Weddings are becoming so expensive you can insure them


I’ve heard of life insurance but wife insurance!?!

According to the AP, the average cost of an American wedding is a whopping $26,000. With that type of money on the line for such a big day a cottage industry is growing in the form of wedding insurance.

A small number of U.S. companies are offering insurance for weddings, and while specific numbers weren’t provided, the number of folks seeking this protection is said to be “steadily growing.” These policies include coverage for such circumstances as hurricanes and military deployment to your run of the mill vendor screw ups.

Fireman’s Fund Ins. Co. actually offers a policy for cold feet that they call “change of heart” coverage. They’ve had this since 2007 but had to change the parameters of the agreement because in the beginning there was a heavy percentage of fraud (couples who were already arguing).

If you want to cash in on this particular coverage now, you have to call off the wedding at least 9 months before hand.

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