LINKS! Angelina under fire, Dukes of Hazzard butt violation, Casey Batchelor beach yoga pics…

Casey Batchelor beach yoga

DLISTEDHere’s another Lena Dunham story where the details might not add up

REALITY TEAShannon Beador denied that she has Stockholm Syndrome, which is exactly what you would expect someone suffering from Stockholm Syndrome to do

JEZEBELVanity Fair released the transcript of the Angelina Jolie interview and it supports all the horrible things the article alleged about her audition process

CELEBITCHYMartin from The Simpsons got together with Pete Campbell’s hairline from Mad Men Season 6, and they named their child Stephen Miller

THE BLEMISH Luke Duke got arrested for fingering a woman’s butt without permission (also cocaine possession)

VOX“This has never been the word of Trump against what [James Comey] has had to say. This is more like the Federal Bureau of Investigation versus Donald Trump.”

VERY SMART BROTHASThis take on day parties manages to be funny and heartwarming *and* inspiring all at once and now I want to have one immediately

THE SUPERFICIALHere’s Casey Batchelor doing yoga on the beach

UPROXXIt’s August: have a “Top Songs of Summer” playlist to disagree with

(Photo credit: Casey Batchelor beach yoga via Instagram)

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