right to make fun, take advantage of the visa process and make it look like a joke! For what reason? Money? Fame? Unfortunately, 3 of the 16 hours of filming is not enough to show EVERYTHING!

There is a huge difference between asking questions directly and giving our opinion face-to-face than what most of you are doing, which is insulting us by hiding behind a computer and calling us names. You talk about bullying but what makes you better than us by attacking us and hiding your face. This has come from defending domestic violence which is acceptable? people taking advantage of others which is fine? because people deserve and they are honest and to ask questions which now is considered bullying?

Again my sincere apologies my lovely and REAL FOLLOWERS, I hope you guys burned as many calories as I did watching the show this season!

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Meanwhile, Loren has yet to respond to the backlash from fans — a backlash that includes The Tourette Association being inundated with people asking that they remove Loren as an ambassador! For an example of what I am talking about, just take a look at the comments section of their most recent Instagram photo:

#Repost @rudyjahchan (@get_repost) ・・・ #running the #5k tomorrow on behalf of @touretteassociation!

A post shared by Tourette Association (@touretteassociation) on

On a more Paositive note (see what I did there?), Pao is currently competing for Maxim’s Finest 2017, which includes a $25,000 modeling contract and a two-page spread in the magazine. “I want to influence and help empower others in a positive way,” Pao wrote in her statement. (Russ will be pleased to know that she is not wearing lingerie in any of her photos.)

Pao Mayfield Maxim's Finest

I did a little research on the Maxim‘s Finest competition and it appears as though there are 100 groups with close to 50 women in each group. (The experience of scrolling through was MIGHTY intimidating. SOOOOOOO many bikinis and boobs! It really is too much.) Pao is currently in first place in her division, but she has a long way to go yet.

As crazy as the 90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After: The Couples Tell All special have been, we still have 33% left to go! Be sure to tune in Sunday night at 8/7c for the grand grand finale!

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  • Toryd Thundyr

    Pao and Loren were total mean girls. Very unattractive and cringe worthy.

    • FYO

      Loren needs to STFU. She acts like her opinion is scripture, and peoples intentions/relationships require her stamp of approval to be valid. I couldn’t agree with Mohamed more when he said it doesn’t matter what she thinks. And her response? “F*** you”. Really classy Loren. Your husband looked very proud of you, if proud means disgusted.

      • StLibertyLou

        Her husband is such a great guy and yes, he was so embarrassed of her, he doesn’t go for that type of behavior and I think that was the real Loren that she tries to hide from him. She doesn’t deserve him.

    • barbinop

      I was surprised too. Their husbands should have stepped in and tell them to STFU. Both ladies are getting too big for their britches

      • knsbbdoll

        Where are you from that a husband has the right to “step in and tell his wife to STFU”? Are you serious?

        • FYO

          Has nothing to do with having the “right”.. Sometimes people run their mouths too much and need to be told to STFU. In this case it was Loren and Pao that should’ve got their shzt-talking put in check.

        • BigMac McMains

          That’s a no brainer.

    • FR

      And loren’s voice is just like that naturally – whiny and shaky is a common characteristic of women/girls from boca. I know, I grew up there and have a home there. It is especially common within certain demographic groups and is nails on chalkboard annoying.

      • boomdeyay

        Vocal fry?

  • Bebe

    They WERE over the top and it was cruel. And Loren needs to calm waaaay the hell down- You’re together and married now…ENOUGH! (Just like how she tells Danielle to move on) If you care so much about the process being improved for those truly committed to it, do something. Scolding other castmates isn’t doing something. She’s not better than anyone else on that stage.

  • knsbbdoll

    I think Pao and Loren said what should have been said a long time ago. Scammers shouldn’t be defended or protected. Both Anfisa and Mohamed are the worst of the worst, and they got exactly what they deserved the other night. Too bad they haven’t gotten what they deserved from our court systems.

    • FYO

      Neither Mohamed nor Anfisa are scammers. How quickly we forget that it was Danielle who lied about both her criminal history and financial standing, something she kept a secret from Mohamed until he was already here. And Anfisa said from day 1 she’s looking for a rich man.

      You don’t have to like Mohamed or Danielle but truth be told, they’re among the most honest people on the show. Most of the other cast have lied to, mislead, or deceived their partners.

      • Lilly Sue

        Mohamedjbali1 Instagram. If you visit & are not impressed with his honesty you’r edead inside.

    • boomdeyay

      You don’t think that Pao is a scammer?

  • Lilly Sue

    Loren disabled her Instagram. She is now using her husband’s. Chicken.

    • StLibertyLou

      LOL, good! Guess she can dish it out but she can’t take it! Darcey did too, from 90 days before!! And her b.f Jesse too. I’m sure she can’t take the dissing either!

  • Lilly Sue

    Sign & Share petition to remive Loren as a spokesperson for Tourette Association of America.

    • FYO

      I’m not sure I agree just yet that she should be removed. If she can muster up a truthful and sincere apology for her behavior – if she really see’s how foul her behavior was, and feels sorry for it – I’d be willing to give her an `ok.. don’t do it again` this time. If she doubles down, then eff her.

