Jill & Derick Dillard ask fans for money to fund missionary trips to Arkansas, etc.

Derick and Jill Dillard asking for donations

Jill and Derick Dillard are “counting on” you tell help pay for their new missionary work. Derick just launched a fundraising campaign in hopes of raising the money needed “for various missions opportunities I will have throughout the year…including trips for Gospel-advancement and humanitarian work in Northwest Arkansas, North America, and abroad.”

“BIG NEWS!” Derick excitedly declares in the Pure Charity campaign listing. “For the next year, I will be serving through a program at my home church, called the Cross Church School of Ministry! I am so excited about this incredible opportunity for further ministry development, and I would like to invite you to share in this excitement with me.”

The campaign goal is $6,500, of which Derick has already raised $125 from two donors.

Here is more from the campaign description:

I started a fundraiser on Pure Charity to raise the funding I need for various missions opportunities I will have throughout the year. I have a donations goal of $6,500. This will enable me to fulfill my specific calling to ministry this year, including trips for Gospel-advancement and humanitarian work in Northwest Arkansas, North America, and abroad.

The Cross Church School of Ministry is a one-year, ministry, residency experience that I believe will be a key asset in not only my vocational ministry, but also in my personal development.

Every donation is important and will enable me to be present and help others in need. Would you kindly consider making a donation? Also, I would appreciate your willingness to share this with others who may want to partner with me.

Thank you so much for being a part of my life and helping me be a small part of something so big, that transcends time and space, the advancement of the good news of Jesus Christ!

Jill and Derick announced earlier this month that they would not be returning to Central America again. “Through a number of circumstances, and guided by much prayer and counsel, we are discerning the Lord leading our family’s full-time ministry back to the United States for the time being,” The couple explaioned. Here is the Dillard Family’s full announcement from August 9:

New Direction in Ministry

Thank you so much for your support of Dillard Family Ministries through your prayers and financial resources. It has been a joy and blessing to see how our Lord has worked in Central America, and your generous giving has been a huge part of making that possible! During our time working with SOS Ministries over the past 2 years, we have witnessed God transforming the lives of many involved in the gang community and positively influencing the lives of young people for the sake of the Kingdom. Through numerous efforts of community development, skills training, sports outreach, and local church ministry, a strong foundation has been laid that I believe the Lord will continue to grow for many years to come.

Through a number of circumstances, and guided by much prayer and counsel, we are discerning the Lord leading our family’s full-time ministry back to the United States for the time being.

We understand very well that mission work definitely requires flexibility. This, we have witnessed and experienced first-hand in our years of ministry. It is, and always has been our aim, to seek the Lord above all else. This includes walking in close relationship with Him daily, seeking His direction for our family, and doing our absolute best in everything, namely, being a Gospel witness and Kingdom worker in whatever context He places us.

At this time, God has seen fit for our family to continue serving him in ministry within the context of Northwest Arkansas.

Because He Lives,
Derick and Jill Dillard (+Israel & Samuel)

Jill and Derick have drawn criticism because it is speculated that one of their mission’s major goals is to convert Catholics.

Derick Dillard saving Catholics quote

Derick responded to the criticism in a blog post titled “God Has Called Us…” back in November of 2015. “God did not call us to convert Catholics, but God has called us to follow His example,” Derick clarified. “He has not called us to convert Buddhists, Muslims, Baptists, atheists, Mormons, Lutherans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Methodists, agnostics, or Hindus. God has called us to Central America to preach the good news of the kingdom of God. My desire is to preach good news to the poor and to proclaim liberty to the captives. I have the greatest treasure in Christ, and I want others to know that hope as well.”

In El Salvador, the last country that Jill and Derick did mission work in, the population is currently 85% Christian, but that breaks down further to 54% Catholic and 31% Protestant. By comparison, the Duggars’ home state of Arkansas is 56% Christian — with only 4.3% of the overall population identifying as Catholic. Many critics could not understand why they would spend so much money and resources traveling to another country when a far greater percentage of people in their own home state have not accepted the “good news of Jesus Christ.” It seems that the Dillards (and/or their ministry) were listening.

So will you be helping out the Dillards with some $$$ for their missionary work? Or, if you are a resident of Northwest Arkansas, how do you feel about the Dillards coming your way to help?

