Jordan Cashmyer goes missing after escort reports, mother asks for help

Jordan Cashmyer escort photos

16 and Pregnant star Jordan Cashmyer has reportedly gone missing after reports surfaced last week that she was working as an escort on multiple escort websites and was arrested two times in the past month for cocaine and heroin possession. Jordan’s mother Kari has been posting on Facebook requesting that anyone who knows Jordan’s whereabouts to please contact her.

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Jordan has been found! “I knew id flush her out,” Kari posted. “thank god she is still alive now wat do i do lord please help me please give me wisdom.” A commenter asks: “Did you find her?” to which Kari responds: ” Yes she is in Virginia now wat do i do please god help me.”

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From Jordan’s mom earlier today:

Look. I need your help since someone decided to air jordan cashmyers laundry on facebook and 16 and pregnant decided to use her life as a policity stunt my daughter fled out of baltimore i have not heard from her at all please pass this on and if there is any information of her. At all please mess me kari burchill spread this please help me find jordan before its to late if my daughter is dead 16 and pregnant and the person who gave them her information. Will be meeting saten themself not a threat a promise ive already contacted a lawyer if my daughter dies over this sh*t 16 and pregnant the snitch and derrick for your mean and hateful words will feel the wrath i promise everyone will know the name jordan cashmyer for suicide prevention im done all u mathaf**kers r gonna pay

Jordan Cashmyer escort site photo

“As much as it kills me to post this pic this is my daughter jordan cashmyer,” Karia wrote in another post, along with the photo above from one of Jordan’s escort ads. “After some terriable things were posted from 16 and pregnant she fled Baltimore,” Kari continues, “please help me find her to u she may be some junkie to me she is my only daughter she deserves a second chance.”

A concerned commenter asked “She’s missing?” to which Kari responded by writing “Please pass this along im praying will get a hit im calling the cops tomarrow after her dad brings me her id please pass.” She later added “Post the pic and pass it along i gotta realy bad feeling tu.”

A mutual friend posted on about Jordan being missing on Jordan’s Facebook page and Kari responded with appreciation. “Ok thank you im tryin to flush her out im gonna find her i just praying shed alive.”

Jordan’s mom posted a series of photos of Jordan — mostly much older photos — and continued to ask for help in locating her. “She has black hair hazel eyes about 5 2 extremely underweight rate now,” she captioned one photo. And for another, she pleaded: “She is not some f**ked up junkie she is my kid my 1 and only daughter please help me im a desperate mother im trying to keep it together but im at the point im ready to strap up and f**k some people up foreal.”

Here is another photo of Jordan she posted on multiple escort sites that demonstrates just how much weight she has lost:

Jordan Cashmyer escort

At one point, Kari posted side-by-side photos of Jordan’s daughter Genevieve and wrote as though from Genevieve’s perspective in the caption, angrily calling out Genevieve’s dad Derek Taylor. “Please help me find my real mom derrick do yourself a favor and dont post some nasty sh!t this us and forever will be jordan cashmyers daughter.”

Kari also shared this next meme post featuring Ronda Rousey and wrote “Help me find Jordan cashmyer before this has to happen jail sucks but ill do wat i got to do help me find my daughter jordan cashmyer.”

As mentioned in the first paragraph, Jordan was recently arrested on two separate occasions and is facing charges of heroin, cocaine, and drug paraphernalia possession. Her next scheduled court date for both cases is September 5.

Jordan has a troubled history that includes drug abuse, rehab, and being suicidal. 16 and Pregnant viewers will most likely remember her because she and her daughter Genevieve’s dad Derek were homeless through most of her episode.

Jordan’s story is very similar to that of her 16 and Pregnant co-star Valerie Fairman, who died from an apparent overdose in December. We sincerely wish the best for Jordan and hope that she is able to get some sort of help before it is too late.

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    She better clean up her act or she’s gonna run into the wrong John.

