PHOTOS Bikini-loving Melissa Metoyer is being cast as the laid-back fun seeker for Basketball Wives Season 6

Basketball Wives Melissa Metoyer bikini photos 1

Basketball Wives‘ Season 6 premiere is just around the corner, and the mainstays of the original cast have been making the publicity rounds of late. Of particular interest to longtime fans of the show is the huge number of new faces Shaunie & company added: the sixth season of the show will feature no fewer than six brand-new members of the Basketball Wives cast. (Also, ICYMI: even though the show is still set in LA and still features the core of the Basketball Wives LA cast, VH1 has rebranded the show as just Basketball Wives.)

The headliners of the new cast members have to be the three Metoyer sisters: Aja, Cristen, and Melissa. Aja Metoyer is best-known for getting pregnant with Dwyane Wade’s so-called “break baby” while he and then-girlfriend, now-wife Gabrielle Union were in the middle of a temporary split. Cristen is already being portrayed as a villain of sorts; Jackie Christie called her a “super liar” during a recent interview, and seemed none to pleased to discuss her. But Jackie also called Melissa “beautiful,” and Tami Roman said that she “didn’t have much interaction” with Melissa, though she seemed nice. So it looks like VH1 is also trying to position Melissa as a sort of fun-loving antidote to her fiery sister.

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Basketball Wives Melissa Metoyer bikini photos 4

Similarly, when we reported an early batch of Season 6 spoilers that highlighted some of the fights and feuds that fans should expect, Melissa’s name didn’t come up…at all. In fact, hers was the only name *not* associated with at least one other cast member in a tiff of some sort: it looks like Jackie has beefs with most of the new cast, and the recently returned Evelyn Lozada’s name comes up several times, as do both Aja and Cristen. And it’s definitely early; more spoilers will leak out once the season really gets going. But it seems that Melissa either played it cool or possibly acted as a mediator, instead of entering one of the many available frays.

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Melissa’s Instagram page, which you can visit here, definitely portrays her as the laid-back type. And one who enjoys a good restorative trip to the beach, as these extra Basketball Wives Melissa Metoyer bikini photos will attest:

Basketball Wives Melissa Metoyer bikini photos 2 Basketball Wives Melissa Metoyer bikini photos 7 Basketball Wives Melissa Metoyer bikini photos 6 Basketball Wives Melissa Metoyer bikini photos 3

Finally, we’re not sure what’s going on here, but it looks like at least one person–possibly Melissa?–is having a very good time:

Basketball Wives Melissa Metoyer bikini photos 5

Basketball Wives Season 6 airs Monday nights at 8 on VH1 starting on April 10.

(Photo credits: Basketball Wives Melissa Metoyer bikini photos via Instagram)

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