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  • hellen alstatt

    You all have more money then most so stop asking ppl for money and get a real job.there are ppl in Texas right now that can use the money more than you so why don’t you ask people to help them not you .

  • Jessica

    Wow that is low! These people make tons of money from their show, how the hell do they think it’s okay to ask people to fund money for them?! Anyone who donates to them are idiots. I’ve not done missionary work but I have done humanitarian trips to Africa several times through high school and college and while I could have asked for donations to help get me there I worked for that money by babysitting every chance I got! I’d gladly help donate to someone though if they truly were in need and couldn’t save enough themselves and they tried. But these people have money. Sick.

    • Pat

      They need money to go there then travel home. Back n forth. People who donate are really ignorant. Go to work derick. Since I’ve seen you on the show you haven’t worked one day , yet you have guts enough to beg for money from people who do work. Get a job an stop making babies. That’s the one thing that yiunare good at. Stop making babies you can’t afford an get a job. Stop begging . Anyone who gives you money is really in need of a psych.

  • Eva Wallace

    Maybe ya all should try getting jobs! I would

  • Eva Wallace

    Maybe you all should try getting jobs!. Do you people actually beg for the $$ to pay your tithe to your church?? What a bunch of lazy disgusting people. Anything you can do to prevent from working. Thank Goodness there are good honest churches left in this world. Somehow this kind of fellowship flew right over the Duggar’s lazy begging bones.

    • Verdie McCann

      There are good churches. Usually, those churches are not as affluent

  • Maxine Heller

    If any of you ppl are so stupid to actually give The Dillards any money, you have to be the most ignorant ppl around. They were supposed to be out of the country for years yet spent more time coming back home. They are disgusting, con liars. They talk about god and beg ppl to give them money…for what? Stop popping out kids and both of you total morons get a job. What about Jills big DEAL about becoming a midwife. CULT, LYING FAMILY AND YOU ENCOURAGE THEM BY WATCHING THEIR STUPID COUNTING ON SHOW..GIVING THEM RATINGS. THEY ARE ABUSIVE TO THEIR CHILDREN, MICHELLE DOESN’T DO A DAMM THING FOR OR WITH HER KIDS AND HER STUPID DAUGHTER IS HER THE ACTUAL MOM TO THE OTHER KIDS. BIG DEAL. SHE HAD SEX AND POPPED OUT 20 KIDS. I KNOW PPL WHO HAVE JUST AS MANY. WHAT MAKES THIS INSANE FAMILY SO SPECIAL. AMD ANNA..YOU ARE THE BIGGEST FOOL OF THEM ALL!!! EWWWW

    • Berta Sanchez

      Well said Maxine Heller! I totally agree with you

    • Georgia

      How are they abusive to their children? Do you have facts to back that up? And how do you know that Michelle doesn’t do anything with or for her kids? They had 19 kids, and they were married, and they are the most rounded out and well mannered children I have ever seen. They have all been given their own specific chore to do and the house is always spotless. They get a good education, and they are Church going Christians. I used to think the same way until I actually sat down and watched the show. I came away with a different attitude and understanding of the family. I respect their daughters for remaining pure until marriage. So when they actually do get married, they do go on a honeymoon for what it was intended for, to get to know your spouse and to actually make love, not just to have sex like so many do today!

      • LaraCroftEyes1

        Duggar girls are brainwashed to be control by their husbands and have many children as possible because of their cult their in

      • oneopinon15

        A good education, please. I used to watch the show too, I have no judgement about them having 20 kids, to my understanding they have never been on welfare so more power to them, they do seem to be well behaved, I agree about them saving themselves, the issue with them is they are raising young women in todays world to be totally dependent on a man, they do not encourage them to be self sufficient. Look at Jana, almost 30 and is home day in day out babysitting, that girl could be. Working and or a college graduate. These girls have no choice. And its wrong.

        • Grace Howard

          although pretty sure Jana is making between $25,000-$75,000 per episode of Counting On, which is a lot more than I make with a few degrees and teaching career…..

          • oneopinon15

            U r right, she makes money from the show. Although,I dont think any of us know how much, its still not the same as having choices, the degrees u mention, what if u werent free to have made the decisions to get them,thats my point

      • Bruja

        Huffin’ the hairspray too, I see.

        Awesome morals coming out of that family. Isn’t there something in the Bible about “Thou shalt not diddle thy sisters” or something like that?

        They’re a sick, twisted brainwashed bunch that the world would be better served without.