  • Jojo

    Judging from that unintelligible string of white trash rambling, Momma sounds like a real winner herself. ?

    • LoLo

      What does “white” have to do with it? Trash is trash.

      • Gidget911

        Because if it was a black girl it would have said that.

        • Shanaynay

          No. Then it would’ve been ghetto trash! Lol

        • LoLo

          Really? It would have said “black trash”?

      • FYO

        Probably because she’s white and trashy. You know, like you seem to be.

        • LoLo

          #1 You have no clue what race I am. #2 Why a personal attack? Race has ZERO to do with being trashy.

      • Jojo

        Because she’s white trash. I’m white. Growing up I was referred to as “white trash.”

        Don’t bring race into it if you can’t do it correctly.

  • cookie

    Her Mom is a class act

  • Jenn

    The situation is incredibly sad, but I can’t believe her mother is blaming everyone but Jordan for the course her life has taken. Someone aired her dirty laundry, MTV used her as a publicity stunt. No, Kari, your daughter chose to become a call girl and no one forced her to appear on MTV. She squandered the opportunity to get clean. YOU kicked her out of the house when she was pregnant. Jordan will never get better if she can’t see that she has control over her life and the choices she makes.

    • Bob Evans

      For all her griping mom seems pretty exploitative herself. She posted a lot of her daughters dirty laundry publicly and seemed to really enjoy the attention. It’s no wonder Jordan doesn’t know how to deal with her problems, she’s had that for an example.

    • TinaBelchersGroan

      Jordan actually left on her own. They kicked Derek out and Jordan chose to go with him ??‍♀️ I do agree though, she needs to stop blaming everyone else. Last I checked, Derek is the one who has been raising Evie while Jordan has been doing all of this. Kari seems to be…pretty out there.

  • Bruja

    Uhmm. Isn’t Jordan the girl that was homeless during almost her entire pregnancy? Where the phuck was Momma Kari then?

    I’m not 100% sure what a “policity stunt” is, but I am pretty sure that if anyone is guilty of that, it’d be Momma Kari.

    • Shanaynay

      I couldn’t even read that nonsense. It had so many grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes!!!! It drove me nuts! Screams white trash, uneducated!!

  • Josie

    She looks just like Jenelle in one of those pics. The duck face one. This is sad though. Her mom really needs to get herself to Ala Anon.

  • Alisson Leech

    She looks like Jenelle!!

  • SammyG

    Poor girl it’s no wonder how she turned out with that hot mess of a mom. I could barely read that plea for help. You think she’d put a little more effort into making it intelligible considering the severity of the situation.
    I hope Jordan makes it out of this horrible part of life. She’s still young and it’s not too late to turn things around if she asks for help. Go to a detox place they will take it from there and guide you.

  • Amanda Hedgepeth

    Let me tell you about the real situation. Kari is a low life drug addict herself. My husband won all rights to her older son when he was 2 and he’s now 14 I’m his mother he’s embarrassed and a shame of his real mother so he doesn’t tell anyone about her all of his friends think im his real mother. Kari lost custody of Jordan the same day 12 years ago. My husband and Jordans dad were in court together. He was showing her some tough love but then at 18 she ran to this trash Kari. What mother lets the owner of a strip club pick there 18 year old daughter up for work it’s sick. She called my son up and told him everything about his sister being raped at a strip club to her doing drugs to her cutting her self. My son got so up set he cut himself and I had to rush him to the hospital then to a mental hospital for 2 weeks. It costs $18,600 for the stay, we had to pay $5,000 because we had him at the nicest one we could find, it wasn’t his fault he’s just a child and when you make over $120,000 a year you always come out of pocket.That’s why we paid so much more money for all kinds of testing. We found out his brain is under developed because of the drugs Kari was on when she had him. Jordan didn’t run away she left her house when DSS was called. Please don’t believe anything Kari Burchill says she’s a low life slum. I could go on for days about everything with this women.