Dalis Connell doubles down on Ryan Edwards rehab reveal


Dalis Connell has responded to critics who accused her of selling info about a previous stint in rehab for Ryan Edwards.

Dalis, an ex-girlfriend of Ryan’s who appeared on Teen Mom while they were dating, opened up about a secretive and failed attempt by Ryan to seek help for what she says was an addiction to Roxycodone. “We admitted him to outpatient rehab in December 2012,” she said. “He was taking Roxycodone… He relapsed. He wasn’t interested in rehab. We had to drag him there the first time. He never said he wanted to get better, he just wanted the withdrawals to stop.”

Radar followed up with another post today featuring additional comments from Dalis:

One of his friends was on pills and he tried it one night when we first started dating. He started taking those while I was in class. I ran track in college and would be gone all day and he was bored… I have never been around drugs use so I didn’t know the symptoms. I was working and my co-worker asked if Ryan takes anything. She was like, ‘I went to rehab and he fidgets and scratches and has all the signs of someone using.’ I didn’t believe her… I walked outside and caught him in the middle of a drug deal and he confessed everything. It got worse and worse.

Ryan’s mom responded to our report, tweeting, “And once again this one needs some attention and money!! Sorry honey but you have quite a bit of this wrong!”


Now, Dalis is hitting back not only at Jen, but at others who accuse her of making a money grab and capitalizing on Ryan’s struggles:

On a Ryan side note, notorious TM Twitter troll Simon Saran made a heck of an accusation last night, even for him, when he accused an MTV producer of giving Edwards pills during filming:


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    While I don’t agree with her spilling the beans (just because you’re asked a question doesn’t mean you have to answer it), I do believe her when she says she’s not in it for the money. If she were we’d have heard of this long ago.

    • LoLo

      While I agree. I read a comment elsewhere that said the reason she’s making comments now is that she was pissed Ryan married Macenzie.

      • Alisson Leech

        I hope that’s a rumor. NO ONE should be jealous of Mackenzie and Ryan. Lol

        • LoLo

          I agree…but who knows. Nothing surprises me anymore.

          • Sondra Cherry

            I doubt it’s jealousy, Ryan is no prize!! What’s to be jealous of!! He’s a big-time mama’s boy, horrible father, and a drug addict. I believe this girl.

    • Guest

      She didn’t spill the beans.


        I believe she gave the interview before they got married?

  • Jenn

    Keep enabling Ryan, Mimi Jen. That’s why he’s the way he is.

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  • sysmjp

    She looks so different in her pics now vs. then. WGAF if she did/didn’t do it for money. What’s wrong if she did? Make that paper. That being said, the timing is all wrong for maximum payout so she’s obviously not as devious as I would have been.

  • LA79

    I love how this woman acts like Dalis owes her silence. 🙄 Ryan’s mom proves once again why he’s in rehab.

    Yeah, honey, ALL the people coming out and talking about Ryan’s drug use from Maci to Dalis want attention and money! Get a d*mn grip woman and stop enabling him.

  • Alisson Leech

    Jen is in denial.

  • Cait Sith

    Even if he were on Roxis back then, it don’t mean he is now. He’s not scratching at himself from opiate itch and his eyes are bigger than my serving dishes.

    Homeboy’s on crack or meth now.

    • Alisson Leech

      Well Cait Sith, it has now been shown!!!

      • Cait Sith

        actually it’s xanax now.

  • Guest

    Why has she gone all Farrah on her face? She was naturally pretty.


    OF COURSE Simon has to say something. Attention wasn’t on him for 2 seconds

  • Sondra Cherry

    I swear like 5 yrs ago I told my daughter I knew he was tweaking on SOMETHING, because my eldest daughter battled addiction I knew the signs, but goodness anyone could see by his eyes geez, he was so messed up he couldn’t even blink! Just Google Ryan from teen Mom tweaker eyes and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Addiction is a hellish thing to go through, but mostly for the family and loved ones of the addict. Maci is trying to protect her child, nothing wrong with that, and Jen and Larry need to stop enabling their son and defending his bad behavior! Hell Jen Should understand where Maci is coming from, as protective as she is over Ryan, Bentley is an innocent child!