Farrah Abraham shares videos & photos of Sophia’s Christmas gifts including Starburst the miniature horse

Sophia Abraham Christmas presents

Earlier we posted about the lavish gifts Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham was bestowing upon her seven-year-old daughter Sophia — including a Jacuzzi, a miniature horse, and a golf cart, among other things. At the time, all we had was a gift list, so we had to manufacture a visual simulation of Sophia’s Christmas morning via artificial means, including the wonderful experience of Photoshopping a miniature horse in a Jacuzzi.

But, as you might expect given Farrah and Sophia’s social media prowess, both have since shared actual photos and videos of Sophia’s Christmas loot — and it is pretty impressive!

Sophia Abraham miniature horse Starburst

We will kick things off with Teen Mom OG‘s latest four-legged cast member: Starburst the miniature horse. In these amazing video clips we get to see the moment Sophia discovers a “pony” in her house, and then Starburst gets taken on a home tour. (No word if Starburst is allowed to use the restrooms inside the house or if she has to use the porta potty on the driveway.)

Are we going to see a white pony at 6am?! … #Santa don't let me down! #dreamcometrue #christmas2016

A video posted by Farrah Abraham (@farrah__abraham) on

I did a bit of research and discovered something of interest to reality television fans — Starburst is the full sibling of one of Lisa Vanderpump’s miniature horses! So I think that means Farrah and Lisa are now related somehow? Perhaps that will finally put Farrah on Lisa’s radar. (You might recall that after Farrah infamously crashed Lisa’s White Party in the Hamptons, Lisa responded to rumors that she “uninvited” Farrah by stating “I certainly wouldn’t know her if she sat on me.”)

Another interesting bit of information I found out (I learn SOOO much blogging about Farrah Abraham!) is that miniature horses range in price from $750-$10,000 — or at least that’s the price range at the place that Farrah got hers. (I couldn’t find the price for Starburst specifically, but her siblings go for $2,000-$3,500.)

Here’s another photo of Starburst enjoying her new house:

Farrah Abraham miniature horse Starburst

In addition to the impressive list of Sophia gifts that we already knew about, there is also this custom rainbow rose bouquet with her first initial from The Billion Roses out of Sydney Australia:

Sophia Abraham Billion Roses initial bouquet

And that was just one of at least two bouquets from The Billion Roses! Here’s Sophia holding another along with mom’s sweet tweet:

Sophia Abraham The Billion Roses Sydney bouquet

In case you were wanting to take a cue from Farrah Claus for your next gift purchase, The Billion Roses has the monogram custom arrangements (which last one year) available to ship worldwide for just $589 AUS, which equates to approximately $424 US.

OK, here is the rest of Sophia’s Christmas (that we know of), including a pink golf cart, a Jacuzzi, and a “better than mom’s” Apple laptop computer — the latter of which is a great video of Sophia opening her gift:

#4 on @sophialabraham wishlist #computer #santa #exstatic ??????????????????

A video posted by Farrah Abraham (@farrah__abraham) on

Sophia Abraham Jacuzzi Sophia Abraham golf cart

Sophia's #Wishlist from Santa was her pink #golfcart awh!!! She was thrilled ???? #merrychristmas2016 @sophialabraham

A video posted by Farrah Abraham (@farrah__abraham) on

“They see me rollin’…” 🙂

* I did want to point out that I didn’t see any evidence of MTV cameras around, and I noticed that in the background of the photo of Sophia’s golf cart, there is no porta potty on the driveway. So this looks like it was a just a mom & me Christmas for Farrah and Sophia! (I’m sure viewers will be introduced to Starburst at a later date.)

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  • Chu ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥

    Sophia speaks like a 3 year old.. she also has the mannerisms for someone younger than her age. Well at least you can see how much Farrah loves her daughter ?

    • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

      She is definitely linguistically and emotionally immature for someone her age. She’ll be 8 in 2 months and still “ma ma” this and “ma ma” that like the preschoolers I once taught. It’s disturbing and Im sure it doesn’t help that her mom and grandma talk to her like she’s a toddler with all that goo goo gaa gaa my baby goo

      • Noxy

        Farrah baby talks to her.

        My daughter will be 9 next week and she was reading on a beginning 3rd grade level in Kindergarten and tested in for the gifted program in first grade. She now is reading on an 8th grade level.

        I know that isn’t every kid, but Sophia is verrrry behind developmentally.

        • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

          Sophia is probably fine academically, but I can tell she is pretty behind language and emotional wise. All that “ma ma” is not how someone her age talks. Even when she told Farrah she wants Daddy Derek’s face on Simon’s was an immature statement. An almost 8 year old knows you can’t put someone’s face on another person, even a 5 year old knows that. Sophia is just a disturbing kid for so many reasons.

          • Noxy

            Oh oh oh. I love your name btw lol

  • Guest

    Poor pony.

  • twelfthnight

    That horse is gonna be ‘rehomed’ as soon as it takes a dump on the floor. What is Sophia even going to do with it? She can’t ride it and she’s only going to get bigger, so it’s not like she’ll grow into it. It’s going to get locked in a tiny pen or a closet and end up like Jenelle’s dogs.

    The billion roses thing had to be sponsored, but even so that’s a crap gift for a little girl. A $400 bouquet of roses? Seriously? You know how many cool toys a kid could buy with $400?

    • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

      Same thing I thought. What little girl wants roses for christmas? Probably something sent to Farrah and she regifted it to Sophia, or maybe she is a big enough idiot to think a 7 year old wants roses for Christmas. So much indulging smh. Sophia may be getting every material thing under the sun she asks for but she isn’t getting what makes people turn into great people, love, routine, stability, boundaries, manners, and values. This kid really loss in the family lottery.

      • Elle

        ?? absolutely agree

    • You read my mind. That poor pony will be re-homed in 3..2…1! And over-priced, cheesy looking roses for a child? I had to scroll back up to realize that they’re arranged to show her initial. Poor kid!

  • tina

    who lets a kid drive a golf cart seriously wtf

  • Beezow

    At least the pony’s face will remind Sophia of her mom while she’s off “doing her own thing.”

  • Alisson Leech

    She let a pony in her house?? Those things are super gross and poop as they walk! Lol

    • Aussie cathie

      Just like Farah from her loose butt hole .. ???

  • bree7702

    I give Starburst 6 months before he’ll be gone. He’ll either be too much to take care of or no one will have time for it. Remember the puppy she bought years ago when she lived at her mom’s guest house? The dog has never been seen again.

    • Texas Girl

      I sure do. And she held it over the toilet for it to go to the bathroom. You can’t do that with a horse.

  • Aussie cathie

    This obnoxious brat will never appreciate the simple things in life thanks to her pathetic mother ….. Money doesn’t buy love Farrah you disgusting Trollop!!

  • Um no

    Oh im so happy she got everything she asked for…lol. Can a kid literally drive a golf cart on the road? I hope she got a toy somewhere in there. I bet next year she asks for her own house. Of course Farrahs ego had to share the list and the purchases.

  • Vee

    Instead of buying her all those expensive Farrah should have taken Sofia to a hair dresser. Poor girl’s hair never seems to be done and always looks dirty; similar to white trailer trash kids. Never would you have thought her mom was a porn star.

    • Vee

      Gifts *

    • Ex long islander

      Yayyyyy Vee!!! We all say the same thing. “wow, my mother was a porn star” She looks like trailer trash…poor little brat.

  • DIDI

    OK. Not only can Sophia NOT reach the pedals in her gold cart, she (nor Farrrah) is NOT equipped to care for a horse. Also – does anyone else notice Sophia’s COLD, DEAD, EYES in ALL of the pics?? #spoiled #doesntappreciateanything #futuresociopathlikehermom

    • YourMom

      And in the one video that you cant see anything (awesome skills btw, Farah), she literally sounds like a 3 year old!! If I had only seen the video & didnt know who they were, I woulda thought she was a toddler!

      • Elle

        And the fact that Debra and Farrah call Sophia (who is 7 or 8 I think) Baby Goo.

    • Ex long islander

      You said it all.

    • Elle

      Haha! I noticed the cold dead eyes too! ??

  • TA

    Farrah is a classic case of a person who feels badly about her lack of real, loving parenting, so she spoils her child.
    Sophia could be given the world, but I’d still feel sorry for her because Farrah is her mother, and Debra and Michael are her grandparents. Farrah didn’t have the kind parents she should have and doesn’t know how to be a parent.
    Of all the Teen Mom kids, I will always feel most sorry for Sophia.

    • twelfthnight

      I wonder if Farrah never actually bonded with her kid because of the situation in which she got pregnant, and because of how her parents raised her and then acted while she was pregnant and after Sophia was born.

      Sophia looks like a puppet. She knows how to smile, how to go through the human motions. But as someone else said, she looks cold and dead behind the eyes. She doesn’t look genuinely excited and lit up in ANY of those photos. Probably because they’re crap gifts for a 7 year old.