      • Nanette Nolan

        Have you not seen the countless pictures of Izzy with bruises. Some of these pictures were taken before he could walk so you can not claim that they are all from him being an “active” boy. There are also at least two pictures showing Izzy being hog tied. Those are just a few of the things that Jill and Derick do to their older son. Derick is also cruel to cats. Michelle is an evil sadist who thinks that blanket training is “a sight yo behold”. Google Michael Pearl and blanket training. It is nothing short of torture and kids have died because of this torture.

    • Down the rabbit hole

      Seriously Maxine, you need to move on. This is obviously mentally affecting you.
      I’m not sure I know enough to judge one way or another. But if I disagreed with the way they handled their affairs, I still wouldn’t be freaking out. Back away from your computer and live yet own life.

  • 82_anatsantos_54

    Don’t these ppl get paid a lot of money to be on TLC?…of course they do but they take after dad who is a miser so they store tbe or funds and beg from the public. If anyone here is so stupid to give them money go ahead cause so won’t…

  • Regina


  • DeeDeDee

    You know what’s funny? They created a 501c in their names, so anything donated to them isn’t taxed. So they are literally using tax free dollars to fly privately, and go hold necessities over poverty stricken people’s heads in exchange for having to listen to prepared speeches about their cult. It’s not a mission trip. It’s recruitment and it’s gross.

    • Bruja

      The really funny part is that the government is letting them do this.

      • DeeDeDee

        Honestly wouldn’t surprise me if TLC “donated” their paychecks to the 501c so they weren’t taxed and TLC got the tax write off. Letting these gross *ss people on the network again after all they’ve done is shady enough.

        • Bruja

          Oh yeah. I didn’t even think of that. You’re probably spot on.

      • Verdie McCann

        The government screws us all around

        • Bruja

          True that!

      • Georgia

        Why not, the Church of Scientology does just that. And what’s worse, Scientologists do not teach or preach anything that pertains to God or Jesus Christ, or anything about Christianity. They petitioned to have a Church Status so they could remain free and tax exempt. This is the biggest fraud ever committed.
        At least Jill and her husband Derrick are trying to minister to those who want to know God and Jesus Christ and have a closer relationship with them. I question the way they are going about it, God will show them the way they need to go. God Bless them and their children.

        • Misty Gravel

          Minister them or indoctrinate them? They certainly do not have the qualifications to minster.

        • LaraCroftEyes1

          Derick and Jill are not doing God work and their not missionaries and Derick and Jill are grifters

        • Saily

          They’re nothing but con artists Georgia and they ALL learned from the head con man himself….Jim SLOB. If you can’t see that then you really are gullible trailer trash.

        • Bruja


          Have you thumped your head on your Bible one too many times, because I’m pretty sure that you’ve not caught a damned soul here praising the teaching of Scientology. Ever.

          These two sentient enemas don’t even meet the requirements to be certified by their own phucking church (Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) and the International Mission Board (IMB) for lack of qualifications.). Jill isn’t a certified midwife regardless of her verbal diarrhea stating otherwise.

          They aren’t ministering. They’re trying to convert people who have a religion, but are in need of help due to being in less fortunate countries than ours. I’ll tell you what, regardless of my religious beliefs, if my kids were hungry or needed clean drinking water, I’d do whatever I had to do, and that’s what these parasites feed on. The desperation of those less fortunate than them and if there is God, they’ll fry in Hell for it.

          You keep on drinking that pickle flavored kool-aid though.

        • Nanette Nolan

          Derick and Jill do nothing to minister to others. Ministering to others involves helping people, which they do not do.

    • Berta Sanchez

      Disgusting. Thieves

    • Staxy

      That’s just gross. People donate their hard earned money to con artists

    • Lois Baskerville

      Get a job.

  • Brigette Golden

    Man get a job, to support your family & stop depending on other people

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      That’s not part of their religion lol

    • barbinop

      Better yet use that TLC paycheck that you get

    • Nanette Nolan

      The grifter should read what the Bible says about lazy bums who refuse to support their families.

  • Bruja

    I thought these two pieces of shit were done begging for money?

    LOL, anyone stupid enough to donate to these thieves deserves to be taken.

