Debra Danielsen’s ‘Debz OG’ rap song WORLD PREMIERE! Plus ‘Being Debra’ MTV special air date

Debra Danielsen Debz OG rap song music video

It looks like 2017 may be the year that Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham’s mother Debra Danielsen steps out of her daughter’s immense shadow and into her own spotlight. In addition to getting her own “Being Debra” MTV special, Debra has also recorded a rap song titled “Debz OG” — and we have it right here for your listening enjoyment!

We will get to Debbi Minaj in a minute, but first we want to reveal that the “Being Debra” MTV special will air on April 3. Debra made the announcement on social media this week, and she added that there will be a cast premiere party that night in Omaha, Nebraska.

At the same time that she revealed the “Being Debra” special will premiere April 3, Debra Danielsenilla Ice also announced that her rap song “Debz OG” would be available to download on iTunes on the same day. But, fans eagerly awaiting the debut of Notorious D.E.B. don’t have to wait because we have the song RIGHT NOW courtesy of director Chris Windfield!

It’s unclear if the video above is the actual finished music video, but given that Debreezy shared the feathers ‘n’ leathers photo at the top of this post with her announcement, I assume that we will see another “official” music video featuring Debby Azalea in full DebZ dudz.

Also, it’s clear from the song that P Debby got some musical assistance. There are no credits for the music video, but back in early December, Debye West mentioned that the song was a collaboration with 5th Child, DJ Venom, & Clouds & Crayons. And in case you were curious, this bit of musical history was apparently created in one of our country’s most significant states as far as contemporary musical history goes: Mississippi! From what I can tell, Snoop Deb spit her rhymes at DTA Studios in Jackson, Mississippi.

Speaking of Debye West’s rhymes, we’ve got all of those for you here in the form of full “Debz OG” lyrics!

Debra Danielsen Debz OG rap song lyrics

Congratulations to Debra Flav! And we certainly look forward to seeing “Being Debra” in April. :)

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  • twelfthnight


  • barbinop

    The men in the white coats with restraints should be showing up for this Looney tune at any minute now!! Debs the “poster child” for those in dire need of mental health

    • Dysfunction Junction

      They may come get me too because I was insane enough to watch it

  • Leah’s Fidgety Legs

    This was worse than Kim K’s song “They playin my jam” lol. I have so much second hand embarrassment right now. Worse fuqing thing that’s ever been recorded.

  • shayvoe

    If there is any question how crazy Farrah got that way, this should remove all doubt!

    • FR

      I will never forget how Debra had no hesitation about hitting Farrah across the face on camera only weeks after she had given birth to Sofia. Farrah is an annoying, petulant brat but pregnancy hormones, youth and the stress of the situation were considerations. Debra went from zero to slapping the crap out of Farrah’s face in less than 10 seconds. And then attacked Farrah with a knife while she was holding baby Sofia.

      I strongly disagree with spanking but it is truly absurd to use corporal punishment — especially facial slapping — on a 16/17 year old young adult who has become a new parent. That makes absolutely no sense and it is more properly classified as adult on adult assault.

      I personally can’t stand either of them (and Michael too) but it is obvious that Farrah is crazy because her mother is psycho.

      • spenny120

        Debra actually smacked her on the top of her arm, not in her face. I rewatched the episode a few weeks ago and it definitely wasn’t as dramatic as I remembered.

    • Demona

      My thoughts EXACTLY watching this on the aftershow last night. What a total wreck

  • the underground train

    Huh?! WTF!

  • ann

    Dear lord baby Jesus!

  • Nedly Mandingo IV

    What the sh- did I just read? Is this a joke?

  • FrontDoorMom

    Idk whats worse, farrahs song or this one.

  • Jstfyd

    I can’t.

    • Bruja

      Neither can anyone else.


  • Pipeve

    There are no words……

  • Miss Mandy Lynn

    Well it’s blatantly obvious debra had probably always been hungry for any kind of attention and taught it to farrah

  • Jojo

    I have never fought the need to regurgitate so hard while looking at reality garbage online.

    This senior citizen is emotionally the same age as her pathetic emotionally hindered daughter.

    Not granting a pass to Farrah because I would love to see her crushed by an asteroid, but really… THIS raised her?! It’s the daddy issue d!ck hungry games!!

    • Amy Meert

      I think they’re both the emotional and intellectual age of Sophia

  • Ruthie

    Gosh, will Farrah and her absolutely crazy family ever go away?!!!

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Not as long as mtv feeds their crazy.

  • Mimi’s Clipped Butterfly Wing

    All the rap name references to Debra Starcasm? Really? Just stop.

    • Leah’s Fidgety Legs

      Right. That was so lame and unfunny

  • Jordan Clarke

    Better to see this than to see her daughter treat her like shit

    • ChelseaHouskasEyebrows

      Or her daughters back door.

  • Farrahsux

    Just a damn circus!! This family is horrible!!

  • DoogieHowser

    It wasn’t good but it was better than Farrah’s music. Why in the world did she tuck that shirt into bejeweled yoga pants?

  • Noxy

    This is the greatest thing ever holy shit.

    This is even better than Farrah’s “therapeutical soundtrack” or whatever she made to go with her book.

    Debra gonna have a contract with Vivid in NO TIME. Then she won’t have to take Farrah’s bs anymore. She can be her own independent wimminz *Z Snap*

    (Seriously, if I ever treated my mom the way Farrah treats hers, my dad would have my head on a silver platter in a heartbeat- and my dad & I are super tight. God Forbid I ever disrespect my dad like that either. He’s a scary mfer. but doing that to my mom would’ve caused a LOT more problems for me. My mom died 3 years ago though so, yeah.)

    • Jordan Clarke

      Condolences for your loss

      • Noxy

        Thank you <3

  • Kelly Sardella

    Wow MTV really loves to see people make fools of themselves ,as long as it makes the network money.To think it started out as a music video channel now its a pit stop for every social problem to be exploited.

  • Aussie cathie

    I would disown that thing as my mother ….

  • Elle

    😂🤣Seriously? I don’t think I’ve EVER come across 2 people more delusional in my entire life. The sad part is that Sophia is EXACTLY like them! That’s what she sees. Boy this family just keeps rolling out winners😒

  • victorg

    i still think an anal sex tape by Backdoor Farrah beats all. but, this comes uncomfortably close. watch out Sophia…..the bar has been set high for CRAZY! (you know….i think she can do it!).

  • Rice

    The video isn’t working but I trust its better for my hearing that I don’t. You can see where Farrah gets her attention seeking behavior. Debra, you look ridiculous! Poor Sophia never had a chance.

  • tina

    ffs no one wants to watch her or her daughter or her ex they are all trash. If your gong to give anyone a show make it babs who is funny and honest. Both farrah and her mom need to grow up stop dressing like hookers also who told these idiots they could sing

  • Scarlett

    Here is the real issue. SOMEONE SOMEWHERE must be interested in this old bag. MTV surely wouldn’t spend time & resources on someone that didn’t make them $$. GOOD LORD – how frightening.

  • Teresa Latak

    How absolutely embarrassing!!!

  • Melissa

    IF the video is all done IN fun I get it ;however, Is Ms Deb.on medication. She honestly doesnt think this is video is taken serious.

  • Demona

    She looks like a Steampunk Madonna

  • guest

    That music video was horrible