      People these days are too quick to want to tear other down for their mistakes. But, most of the time most people should get the chance to learn and correct the problem without having a major aspect of their life ruined. I _really_ dislike Loren but I’m not convinced she’s done anything that can’t be fixed.

      • mamat

        I think some of it happened because emotions were running high. You have Danielle screaming and crying about how Mohammed doesn’t deserve to be here for a second tell all. (if I were him I would have ran for the hills too) Danielle does a good job of casting doubt for the process. Then you have Anfisa who clearly says she married George for the money. Both situations do cast a bit of shade on the process. Alexi and Loren do appear to be in love and were denied several times, so I can imagine Loren is frustrated. Should they have gone after them the way they did no of course not, but for months after reading all the negative comments, coming face to face with the situation and productions feeding into it (it made for great TV) It was a perfect storm of emotions. know I’ve said some things in the heat of the moment that I wish I hadn’t.

        • FYO

          We’ve all said things in the heat of the moment and I agree with your point about that. Whatever the cause for Loren’s behavior (Pao was following Loren’s lead) behavior, I think there’s room for her to redeem herself.

          But, I don’t think any of the couples cast shade on K1 visas. In Mohamed/Danielle’s case, Danielle wasn’t honest about her history & current circumstances. It’s not Mohamed’s fault he didn’t know she was lying. Their relationship simply didn’t work out under the weight of the Danielle’s deception & obsessiveness.

          Jorge and Anfisa both entered a relationship knowing money was a large part of it. They both decided that was acceptable and continued forward. They had every right to do so, and nobody has the right to claim their relationship illegitimate because of it.

          Throughout history, marriage has not been primarily about love but rather social standing and security – even today that holds true. Marriage based on love is no better or worse than marriage based on money, or marriage based on social positioning. I know people in love but wound up divorced because they simply weren’t compatible enough, and others who fell apart because of financial stresses. I know people who love each other but aren’t necessarily in love, but their marriage is just fine.

          Love isn’t everything and love alone more often than not isn’t enough to keep a marriage together. Loren is incredibly ignorant in her view of marriage and relationships in general. That handicap doesn’t help for heat-of-the-moment arguments on the subject.

        • StLibertyLou

          One thing Pao said that I agreed w/ is Danielle does NOT own this country, she acts like she is the judge on who gets to be here and who goes. She’s a piece of work, that woman. She acts like her and Mo were in this really LONG loving marriage, girl, that wasn’t even a marriage and she is the one that CONNED him!

        • Ninja worrier

          But Loren didn’t say all those nasty things “in the heat of the moment”. She was bragging in the pre-show of the Tell All taping how she came prepared and excited to give everyone else a piece of her mind, and said she was “not holding back this time” with her holier-than-thou judgmental attitude. She seriously came in already riding her high horse, reveling in the chance to be a bully, knowing full-well that it would all be televised. She is a foul-mouthed, mean-spirited, pompous hypocrite who is desparate for attention and should not be a role model for little children.

          • mamat

            I think she had every intention of saying something to them, but the anger and hostility has been building since last season. both of the couples in question have been very public.

      • StLibertyLou

        Oh you think this is the first time she’s ever acted like this? People don’t just start acting mean and acting like they’re better than you out of no where, this is the REAL Loren.

        • FYO

          I never said I think that was the first time she’s acted that way. She’s almost 30 years old, the Loren we saw is the Loren she is. I just said I wasn’t convinced she did anything that couldn’t be fixed as it pertains to her being a representative for the Tourette Association of America.

    • boomdeyay

      No. That’s silly. She was being a bitch but wasn’t hurling racial slurs or hate speech around.

    • Gidget911

      I DID!!!!!

    • StLibertyLou

      Why t.f. was she EVER named spokesperson of this assn. anyway???? She sucks as a person in general

  • Lilly Sue

    Read the fine print. Not even 25% of donations go to wounded Veterans of America from that Maxim scam.

    • StLibertyLou

      Most all charities are scams including the Red Cross.

  • Renee L

    I wanted to slap Loren. She kept acting like she and Alexei were the golden couple and if your story isn’t just like theirs or if you’re not as in love as they are, then you can’t have a green card. You can tell they thought they were so awesome and badass by yelling at everyone and playing the “right reasons” card. And Pao, that’s not an apology if you go right back to blaming and sitting on your high horse.

    • Jeannie

      Loren will never accept responsibility for her actions. She and Pao are worse nut jobs than Danielle, whom they treated like crap as well. Once this season is over I hope these two b!tches are gone for good. They offer nothing.

      • StLibertyLou

        Yeah, I do NOT want to see Pao or Loren again, I swear if they come back I’m not watching. Pao thinks she’s the hottest woman to ever walk the earth and she is SO not.

    • StLibertyLou

      Oh yes, her and Alexi are “perfect!!!” She is nauseating!! Her and that Tourettes B.S!! IF she does have it, it’s the mildest case EVER and why is she even speaking at the convention??? I literally can’t stand her.