  • Candace

    I thought J.B. & Michael were bad, but now Derick & Jill are taking the prize 1st place winner’s medal!!! Scum!! That’s all they are! Making a joke & holding a sign stating “SPARE CHANGE?” That is supposedly all that is necessary to humanize them?! I can’t believe such inhuman crap are allowed to reproduce! Have you 2 no shame? Your poor children are going to have to suffer from the sins of their parents! God will have the last word, & I sure hope that you two are listening, because He won’t stutter or have to repeat Himself!

    • Georgia

      Judge ye not lest ye be judged. They are doing God’s work, what are you doing to serve God and humanity? Yes, they are wrong for pandering for money, but at least they are married and having two children. Look at all these “women” out here having babies out of wedlock, and sleeping with the guy on their first date!! At least they are trying to do it God’s way.

      • LaraCroftEyes1

        Duggars put themselves out there hence tv shows and doing interviews which means they open their doors for judgment and Duggars are liars and raised a child molester Josh Duggar who was allowed to sexually abused his little sisters for years and Duggars don’t serve God they used name to lie and make money and Duggars are in a cult

      • Bruja

        It’s cute that you quote that about judging, but you do know that the Duggars do this habitually right?

        Let me toss one your way about what Jill and Derick are doing:

        Bread gained by deceit is sweet to a man, but afterward his mouth will be full of gravel.

        Oh, and here’s one for good ole’ Jimmy and his wife on allowing Josh to serial molest little girls

        And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

        • oneopinon15

          Bruja, no she doesnt know, shes definitely their cheerleader, funny how their supporters don’t see how they judge people and r oh so holy, its unreal

          • Bruja

            She sure hasn’t been back to wave her pom-pom’s,

            Good riddance to bad rubbish!

            • oneopinon15

              No she sure hasn’t, I usually don’t get caught up with someone like that but I just couldn’t let that 1 go! Very frustrating!!

            • oneopinon15

              Hey,Bruja, did u see that Joy Anna announced she’s pregnant! Not surprising at all, just such a shame,just wanted to ask if you’d seen that yet

              • Bruja

                Sorry for the delayed response, hon! My house has been nuts!

                Yup, saw that. One, I think she was pregnant before she got married and two, God help us, these freaks breed like roaches. We will be over run soon.

      • oneopinon15

        Think u need to get not many care that they love God, PROBLEM is they make money from a reality show, live in 1 of the Duggar homes, have little to no debt and are BUMMING money from people to fund the path they r choosing in life. THEY need to pay their own way. For you to make such statements about us or anyone else judging them is ridiculous. They put themselves on realitytv, which gives us every right to voice OUR OPINIONS, you that defend them easily forget they are some of the most judgemental people in this earth but yet they claim to be so holy, please, they spew hate against any 1 group thats not like them, but yet oh they’re so Godly,give me a break

      • oneopinon15

        Let me ask u, what r u doing to serve God, from what u r saying a woman that has a child out of wedlock can’t serve God? Thats preposterous and bordeline ignorant. So God wont love a woman that has a child out of wedlock or has had sex on a 1st date, crazy, the God I know loves everyone and any 1 person can ask 4 forgiveness.

        • Bruja

          it’s not borderline ignorant. It is straight up ignorant.

          She’s whacked out of her mind and clearly a religious fanatic.

  • remnant1988

    They better get it together and repent of using people. Stealing from widows and orphans. I agree, anyone who gives is naive.
    Jesus most terrifying statement is to Pharisee like the Duggars. Who call Jesus LORD…
    “Depart FROM ME I never knew YOU, worker of iniquity..”

  • LaraCroftEyes1

    Pimp Bob has taught his mini me version Derick well to lie and scam people and Mullet has taught Jill to lie and scam their fans

  • Martha Sue Wiesman

    These people may be sincere in wantimg to do missionary work, but I won’t give them one dime. They offer no proof of how this money will be used that they receive. They have no educational background in college-level Biblical studies or ministerial courses. Every missionary i have been acquainted with has a degree in religion from a church-affilitated seminary. I just don’t think they have tne necessary training or education to be missionaries. I wish both the young men and women in this bizarre family would get a real education or learn a trade and be able to find a real job instead of begging for money.