      She is spoken to like she is something of a pet. “C’mon beebees” is the exact thing I say to my cats. Not “Turn into the driveway, Sophia!”. She calls her like a pet. That’s not how you talk to a child. It’s like not only is there lack of a mother-daughter bond there, there’s lack of a human bond as well.

      • SciLife

        Your comment reminded me of how Farrah used to fake cry when talking about Derek. I’ll bet she wanted Sophia to get Derek back. She’s always been using Sophia and can’t connect with her as a mother.

  • Jackie Woolf

    A horse. Fer a 7/8 yr old. With no real property to turn the horse out into. The neighbors will have a petition on this one, by well…today! To top it off, the child was illegally drivin’ a cart that her area of the city may no allow adults to drive. I get it….spoil the child to show her ye love her. Em – NO! Please Farrah, get some help. This is a disaster to a life in the makin’.

    • barbinop

      Farrah will have Debra out there in the yard picking up horse sh#t

  • Scarlett

    This is so disturbing, on so many levels….I agree that the horse will go the way of the numerous dogs that disappeared – like the one in FL that Sophia painted. I feel the most pity for the teacher that has this child in her class and thus has to deal w/ the whack job family. EX – BABY GOO DOESN’T HAVE A BIG ENOUGH DESK and EVERYONE SHOULD CLAP WHEN SHE ENTERS THE ROOM! YIKES.

    • Ex long islander

      OMG how gross. I agree 1000 percent.

    • Catelynn’s Strip of Hair

      Im a teacher and I can tell you, kids like Sophia make the day so much longer. I can tell just by watching her on tv that she is so socially-emotionally delayed as well as linguistically. Sophia acts and speaks much younger than someone a few weeks from being 8. If I didn’t know her Id think she was a tall 5 year old.

  • Natalie Noel

    Ill say it. Sophia is not cute.

    • Alisson Leech


    • SciLife

      I think these photos (even though candid) are actually the cutest of Sophia yet. Although she looks sooo much like Debra now!

      • Ex long islander

        You’re funny

        • SciLife

          I just can’t jump on the “Sophia is ugly” bandwagon. Poor girl, not even 8 and has all these people judging her looks. ?

      • Kari

        Hahaha I said the same thing! She looks JUST like Deb!

    • Ex long islander

      And I’ll agree. Poor kid.

    • Elle

      Instead of worrying about makeup and wearing crowns to school and owning a boutique Farrah needs to buy her a comb! And Sophia needs to comb her hair! The constant baby talk between Debra, Farrah and Sophia drive me INSANE!

    • LaLa

      Thank God I’m not the only one who thinks that

    • TimM

      She looks like a cave-woman.

  • bayritex

    Can she please leave Texas forever, we have enough problems…….

  • Emmy

    Is it legal for a 7 year old to drive a golf cart on a public road?
    It seems pretty unsafe to me. Besides that, very annoying for cars.

    I don’t want to know what Farrah has done to her daughter or how she feels she failed as a mother to over compensate like this.
    This girl will have a hard life Im afraid.
    Im not impressed with all these gifts. So you can afford it, lease it or get it sponsored, so what. A nice sum donated to people who don’t even have enough food on the table or are not safe at this very moment would impress me.

    • YourMom

      Its their neighborhood!! Im sure there are golfcarts everywhere. Its not like she was on a freeway. Relax! And, yes, I still hate Farrah & 100% dont agree with any of her gifts, but when I was Sophias age I was driving 3 wheelers & go carts. Not a huge deal. P.S. Farrah is still a horrible mom & person…just making it clear!!

      • Noxy

        My siblings had dirt bikes and 4 wheelers when they were kids, but they were driven in the yard, NOT the street. And even in the neighborhood I grew up in, it was in a pretty rural area, with not a lot of traffic.

        Farrah is in a suburban subdivision with a considerable amount of higher traffic. Sophia can’t even reach the pedals and had no kind of safety gear on or supervision. I’m all for kids having stuff like that, but this just ain’t right. If the cart is considered an actual vehicle in that part of Texas, then Farrah needs child services called on her. … Along with an animal welfare place for having a mini horse with no proper grass and stable for it, and having a farm animal in a residential area like that. Pretty sure that’s not legal.

        • Having exotic animals most of my life, I know that you can not have a pony in a suburban area like that. It’s livestock and you have to live in an area properly zoned for that and you also need to have a specific amount of acreage to accommodate an animal of that size.

