Apollo Nida’s fiance Sherien Almufti promotes HIV prevention: ‘I DO NOT HAVE SEX PERIOD’

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In an attempt to promote abstinence and prevent the spread of HIV, Apollo Nida’s fiancée Sherien Almufti has some words of advice for all “these young girls out here, just laying down with any and everybody” in the form of a series of hashtags including #marriagebeforesex, #chassidybelt and #wrapitup. Oddly, she seemed to leave off #dateaprisoner.

Sherien’s PSA was inspired by a graphic (below) regrammed by Milano Di Rouge which shows Philadelphia has 16,791 cases of HIV with an HIV prevalence rate of 1,308. “@iammilanrouge thanks for sharing!! OMG!!!” Sherien wrote after starting with the ??? emoji. “This is the sh!t I talk to these young ladies about all the time,” she adds.

Philadelphia HIV rates posted by Sherien Almufti

Sherien then addresses the Apollophant in the room after expressing her frustration over folks not buying that she is not sexually active. “No one believes me when I say I DO NOT HAVE SEX PERIOD. (Well my man is in prison ?) But anyways….”

Sherien, who has an eight-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, continued her sermon by addressing the women out there making bad decisions when it comes to who they are involved with. “God knows how much my heart aches for these young girls out here, just laying down with any and everybody ?‼️Have standards, respect and love yourself!!” Sherien doesn’t specify how many felony convictions are too many, but it’s obviously more than two.

Sherien continues to sing the praises of abstinence, or at least safe sex:

You don’t have to give him some A$$ for him to like you!!! ‼️YOU’RE WORTH THE WAIT‼️No penis is worth risking your life! Parents talk to your children even if it’s uncomfortable! You’ll be surprised at how much they already know ?? Please boys & girls wrap that sh!t up!!!!! Protect yourself‼️?? Your health and your future is so much more important than getting off‼️I love #Philly but damn it I am so disappointed in you!!! ?
#havefaith #marriagebeforesex #chassidybelt #saveyourself #protectyourself #wrapitup #hiv #aids #life #health #sex #donthavesex #gettested #yourbodyisyourtemple

This photo seemed appropriate:

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To Sherien’s credit, I think there was a study done that showed there have been zero instances of contracting HIV from a prisoner with whom you cannot have sex with. It’s a complicated method of STD prevention (and birth control), but I’m not sure it’s a good fit for everyone.

Of course, it may not be long before Sherien unlocks that “chassidy belt” as she is reportedly going to be featured on the upcoming season of Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta! A prison wedding might change everything as far as the potential for conjugal visits go.

Apollo Nida fiancee Sherien Almufti wedding Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Stay tuned!

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  • FrontDoorMom


  • Sugr

    What is a chassidy belt ?? Lol

  • Lily

    As usual the message is use protection if your a guy, but if your a girl don’t have sex at all.

  • sysmjp

    There is definitely no room to be on a high horse when you’re engaged to a guy in prison. However, I do agree with less sex before marriage. It makes dating incredibly annoying when guys show up with their pants around their ankles.

  • theStevieJBus

    This chick is stupid, you can use Prep and condoms to prevent HIV. You don’t have to go as far as no sex. But what should I expect from someone stupid enough to start a relationship with someone in the middle of their second stint in prison.

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    She wants to talk about respecting yourself but posts half nude selfies. Makes sense.

    • theStevieJBus

      That is the least of her issues when you consider she is engaged to a 2 time felon.

  • Marina Karina

    Is it me, or does “have standards, respect and love yourself” sound extremely smug & a bit condescending? Something tells me she will regret those words someday, when her relationship with her serial scammer jailbird falls apart.