    • Georgia

      Are you serious? Get an education? Have you ever sat down and actually watched this program to find out more about this family you call bizarre? I would love to know how you qualify them as being bizarre. Their 2nd oldest son is a police officer, he has his pilots license, and he has taught two other siblings to fly and be licensed. He also is a heavy equipment operator (bulldozers, backhoes and dump trucks), and there may be more that I am not aware of. A few younger brothers are also well versed in being auto mechanics, along with a sister, Joy-Ana (the one that just got married). If I’m not mistaken, Janna is or has taken some college courses. They are more educated than you realize. By the way, Jill is a licensed Mid Wife!

      • LaraCroftEyes1

        Jill isn’t a licensed midwife and Duggar girls are uneducated their father doesn’t believe in higher education for his daughters and counting on is heavly scripted and edited

      • Martha Sue Wiesman

        Georgia, I already have an education. Thank you for your concern though. Yes, I used to watch the show. I know all about the Duggars. If you don’t think this family is bizarre, then look up the definition of bizarre because I don’t think you know what it means. The female children cannot leave their parents’ home unless they are married. They are advised and discouraged against getting higher education and preparing themselves to be able to financially independent. The girls wear clothes down to the floor. They cover up their arms, necks and never cut their hair. The are made to toil away in the house doing chores, raising the other children while the mother seemingly never lifts a hand around the home. They are not allowed to have a real date. Their father must approve all potential suitors. He must sign off on any marriage proposal. They are not allowed to share an innocent kiss or hug with a boyfriend or girlfriend. They don’t date for fun but rather to only find a husband or wife. The two girls that claim to be midwives ~ only one is actually certified and licensed. That is the one who has a few college courses actually completed which is required to be licensed. In addition to that, most couples today do not have 20 or more children. They simply cannot afford to house and feed and provide for the needs of that many. Now Josh and his wife have five children and they can barely afford even one since he lost his high-paying job and is now back working for his father at his used car lot. I guess they moved back into the house that Jim Bob and Michelle gave them before the move to Washington. I believe I am correct in saying they are bizzare, strange, weird, strange, odd, whatever you want to call them. They are definitely outside the realm of being normal as pertains to most people. I feel so sorry for the kids because they are so limited as to what they can achieve in life. Jill and Derek have no credentials for being missionaries. They have no training in a religious college or seminary. They have a plan to go through this unknown church school to become missionaries in Arkansas, thus they are trying to raise the $6500. Well, i for one will not donate to their missionary cause. There are real missionaries in both the United States and around the world that are worthy of donations, but not these two.

      • Bruja

        Who licensed her?
        What police academy did their son attend? What police department does he work for? A constable is not a cop.

        G’head, look into it. We’ll be here.

        Bizarre is allowing your son to diddle his siblings and look the other way.

        Bizarre is defending your brother for diddling you.

        That is all.

      • oneopinon15

        I hope they’ve been educated thru the state curriculum of Arkansas, if not they dont even have highschool diplomas. They aren’t college educated, paying for training and certificates to fly small planes,isnt a pilot, same thing with mid wives,there are credits to be got if u r truly a certified mid wife, they do not have that, these girls are taught to obey their husbands, have children, if that was their choice it’d be different but they aren’t given choices. So thankful Jinger married someone that seems to have some common sense, to bad she’ll probably be the only 1, them getting pregnant within 3 months or on a honeymoon, geez give them no time to live a little, no time to grow, no time spent with just their spouse. I can defend them in some ways but I can’t in others. I learned on here along time ago, people are entitled to their opinions, people that do these shows open themselves up to it. Before u judge others or defend the Duggars do some fact checking

    • Theresa Xxxxx

      There are several of the kids that are going to college and have trade jobs. Ben Jessa’s husband works a real job. JoyAnna husband works a job flipping homes. I think it’s John David I think he is the one that is a cop. So let’s not judge the entire family without facts. I’m tired of everyone judging this family. I’m sure we all have things we could be judged by in our lives. Stop the hate there is enough of that in this world. If you don’t like this family then don’t watch their show and don’t read the articles. It’s that simple.

