Fan-friendly Texas Flip & Move cast stays über-accessible to avoid reality clichés

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It’s a question every reality TV show has to deal with, and DIY’s signature series is no exception: Is Texas Flip & Move fake? Despite the persistent belief among some viewers, the show’s cast relies on a whole lot of friendly fan outreach–as well as an unusual degree of transparency–to do what it does best.

Truth be told, the question even came up in a recent FWTX feature on the Snow Sisters, albeit with an unusual twist: according to the sisters, they regularly receive Facebook messages from fans wanting to know how long it takes “to memorize a script so funny.”

To those people, Toni Snow always has the same answer: Of course there’s no script. “We are what we are on TV,” she told the publication. “We know how to cut a piece of wood, we know how to measure, we know how to do things like that, but we also kid around and be ourselves, in and out of the reality part.”

In fact, the Snows were so unassuming that they thought they were being pranked years ago when a producer contacted them to see if they’d be interested in joining the cast of what would become Texas Flip & Move. “I just went right along with it,” said Donna. “I was being nice to him, as I was raised to be respectful, and answered all his questions. I start questioning, ‘Well, you know, if this is a competitor pulling a prank, boy, they’re really taking it to the hills.'”

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But the Snow Sisters are hardly the exceptions among the Texas Flip & Move cast, as anyone who follows them on social media can attest. The whole crew is well-known for answering all manner of fan questions on the regular…

…and are just as quick with a “Thank you” for fans who only want to offer a kind word:

Plus, the cast has even been known to drop the occasional spoiler:

And speaking of openness, auctioneer Myers Jackson recently reminded fans that they can sign up to attend auctions that will later be featured on the show. He also reminded them that “it gets as hot as a hornets nest in a hay baler during the bidding,” so, if you’re inclined toward attendance, you need to be prepared for some shenanigans among the members of the cast 🙂 There haven’t yet been any auction dates announced for 2017, but, if you are interested in seeing one for yourself, you can contact Myers Jackson here.

And it’s worth remembering that every one of the flippers featured on Texas Flip & Move was a professional contractor or house mover (or both) before the show even started. Some of them have very long histories indeed: Hester House Moving, which Casey Hester now runs, began in 1962 with Casey’s grandfather Bill, who passed it down to son Dan before Dan handed the reins to his son in turn. And the Snow Sisters, as the FWTX article above points out, run the house moving business their grandfather, C.A. Snow, started in 1942.

Texas Flip & Move airs Fridays on DIY, as well as during a handful of marathons each week.

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  • Tjoddleik

    Even more fake than fake.

    • Arturo

      That means nothing.

  • tedneb

    Not fake? Look it up in IMDB. How is it around 20 professional actors are credited as “Home Buyer,” “Bidder,” or “Potential Home Owner”? Either there’s something magic about those houses that attracts show biz, or this is one totally scripted show.

    • Arturo

      It’s not scripted. It’s a reality show, which doesn’t mean that cameras show up somewhere randomly, get turned on and pointed in random directions and a show is somehow made. Each reality show has it’s own mix of “reality” (quotes needed) and producing in order to get what can be edited into a show. Some are more “real” than others. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. Problem solved.

      • tedneb

        The discussion isn’t whether I like it or not–it’s whether or not it’s scripted and fake. It is.

        When 20+ actors are credited on IMDB with playing parts on the show–some listed as playing a “speaking role”–it’s scripted and it’s fake. Period. Real people at real auctions don’t follow a script.

        Like to be fooled? Watch it. Problem solved.

  • Alicia Rice

    For the guy who says they hire bidders and potential buyers it may be to drive up the auctions. The people they credited arent the same ones who win the house in the end so thats my theory on that. Added folks to add some drama to the auctions. Either way they main cast has legit businesses otherwise they wouldnt be able to even be approached for a show. All reality shows hire extras in the background to add a bit to the show. I dont believe its scripted but I knew it had to be some production element to it.

  • Daniel

    Well obviously all the shows have some level of “drama” added to them, they add sound effects or do some other form of editing to make something appear worse and I wouldn’t be surprised if they reshoot some parts for the camera’s to see and play up the difficulty, I also wouldn’t be suprised to find out they have “plants” during the auctions or even restage the auction after the real one happened, we’ve seen similar in the past on other shows, like the episode of Fast N Loud where Richard haggled a deal for the Emmitt Smith’s Mercedes which was actually sold on Ebay and they just staged the haggle for the cameras, there are lots of “stretched truths”, at the end of the day, the houses where still moved, still renovated and still sold, these are real flippers at the end of the day.