PHOTOS Honey Boo Boo seen filming in Georgia – did she get a new show or ‘From Not to Hot’ S2?

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Again new reality show

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Again?! Fresh on the heels of Mama June Shannon’s headline grabbing makeover spin-off series From Not To Hot, her famous daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson was photographed “on set” filming for WE tv in Georgia last week.

The photos were posted by Tamara Patridge, who is the Project Manager/Location Manager for the Clayton County Film Office. Tamara mentions that Alana is “on set” in both of the photo captions, and in the comments section she adds hash tags that include #television #tv #tvshows #wetv #alanathompson #honeybooboo #welovealana and #mamajune. Here are both of the photos with the hash tag comments below each:

#auntie #winning #niece #auntieniece #film #filmmaking #filmcrew #filmindustry #television #tv #tvshows #girlsparty #girlpower #workinggirl #womeninfilm #wetv #alanathompson #honeybooboo #welovealana #mamajune

Alana Thompson, a.k.a. Honey Boo Boo, on set with our local police officers. ??

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#film #filmmaking #filmcrew #filmindustry #television #tv #tvshows #wetv #alanathompson #honeybooboo #welovealana

Radar Online speculated that Honey Boo Boo might be filming for a second season of Mama June’s From Hot To Not, but I’m not really sure why they would be filming Alana on location for that — unless she is the one getting a makeover in Season 2. (I already have the tagline: “You won’t even redneckognize me when I get through!”)

Or maybe this:

Honey Boo Boo comebackognize

Hmmmmm… Alana is with some police officers, perhaps the show will be about her becoming a police cadet and it will be called Here Comes Honey Po Po. (I literally giggled out loud when I wrote that — don’t know why I like it so much.)

Whatever the show, you can go ahead and plan your sketti parties because it certainly appears that we will be seeing Honey Boo Boo on TV again soon as part of some kind of WE tv reality show.

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  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    She’s getting big…

    • It’s me


      • Baby Hooker

        This kid has been a meatball since forever. It’s a shame that her family’s ignorance and laziness puts their kids health at risk. Im not saying you have to eat clean forever but come on, there are homemade meals that can be made that don’t require a bunch of artificial coloring and salt. This kid would look like I handed her a granade if I ever tried to give her an orange

  • Yikess

    I laughed out loud at the honey po po!! But she is getting big!

  • It’s me

    It is wrong to make fun of someone especially a child for having weight issues BUT this almost seems like they dont care what she eats. Who cares about the i am talking about the sugars & artificial foods that happen to result in weight gain as well as many other health problems. My kids did not have soda until 10 & then it was on special occasions & decaffeinated (sprite, seltzer).

    Not to mention that this kid is so inactive & probably couldnt play a sport if she wanted to.

  • Baby Hooker

    She is not a cute little kid. Never was. Now with being overweight it makes her even more unfortunate looking. This kid is gonna have a heart attack before she turns 16

    • Cait Sith

      Dude. My oldest niece is obese and kinda always has been because her idiot parents let her and her siblings fill up on junk and sweet tea and never really made her eat any veggies or be more active. Like no lie, my sister in law actually put ghetto southern sweet tea in their sippy cups as young as 1 / 1.5/2 yrs old.

      My oldest niece’s baby teeth actually rotted out of her head instead of falling out on their own. She’s 18 now and is already on blood pressure medication. What’s even more sad is that she KNOWS she’s in bad shape and at risk for a big plethora of health problems – even heart attacks- and she’s not doing jack shit to try and fix it. The one time I video chatted with her (when she told me about the high blood pressure), she just kinda tried to laugh it off like “Oh well! Such is life!” and took a long gulp from her Dr. Pepper.

      It was so unnerving. I don’t understand how anyone can be so flippant about this. Like.. I know I’m overweight . I used to be what -I- think borderline morbidly obese for my height (I’m only 5’0″ and let’s just say that my weight somehow ballooned up to a lot more than what I weighed when I was 9 months pregnant with my daughter. Extreme stress and depression contributed. I wasn’t even overeating or even really eating bad, but I digress).

      I -finally- started losing it 2 Summers ago and dropped a good 40 lbs, but it plateaued. I wasn’t mad about that, just happy that some of it finally came off.

      Now, since finding my roommate/our best friend dead in our room and having to deal with the trauma and shock of that… Yeah. I’ve lost another 15 lbs in just the last week and 25 total in the 5 weeks since we lost him.

      I’m still a good 30-ish lbs from my goal weight (I wanna get down to like 105/110-ish. I’m short, so it’s realistic enough for me), but I’m at the very least finally down to what I weighed before I got preggo & Im cool with that for now,

      Sorry for my rambling lol

      • Baby Hooker

        Don’t be sorry. ::::hugs:::: Im so sorry for your loss and what you must be going through.