      • LaraCroftEyes1

        None of the Duggars girls are not allow go to college and Ben doesn’t have a job and new flash Duggars are public figures their tv show and them doing interviews which means they open their doors for judging and speaking of hate that what Duggars do spread hate to anyone who doesn’t follow their cult religion call Quiverfull Movement

      • Martha Sue Wiesman

        The Duggar sons with the exception of John David all work for their father in some capacity. John David has enough intelligence to get more education and get a real job. Josh has five kids and only has a job at a used car dealership (his father owns) and that is certainly not enough income to support a wife and five children. I think they were given a home by Jim Bob and Michelle that used to be their home. The girls have not had any college and probably never will unless they break free from their parents and go their own way. The two girls claiming to be midwives are not certified and are not legally licensed to be midwives. Their means of support is or will be their husbands. I am not judging them. I do not hate them. I think it is pathetic that the girls are not encouraged to educate themselves and be able to support themselves and their children if needed. Otherwise, they will end up like Anna with no where to turn even if their husband is a rotten, scumbag, lying, cheating, sex maniac, and the only choice for them would to be remain as a doormat to a lousy, cheating, idiot loser because she has no way to support herself or her children if she leaves the sleazebag husband.

        • Bruja

          John David gets his money the same way. His constable position is a non paying gig.

      • Bruja

        Is Ben a Duggar? No

        Is Joyanna’s husband a Duggar? No.

        John David is not a cop. He is/was a constable (which is an elected role) and it does not pay. It is voluntary. Look it up.

        He makes money the same way his Pa did. Slumlording it.

      • oneopinon15

        Ben isnt a Duggar, Austin isnt a Duggar, any Duggar boy old enough,should be working, no Duggar child has been to a credited college, that is a fact. We can judge them because they put themselves on tv, u that r so gun ho on defending them r sure quick to 4get all the judgement they hand out. No one cares if they love God, no one cares they want to minister etc but let Derrick go get a job an pay his own way, THIS FAMILY MAKES MONEY OFF THE SHOW NONE OF THEM NEED TO BE ASKING PEOPLE FOR MONEY! why is it only these 2 that bum, do what they want.but pay for it themselves

  • Edie Spears

    Wow you people are extremely harsh sand judgemental !! What do you do to spread the “GOOD News” of Jesus and His Salvation ? Most of the things that people have a problem with have been heavily slanted in the media to look and seem “shady”. It is extremely normal to seek donations to fund mission work overseas or domestic and I have yet to see them do anything wrong other than to be a little over zealous and rush in before they had laid down solid ground work.

    • LaraCroftEyes1

      Derick and Jill have enough money from counting on they don’t need to lie and scam their fans again and Derick and Jill don’t do God work and they are not missionaries

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      There’s always a Duggar leg humper on these stories and look, here you are!

      • Bruja

        There are a few in this one.

        It’s cute how they always have freshly created profiles, too.

    • Staxy

      Usually they have fundraisers. They don’t ask for straight donations and set themselves up as a charity so don’t have to pay taxes on it. See the difference?

    • oneopinon15

      Its disgusting, they neither have the creditials to do this, no one cares about what they do but being on a reality show, getting paid thousands of dollars, then asking 4 money is a joke. I love God but i find them sickening. He in no way represents what hes portraying, r u aware he was online bullying a transgender child just weeks ago? How disgusting, he needs a job! They need to pay their own way

  • Patti Stoney

    $6,500.00? They have to be making that much per episode of Counting On, a/k/a Pimping On. That’s not much money to go and do these various acts of kindness. I smell something strange here. And just from looking at their pictures I presume it’s them I’m smelling.

  • arlo64

    Get a job!!!! Don’t know how you can live with yourselves… other people are working hard to pay their way in life and you just sit there sponging off them. Disgusting!

  • Kelley Ann Moore

    Get a job in Arkansas…. save your $6,000 yourself and then fund yourself. Derrick you are so selfish. Stay home in Arkansas and work and raise your children! This in itself is a greatly needed minestry! STOP ASKING SO BLUNTLY FOR MONEY. GET A JOB AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR FAMILY.

  • Robin Perfect-Vinardi

    Hey Derek why don’t you get a real drive-in stop begging people for money using God’s name is your .You are just pathetic

  • Verdie McCann

    Considering how rude and unchristian like he was to Jazz Jennings, this guy needs to get a clue! Jazz and her family have gone through so many obstacles. This dude never sees obstacles–he plans on donations

  • Teresa Roosevelt

    Here is my thought on the subject! JILL….ASK YOUR PARENTS FOR THE MONEY! or better still, Go to them and demand your little piece of all those millions that you all made while you were children and being filmed 24/7. Do you think that the American public that watch your show day-in-and-day-out didn’t know that your parents were raking in millions just spitting out one baby after the other. And what in her daughter’s do?? Followed in herbaby making LEGACY!!!!!
    By the way… Your parents Behavior is not something that are kansans are proud of! It’s people from other states that are lining the census in front of your parents house. It’s just very very sad! What are you teaching young women? Absolutely nothing!! I would even venture to say that your daddy and your mother will agree with your dad… They will give you not one red dime!