  • Alisson Leech

    Loren really shouldn’t be a Tourette’s ambassador with that behavior.

  • 82_anatsantos_54

    So now because she is a part of the Tourette org she can’t express herself as she wants (free speech ppl) and she is telling the truth about Anfisa…(run George run)..Anfisa is a gold digger, she knows it and says it so what’s the problem?…
    Paula’s career as a model is iffy…she us too curvaceous for the “real modeling agencies”…so she is relegated to nasty videos and lingerie…btw…loren is beautiful and so is Paola, Anfisa, not so much…she is already doing botox, at such a young age…and I can picture her in 20 years, not a good image…
    Mohammed is a dog who deserves to get his ass whooped…he knew he had to leave and did so…
    Pedro needs to stop supporting his mom and sister, according to him his mom is a lawyer and he had to send her money for an apt…please stop lying…Chantel is too good for him…he knows he got himself a CASHCOW…and so do her parents…they are right for trying to protect her…his sister needs to get a job too…with her straight weave she must have gotten money from Pedro to do…golddigger ius her middle name too…
    Danielle needs to lose 50lbs and a makeover, show Mohammed how good you can look…

    • FYO

      Free Speech doesn’t mean you get to completely disregard controlled behavior and commentary or social expectations – especially when you are a representative, ambassador, or other public figure. There is no constitutional First Amendment rights for those people unless your employer is the government. Loren is neither guaranteed Free Speech by the Tourette’s Association of America, nor should she expect it as a spokesperson for that organization.

    • Mia Thibodeau

      it’s latino culture that you’re told you work to give back to your parents. There should be better communication and everything should be spread more evenly w his wife for sure though

  • Donna Dell

    Jorge and Anfisa ….at first I wasn’t caring for her that much but the girl was truthful and honest…she wanted a man with money and Jorge led her on to believe he had it. I do not agree with the abuse…she had no right laying a hand on Jorge….he should have defended his wife…he said he didn’t want to disrespect his sister but Anfisa is your wife and she comes first now. Anfisa did marry Jorge with a not so expensive wedding dress and without a diamond ring….I belive she does care about him…she has a very hard time showing her feelings. When they met in the parking garage…she didn’t want that gift….all she wanted was for Jorge to say on his own that he was sorry and he should’ve taken up for her and that wouldn’t have cost him a penny!! Jorge….I was feeling bad for you but not now….I feel sorry for Anfisa!

  • Candy Cane

    Real story is that Loren lied to her husband and his family when she didn’t tell him there was a 50% CHANCE IT’D BE INHERITED…
    She admitted she lied, then made him feel guilty for being upset that she lied. It was a total deflection..50% chance is 1 in 2 children.
    HUGE…He had every right to know as soon as they became serious.
    She has a lot of nerve lecturing everyone else but her pal Pao who seems like a mail order as much as Anfisa does. I swear, the lies

    • Mia Thibodeau

      her parents didnt know… It’s sad how he reacted in my opinion, obviously it’s scary yet it’s not something to ”resent” ..but anyways

      • StLibertyLou

        Right, it’s not that big of a deal especially when she barely has it, he over reacted, it’s not like some terrible disease.

  • boomdeyay

    Pao is terrible. Fake shoes. Fake career when she is actually aiming for yachting. Horrible to her husband. Always smirking when nasty things are going on. She is ten times worse than Anfisa as she is always lying and manipulating her poor husband.

    Loren is trying to keep a plot line going to stay on TV. She should quit while she’s ahead.

    • Jeannie

      Loren should quit before someone comes after her.

  • StLibertyLou

    The audacity of Loren to call out Afisa for getting Botox when her own lips were so swollen it looked like she got punched in the mouth! Can’t stand her, she plays on the Tourettes all the time and I don’t even think she has it, who doesn’t have little tics in their behavior? If she has it then so does half of the world’s people. If you notice, only when she is talking about Tourettes well she pop her eyes out and shrug one shoulder or something. Pao thinks highly of herself is all I’ve got to say, I don’t think she’s nearly as hot as she thinks she is and her and Russ are the biggest mismatch of a couple as I’ve ever seen. He is so plain and dull, just a straight ‘ole country boy and she’s an outgoing hip party girl.

    • Jeannie

      Pao will drop Russ like a hot potato once someone better looking, with more money, comes along.

  • cininne

    Pao is such a hypocrite to try to preach the way she did and stand on her soapbox. She came here to launch her “modeling career” plain and simple. She totally dismisses our customs always boasting that she is Colombian and this is how she does things — no matter who she hurts or disrespects. She wants to live in Miami because that is the closest thing to living in Colombia. Her marriage is nothing more than her ticket to the life she wants and she will step on anyone she has to just to get her way. I see a future in the porn industry.

    Loren is the most abrasive person on the show. She has absolutely nothing of substance to contribute to any conversation, She is selfish and spoiled and just a brat. Alexi deserves so much better.

    I know real couples who have gone through the K-1 process and they live totally normal and productive lives, but that doesn’t make for good TV.