        As far as your niece, Im guessing 18 years worth of bad eating habits are pretty hard to break I imagine. She may need to be one of those people that has to be scared straight. I also hate when I see parents who eat healthy and work out yet their kids are grossly overweight. Like, your kid is not going to the store themselves and buying this and preparing it, it’s your bringing it into the home. That really irks me to no end. I know someone like that. His son is autistic and has a lot of issues on top of being grossly overweight. Like the kid is already an outcast and struggles so why add morbid obesity on top. He claims his son overeats due to stress. Yet his other son and his wife are also extremely overweight. Just making a bunch of excuses for his families obesity. Yet he works out and watches what he eats. I don’t get it.

        • Cait Sith

          Oh man. MAD late reply, but one of my fave sub reddits is r/fatpeoplestories .. You HAVE to go check it out ASAP.

          Some of the best stories are by this user called Orphan_Zidane, and the first one is called “How I Became A Fat Shaming Shitlord” … It’s so beyond crazy .. .

          Also my oldest niece, when I told her I’d love for her to visit me in NYC sometime before we move back to TN, she said “Yeah that’d be fun, but.. I really hate walking”

          She … hates… walking.

          I almost facepalmed so hard I left a bruise on my forehead lol

  • starlight02

    Wow! She almost looks like she is photoshopped into the photos because she’s so big in contrast to the others. It just doesn’t look right. I really hope she loses the weight i feels so bad for her, she knows nothing else. I really hope they don’t do it on a show though that’s called from not to hot that can really screw with a young girls self worth!

  • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

    That child is an unfortunate looking mess.

    • Baby Hooker

      Right. I never found her cute for many reasons but now she just looks like a pink blob

  • Honey boo boo child

    It’s probably from her new tv show where she tries to find a baby daddy since she is close to that age now, her mom started popping out babies at 13.

  • Cait Sith

    Fat ass ugly June should be charged with child abuse and neglect for allowing that ham planet of a child to get that obese.

    ANY parent who allows that to happen should be hit with an abuse charge. It’s sad, sick, and absolutely disgusting- Damn the Fat Acceptance/Body Positive movement.

    • Baby Hooker

      I agree. I feel like having grossly overweight kids should be red flagged just like grossly underweight and malnourished looking kids need looking into.

      • Cait Sith

        Yep yep yep exactly

      • just_parsley

        Many of those grossly overweight kids ARE undernourished if you think about it. All carbs, sugars and fats, not enough protein or nutrients.

        • Baby Hooker

          You’re absolutely right. I didn’t think about that aspect

    • just_parsley

      I always felt like fat acceptance/body positivity was fine if it was used as a way to start loving yourself enough to take care of yourself. Self compassion changes us much better than self-criticism. But I think some folks have taken it a bit too far. Eating a whole container of ice cream because you’ve accepted you’re fat isn’t really loving yourself, is it?

    • Dee

      She is a child. Calling her names is shameful.

      • Cait Sith

        Calling her fat isn’t name calling. It’s being honest. The kid is morbidly obese and she’s gonna have a heart attack by age 10 if her mom doesn’t get her shit together and do something about it..

        If I were to say “She’s a really ugly kid” then THAT would be unnecessary name calling. The girl is fat. She is a ham planet. I call it like I see it, and it’s the truth.

  • twelfthnight

    She is wider than GROWN MEN. SHE IS 11. The network needs to take responsibility for this kid and HELP HER. Her horrid mother won’t, she only cares about herself.

    • Squirrel22

      Going thru what she didI would think she would be on all the girls more. I wouldn’t want my kids having to go thru the pain I went thru all because I won’t control my eating.

  • barbinop

    If it is true that she is,getting another show; I hope this time they don’t include sugar bear and his whale of a wife. If so, I won’t be watching. Sugar Bear is repulsive

    • Squirrel22

      His new wife is worse than June and I didn’t think that was possible. Sugar bear is a manlet so I don’t know why he wants all these massive women. Looks like a lot of work for little pay off…..

  • just_parsley

    Just because her mother isn’t obese anymore, doesn’t mean she’s been teaching her children to eat in a healthier way. Family obesity is a tough monster to resolve even for those with the best tools and priorities. (I do not think Mama June has the best tools nor the best priorities.)

    I feel bad for this kid because she’s in the spotlight. People are not kind. 🙁

  • Archer1

    Hopefully they’ll send that kid to fatcamp. She’s morbidly obese and shouldn’t be weighing more than grown adults.

  • ratbag

    Not only is BooBoo a fug, she is an obnoxious, rude brat.

    I can’t understand why anyone who want to watch these inbreds.

    As for “Not to Hot,” only on the planet of the blind would June be considered hot. Losing a ton did not make her even lukewarm.

  • TheRaven

    Im sorry hate to say this but my god those two are hideous , lord , someone needs to help them , I dont know how or if its even possible

  • victorg

    i didnt recognize them. they went from ugly to UGLY.

  • SnarkySassyandLilHalfAssy

    June should have just kept the weight on. Her face has done something really weird with the weight loss. She looks like the sister from Pet Semetary that was locked up in the bedroom…

  • Mrs. Iris Rainbird

    Oleo margarine and ketchup with noodles, aka “sketti” is not a nutritious diet. Has that child ever had a green, leafy vegetable in her life?

    I’m not impressed that her mother had bariatric surgery to drop all that weight so she pose for sexy pictures, How about teaching that cow to feed her children a healthy diet.