    • Georgia

      Whatever money was made by the children was put in a trust fund for each child until they reach a certain age. That’s the law for underage children, whether they are in movies or reality TV. The father has a family business, Jessa’s husband Ben works for him, as well as some of the older brothers. If Derrick and Jill need money, Derrick needs to go work for Jim Bob, and Jill can work at the hospital as a Mid Wife. I wasn’t in favor of them having all those babies either. One thing said, at least they were married and weren’t having babies out of wedlock. They took care of all those babies. They didn’t ask for welfare or anything else. They taught their children to all work together for the betterment of the family. At least the girls learned how to care for their siblings, teaching them to be good mothers.

      • LaraCroftEyes1

        Don’t make us laugh Jill not allowed to work in a hospital and she not a licensed midwife and she never will be Jim Bob control the money his daughters Jill and Jessa,Joy Anna make for him,Ben has no job and get a clue Duggars are liars

      • Bruja

        No, Jill can’t work anywhere. She isn’t licensed or certified. Do your research before spewing such nonsense.

      • oneopinon15

        Georgia , oh my, not sure reality tv is included in the law that u reference, I hope it is, gives 1 more reason Jill shouldn’t be bumming money,she should have some, I don’t care about how many kids they’ve had, thats not the point here, more power to them, but once again these kids aren’t college educated, its training and certificates, pilot license are paid for its training,none of them could go to Delta an get a job flying a jet, Jill or Jana do not have college accredited hours to be mid wives, a hospital would laugh at that, its training an certificates, Im not knocking it but get the facts. Ur busy defending points that arent relevant to this story. Jill and Derrick earn a living off reality tv, they have no business bumming money. No one cares if Jim Bob employs them, who cares, none of them are cops either, its constable and they r elected with little or no money. Get ur facts, its easy to find,look up state laws and requirements, then tell me whrn and where these kids went to college, other than Ben,think Derrick went too. No Duggars. They raised good girls, yes, I guess but they’ve raised them to be controlled by a man, what if a Josh situation happens to 1 of them, they’re sitting ducks just like Anna.

      • Teresa Roosevelt

        Georgia. “There are no e so blind”! Where do you get your information? You are quite mistaken about which you are speaking. What you ate speaking about are “child labor laws put into place in the 6p’s for child movie and television actors. ACTORS!! THESE “CHILDREN” ARE NOT ACTORS. If you believe everything you typed, then you must believe in Santa Claus. Seriously. Is that why their infamous firstorn lived in a beautiful home when he married? They lived very modestly when they first married. By the way. Those wonderful Dugger paid for Josh to have continued therapy with all that money? Right?? NOOOO!! THEY chose to pretend that there never was a problem and that all of it NEVER HAPPENED.YOU on the other hand have chosen to believe everything they say as gospel..
        Another case of the blind leading the blind!

      • nssherlock

        That is all total b.s.
        There is no such “law”, nor are the Duggars and Duggarlings “actors”.
        Jill is no midwife — there is nowhere she can legally practice even if the lazy lump were inclined to work.

        None of the children “work”, not one has an actual job — they grift, mooch, and get money from JimBob, who also provides their houses and cars, they are dependent on him for everything unless they can scam from others.

        The girls should not have “learned to care for their siblings”, MICHELE and JimBob had those kids and should have raised them, not left it to their older children — that’s the sick, sick, CULT way.

  • oneopinon15

    Why do they need to ask 4 money? Its infuriating, if they want to do this work, fine but either pay 4 it urself or dont do it, they get paid from the show, why r they bumming money it makes me sick,if the show isnt good enough,GO GET A FULL TIME JOB!!!

  • Ann

    This entire family is absolutely vile. All of them are nothing but grifters who squirrel away their own money from their faux reality show and beg for more money from those less fortunate and clearly with no intelligence. Who in the he ll would support this psycho and his Stepford wife? TLC should have removed these sc um bags from TV long ago.

  • Carri S

    The Dillard couple needs to just get real jobs

  • Gidget911

    SCAM ARTIST at best but TLC is still allowing this family to make money off people. TLC should be ashamed.