Simon Saran says Debra is trying to take Sophia away, slept with 2 men while babysitting, etc.

Simon Saran and Debra Danielsen fight on Twitter

As far as on-screen Teen Mom OG drama, it is obvious that Farrah Abraham wears the pants (only figuratively) in her relationship with Simon Saran, but as far as off-screen drama goes, Simon is clearly the king! In the latest episode of #SimonSays, King Simon goes after Farrah’s mother, Debra Danielsen, and as usual — he pulls ZERO punches.

The latest bitter Twitter battle between future in-laws started over on Debra’s Twitter feed where she responded to someone criticizing her fiance Dr. David Merz for seemingly ignoring everyone else so he could watch golf — as featured in a preview clip posted by MTV.

Here’s the tweet that started it with the clip included:

“She doesn’t even call her dad that,” one Twitter user responded to the video. “Simon had me ?, though. And David is a weirdo.” Another Twitter user chimed in: “Yeah, what’s up with David? The first time a man treated me like that, he’d be watching golf at Best Buy! Because no! ?”

Debra came to the defense of her doctor beau by pointing out “It was the Masters and the final few holes. Nothing else.” She responded to the admiration for Simon by tweeting “Simon isn’t even in the know. Haha! Just says sh!t to make money. He hurts people with his lies and thinks it is ok!”

A helpful hatter came along to make sure there were no trees falling in the forest out of earshot. “Well I mean if you’re going to talk sh!t about him, might as well tag him,” she tweeted, adding the @SimonSaran tag.

Debra defended herself against the allegation of talking sh!t by clarifying: “I speak truth! No hate. Just want things to be happy and healthy.”

Ah, but Simon had already been tagged and “happy and healthy” were no longer an option.

“You beg Farrah for screentime,” Simon responded. “Heard you and an attorney are talking to take Sophia away. Anything for more screen time!” Wait, what?! Debra is trying to take Sophia from Farrah?! Where in the world did she get the notion to try that?!

Please welcome to the Twitter stage, Teen Mom 2 star, and grandparent custody issue expert, Jenelle Evans! Jenelle tgged Simon and tweeted “shiiiiit is Debra and Barbara talking now?! ? they are twins man.” To Jenelle’s credit, Debra and Babs did do a Teen Mom OG after show together recently…

Debra Danielsen and Barbara Evans together

OK, back to the here-and-now drama… Already accelerating the feud at breakneck speed, Simon put the pedal to metal with his next tweet responding to Debra’s claim that she speaks truth! “Here’s a truth for your Debrah slept with two different guys in 2 days her basement in Nebraska while she was suppose to be watching Sophia.”

BOOM! Talk about Debz OG! (I don’t even wanna know how Simon got this info.) Here it is with the typos cleaned up a bit:

Simon Says Simon_Saran quote about Debra sleeping with two men in her basement

Another Twitter observer wrote “Debra also likes 2 play the victim she does things she knws will upset Farrah 4 the cameras cuz she needs tht mtv $ she doent hve a real job.”

Debra responded with a simple “Haha!” but Simon was a bit more verbose. “Very true,” he tweeted. “Debra hasn’t worked in years. Leaches off of Farrah and Sophia. She doesn’t care about them like [Michael Abraham] does!”

Simon then turned his attention back to the preview clip, and he casts some SERIOUS suspicion on Debra’s fiance! “David has another motive. Just like I called out Matt, this guy is on that level. He’s hiding something big!”

Oooooooooo! What could it be?! It’s extremely out of character for Simon to hold anything back!

While we all ponder what the “something big” is that Dr. David is hiding, let’s catch up on some more #SimonSays drama from last week. Simon raised quite a few eyebrows when he called out Teen Mom OG producers (including Executive Producer Morgan Freeman) for brainwashing and for the lack of racial diversity in the cast — but he did the latter with a rather unfortunate choices of words:

Simon Saran colored people tweet

Be sure to tune in for what looks like an EPIC 90-minute season finale of Teen Mom OG — including the profanity-laden middle finger showdown between Farrah and Dr. David — Monday night at 9/8c on MTV!

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  • FR

    Farrah doesn’t realize that by putting all that filler in her cheeks and the rest of her face, she actually is causing wrinkles bc she had to stretch the skin (unlike older people who usually fill to bring back lost volume)…once the volume goes away, she will be left with creases.

  • sangeron

    I dont believe anything these people say. Theyre all seeking fame & will do anything to stay in the public eye! Kartrashian wannabes!

    • Liz

      When will Michael be turning into Michelle?

      • TrashTV

        Now that you mention it… that would not surprise me/ explain a lot.
        Meh, that is not up his alley, it is not how their family reads the bible. Or more, how it is being read to them by the people they follow.

  • Karen Merchant

    Dr David looks like he escaped from an insane asylum he stares at tv and when asked a question he mumbles something that has nothing to do with the question. As much as I dislike Farrah and her family I have to agree he’s very creepy but we are talking about Debra so maybe a match made in heaven cause she’s bat shit crazy too

  • Perfect Match

    I think Farrah and Simon r a perfect match. I do agree that Debra purposefully sets Farrah off. Farrah is no angel but I think her mom takes advantage. David has gives me the same feeling Matt did the first time on camera. Creep!

    • TrashTV

      Oh she sure sets Farrah of on purpose.
      What reasons would she have to ask the court to take Soph away from Farrah? I mean, I can think of a few good ones, I can imagine Deb has plenty on Farrah but how far would she go?

  • Gia

    Hey thanks for putting my tweet on here i was the one who said debra does things to upset Farrah!!

  • in my opinion

    Yea, farrah was pretty before she had the plastic surgery done, now she looks horrible. There is no beauty left in her. She is degrading to herself and shes teaching sophia to be the same way. I am not a fan of farrah or her mother. Both of them are annoying.

    • Kel2707

      I loved it when David gave Farrah the finger!! She wasn’t expecting that and I think her frozen face actually moved?

  • TrashTV

    Ah, you saw that one coming, DrDouche wants to get into Debz tight pants, tight purse and spotlight. Look him up and see how well he was doing as a Dr. The word “arrogant” is mentioned a lot, so he and Debz are a good match too.
    Apparently Debz did not learn enough from being conned by a catfish. See the signs Deb.

  • Guest

    I would not allow David or Debra to be around my child. They’re like the crazy grandparents from the movie “The Visit”.

  • barbinop

    Some people truly aren’t happy unless they have constant drama in their lives and this bunch thrives off of it. Do I believe Simon’s b.s story…..hexx no. He loves to stir the pot and these idiots gladly oblige him. Simon and Farrah belong together because they’re two peas in a pod.


    Two peas in a pod. BOTH want attention 24/7. BOTH don’t care who they hurt to get it. EVEN if it’s Farrah’s own mother. As for David yeah he’s odd BUT I respect the fact that (unlike her own parents) he set limits with the snotty little brat.