Matt Baier currently in Las Vegas at World Series of Poker?

Matt Baier World Series of Poker

Professional relationship bluffer Matt Baier has always seen himself as an aspiring professional poker player (aka pokah playah), and it looks as though he may be putting Amber Portwood’s money where his mouth is by competing in The World Series of Poker!

Matt and Amber apparently parted ways for reals after their stint in the Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition house, with Matt getting the early boot late last week. After that, his whereabouts were unknown, until he resurfaced today on social media to post this photo:

Matt Baier World Series of Poker photo

Matt captioned the picture with “Stairway to Heaven ♠️♦️♥️♣️ #wsop #lasvegas #poker” and Instagram geotagged the photo as being posted in Las Vegas.

I checked the website for The World Series of Poker, and sure enough, it is getting into full swing right now. There are numerous events happening daily, with the No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Main Event kicking off on Saturday. As fans of poker know, the event has a $10,000 buy-in. Last year’s winner took home just over $8 million.

On last week’s episode it was revealed on the “Teen Mom OG Check In With Dr. Drew” that Matt had taken $120,000 from his and Amber’s account. He admitted that he took $30,000 to gamble with in Las Vegas, which he says was “his” because he got paid $27,000 for his appearance on Teen Mom OG. As far as the other $90,000, Matt was his usual shifty self as he managed to slickly dodge the question again and again.

We don’t have any confirmation that Matt is playing in any of The World Series Of Poker events, but I would be willing to bet a lot of Amber’s money that he is! And I give it about a 65% chance that he will be playing in the Main Event. That’s all speculation at this point, but stay tuned!

UPDATE – A day later Matt tweeted “Good morning #LasVegas” but it indicated he was in Brooklyn. It seems like we are once again like the mothers of his children were for so long in that we have no idea where he is! Here’s his tweet:

Matt Baier Las Vegas Brooklyn tweet

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  • Alisson Leech

    I don’t believe they are completely over. Amber can’t be alone.

    • FYO

      They’re both co-dependents, neither is strong or independent. Nothing in either of their histories makes me believe either of them would truly leave the other.

      • Nedly Mandingo IV

        He’s just a f ing leech who targeted some of the teen moms and Amber just happened to take the bait. She’s a sucker who was blind to the red flags that were waving in her face.

        • Baby Hooker

          Had Gary not had that baby I don’t think she would have been in such a vulnerable place mentally, thus never entertaining the idea of getting to know Matt. She was lonely and he knew that. He knew that she was a vulnerable young woman with a lot going on mentally and he pounced. It’s no coincidence that he went after the three most unstable out of the franchise.

    • TrashTV

      It is not a good sign he still has Amber in his profile pic.
      Let’s hope it is to tick her off or his denial. Let it be over.

    • Lacy

      I’m hoping that Amber is pretending to leave the door open, that way he’ll do stuff to earn her trust back like separate bank accounts, removing his name off deeds of their rental houses, etc, and then she can kick him to the curb. Because right now he can pretty much take her for everything.

      • Baby Hooker

        I hope she’s pretending too. She was going IN on him the other day on Twitter and it sounds like it may be over but we never know. Ive never wanted to see someone break up with someone this bad in all my life lol. I truly think this guy is no good, for anyone. The longer she stays the harder it’s going to be to break loose.

  • Hipster Doofus

    So…that’s why all the money was in his backpack ?

  • DoogieHowser

    Ok so even if he was paid almost 30k, he doesnt think any of that should be considered spent as shared living expenses? Like I am sure he ate, and lived there, used water, drove vehicles, bought old guitars. Oh but I guess, “his money” was too good for those expenses.

    • tntw131923

      Thank you!!! I was thinking the exact same thing. He doesn’t want to be thought of as a user, but it’s obvious even when he does have money, he still prefers to mooch off of someone else.

    • It’s me

      Easy…same way he supported all his kids, he let someone else deal with that.

    • Lacy

      I want to know what the extra 30k they said they spent was for. The one he said you don’t want me to bring this up, and then she instantly backed down and was like “OK subtract that 30k from 120k, that’s still 90k.” He obviously has stuff on her and that’s part of the reason she can’t leave him.

      • Baby Hooker

        Good point. Amber needs to take this L and charge this off as one of the worse mistakes in her life and move on as best as she can, if not for her sanity, for Leah.

  • It’s me

    He SAYS he gave Amber a corvette with is 1st paycheck from MTV then when he realized she couldnt drive it in the winter he got her a Cadillac.
    So how would he have $3000 more (made $27,000 but withdrew $30,000) than he made after buying the cars & something called living expenses?
    Same way he went from 2 kids to 8 or 9 kids in only a week.

  • BooBooBaby

    I live in Vegas and we don’t want him here! ;-D

    Gawd! He is such a Mooching Loser!!