          • Tonberry King

            Yeah it was the same in the neighborhood I grew up in. We weren’t allowed to have farm animals because of our address, even though we had plenty of room for a few of them. It was pretty LOL though. My grandmother had a huge garage/shed built in the woods in our backyard cuz she was planning on moving down to TN. It didn’t happen, so my dad used it to work on his big trucks in sometimes. We later got a half black lab/half newf dog that wound up weighing 150 lbs. Some neighbors from waaaayyy down at the end of the neighborhood thought we’d gotten a horse and the garage was a horse barn- called the HOA on my parents. It was pretty lmao cuz my dad was like “Uhhhh they have a boat in their front yard. Pretty sure that’s not allowed”.

  • FR

    Farra can not only get sued for liability in the case of an accident for allowing Sophia to drive the golf cart on the road, she may also be charged with some sort of child abuse

    Driving the golf cart on the road requires a driver’s license. It’s a motorized vehicle which is subject to seatbelt laws as well. I’ve lived in communities where golf carts were often driven one roads. Many people got DUIs and children were absolutely prohibited from driving. Seat belts were mandated by law. The moment she left the driveway alone was extremely dangerous, both for the child (being hit by a larger vehicle, ejected, etc) and others. This is disgusting, abhorrent and neglectful parenting.

    • YourMom

      I have never seen a seatbelt on a golfcart!!! I do agree she is way too young to be driving alone, you are way over dramatic about this….and I hate Farrah just as much as everyone else!

      • dani

        I live in a Florida Beach community where golf carts are allowed on streets b/c most of our streets max at 35 mph. The requirements are that they have SEAT BELTS, mirrors and lights and you must be a legal driver. It’s not like golf carts on the golf course. They are fitted for safety for driving on streets where there are cars.

        • YourMom

          I guess where I like ve in Florida, we are just rednecks & do what we want. Lol

  • Original A

    Farrah… We don’t need to see videos or pics of how spoiled rotten sophia is! We all know she is. And there’s also no need to throw your money away on items sophia probably has no interest in whatsoever. Donate your money to worthy causes. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or your local humane society. Do something and be selfish… Stupid twit

    • Original A

      *less selfish

  • Kim46342

    I can see Sophia growing up to be a spoiled brat like her mom, most likely doing porn movies cause mom will say it’s ok. This girl gets anything she wants. Come on a jacuzzi, a ghost comp. Because your royalties from back door mom and all your other interests have you rolling in money does not mean spoil your daughter rotten to where no man will want her either when she gets older. Give your money to someone who truly needs it if you’re just gonna throw it away on stupid things a child that age does not need. Smh, grow up

    • Beezow

      Haven’t the homeless already been through enough without having to be subjected to the backdoor teen mom?

  • guestofthesite

    I hope the horse gets a new home…

  • Ex long islander

    The pony looks like you Farrah. You horse tooth bimbo.

    • Noxy

      Hey man. Don’t insult the horse. XD

      I live on LI!

    • Candace Herrick

      damn..Poor horse

  • discoatnine

    This is beyond disgusting. No child, no matter how much money you have, needs this shit for Christmas. She’s going to be so messed up.

  • Noxy

    Soooo Farrah just let her drive the golf cart in the street around the block alone? A full sized golf cart? The kid can barely even reach the pedals!

  • barbinop

    Ahhh Farrah’s new daughter Starburst looks just like her! ? face

  • Ex long islander

    Pathetic … wonder what Derrick would think k…

  • Ex long islander

    I can’t look. Is Farrah a Kardashian?

  • Elle

    From what I read you have to be 14 years or older to operate a golf cart. What an idiot! The horse probably wants to hang himself from the flimsy dog leash they have it on. Who could spend a lot of time with Farrah and her bratty spawn. Gifts are nice but gifts aren’t love and they damn sure aren’t parenting. Sophia is a spoiled brat. Farrah is delusional in her thinking in every way imaginable. Then you have Deb running around in her horse wig…wait? Is that why Sophia wanted a horse because she misses Grandma?

    • Whats wrong with people

      Horses need to be with each other not in a house with a screaming lunatic. This is so pathetic. I hope that someone takes that poor horse. Someone should take Sophia and make Farrah take parenting classes and get some severe help. Sophia has no chance in hell with a family like hers. I feel bad for her. she is the way she is because of them.

  • Ruthie

    The poor horse already looks sad…like he’s thinking, “How did I end up with Farrah when my brother went to live with Lisa?!”

  • TimM

    She has a billion reasons, shes talking about dollars…cause without the kid, she’d have squat but a horse face cry.