Married at First Sight Season 3: Where are they now?


As we get ready for the new season of Married at First Sight, many of you may be wondering about the cast from season three.

But before we talk about the couples, we have to first address the blossoming bromance with Neil, David, and Tres.

By the looks of it, the guys hang out frequently. They often share pictures on social media attending events, celebrating birthdays, and bar hopping together.

Celebrating with the birthday boy at Park Tavern @superbowlus @therealdavenorton #ATL #MarriedAtFirstSight #Bros #HBD

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Had to catch up with my bro @therealdavenorton tonight for a beer #RandomWednesdayNights #ATL

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Even though their marriages weren’t successful, we’re happy the guys made life-long friends in the process.

UPDATE: Sam & Neil


Fans of the show fell in love with the idea of Sam and Neil together #4eva. Their rollercoaster relationship went from awkward to loving to non-existent. Even though Neil asked for a divorce, fans held out hope that Sneil would someday rekindle their romance.

Today, it looks as though Sam and Neil are still in each others lives… as friends… we think…

Sam is active on social media but doesn’t reveal too many details about her personal life. She admitted that she’s still friends with Neil and called him a “pretty cool dude” when asked about him on Twitter.

Back in May, Sam shared a picture with Neil wishing him a happy birthday. You can clearly see Neil is wearing a ring on his left hand which immediately raised suspicion about the status of their relationship.

Sam and Neil MAFS

However, Neil was photographed wearing the exact same outfit at a viewing party for the season finale back in March.

We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that Sam’s birthday post was an old photo. #Bummer

As a way to keep her fans guessing, Sam posted another picture with the caption:

Look mom, no hands!!! πŸ€”Glad @superbowlus and I got to….. Flip to page 36 to choose your own ending πŸ˜‚ or type it below πŸ‘‡πŸΌ We’re up for a good laugh!! #AwkwardHasntMetItsMatch #AwesomeIsAllWeDo #GiveUsYourBestStory #MarriedAtFirstSight #TogetherNotTogether #SorryNotSorry #TheSuspenseIsReal #MaybeIMetHisGirlfriend #MaybeIDidnt #Yolo #TheresAnIInTeam #CheckOutTheShirtBeforeYouGetMad #LoveAllOfYouGuys #ChooseYourOwnEndingBooksRock

Professionally, Sam made the transition to a new company earlier this year. During the taping of MAFS, she was a branch manager for Sun Trust. According to LinkedIn, she is now Manager of Client Services for ADP, a human resource company.

Neil, on the other hand, has been pretty low-key when it comes to social media. His Instagram is private and almost all of his Tweets relate to MAFS.

It appears he’s still working his 9-5 as a Compliance Specialist at QualTex Laboratories, but little else is known about Neil post reality TV.

Back in May, he shared a pic with Sam celebrating his birthday.

One thing is certain, both Sam and Neil love to keep us guessing!

UPDATE:Vanessa & Tres


The future looked promising for Tres and Vanessa. After all, they were the only couple who agreed to stay married at the end of the experiment. Sadly, their happiness didn’t last, and the relationship was over soon after the show wrapped.

It was clear Vanessa was shaken up by split while Tres seemed anxious to rejoin the single world.

Today, Tres appears to be enjoying life to the fullest. He’s still selling luxury cars and, by the looks of it, is single. But that doesn’t mean he’s lonely.

Follow my new favorite sisters @tm_kirkpat and @ekirkpat11 @bartacolife #Buckhead #ATL #NewFriends

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Cocktail reception with the crew #VegasCosmeticSurgery #Bellagio #Vegas #FrenchConnection @dee_smith_ @e_chai

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Even though things didn’t work out with Vanessa, Tres says he’s happy to have gone through the experience. “I am forever grateful to Vanessa, The Experts, and everyone involved,” he said of his time on the show.

“The transformation that I have made as a man over the past year simply amazes me and I have this experience to thank for that,” Tres explained. “It is very unfortunate that it did not have the ending that we had all hoped for, but I don’t regret it for a minute. Looking forward to the next chapter in my life.”

Vanessa MAFS

Vanessa is still looking for love. Last month, we announced that she will star alongside David in Married at Sight: Second Chances. The show will attempt to match Vanessa with another, more compatible partner.

Based on the format for the new show, we’re guessing Vanessa hasn’t found Mr. Right… at least not yet.

In the meantime, she founded a “growing community for women who want to get inspired and get moving towards their best life.” The site focuses on career, health, and food.

UPDATE: Ashley and David


Let’s face it, their relationship was a train wreck from the start. Despite David’s best efforts to gain favor from Ashley, the couple just couldn’t make it work. No one was surprised when their marriage ended in divorce.

Today, David is preparing for his next stint on reality TV: Married at First Sight: Second Chances. Since the show is based on finding a lasting relationship, we’re going to assume David is currently single.

In the mean time, he’s enjoying life with his huge circle of friends…

…as well as taking chummy selfies with fellow reality show contestants.

Professionally, David still works in sales. He started a new job back in May as a Project Manager for N3, a sales firm that specializes in technology, software and manufacturing.

Since appearing on Married at First Sight, Ashley has completely distanced herself from the show. Her social media accounts are private with the exception of a sparse Twitter page. She doesn’t follow anyone associated with the show besides Jaclyn and Jessica from season 2.

MAFS Girls

It’s no secret Ashley struggled to connect with David during their marriage. She came across as cold and unwelcoming while David was portrayed as lovable and willing to do anything to make his marriage work. As a result, fans of the show berated Ashley and even threatened her life.

When you consider the public scrutiny she endured, it’s easy to understand why she’s reluctant to share her life with strangers.

Ashley is still in enrolled as a nursing student and is set to graduate in 2017.

When the show aired, many assumed that Ashley was getting a late start in her education because she was still taking classes as a 30-year-old. However, you may be surprised to learn Ashley earned a B.S. in Psychology as well as a Master of Social Work before starting nursing school.


Here’s a sneak peek of the new season of Married at First Sight premiering tonight!

And if you’re curious about the cast from season 2, be sure to check out our previous “Where are they now?” post by clicking here!

Don’t forget to catch new episodes of Married at First Sight when it airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c FYI.

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  • redboxwine

    So basically this show’s premise is a lie and that despite and ‘expert’ setting you up with your ‘perfect’ match marrying a stranger is a bad idea.

    • anjealka

      The reason it is almost impossible for this show to work out is it is not just matchmaking. I have seen religious matchmaking work (It is not for me but I have seen it work). This show you have open to matchmaking and have everything filmed.Very few people could stand to have a camera around everyday let alone during the first few weeks of marriage.

    • Sue Hughes

      The experts need more experts to teach them that it is more than what they say….sure you might really like each other but not have chemistry….ever…..and all the homework you do will not bring it….most of the time…they only have 6 weeks….they need at least 6 mos…maybe they should increase the time with these people…that would be great…many more weeks to watch them grow…totally a cool show…

  • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday

    I didn’t like Ashley.

    • Pattipandi

      She was the WORST. Dead behind the eyes with the most bland personality. She will be single forever.

      • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday

        OMG!!! She was the worst. I don’t even know why she was one the show. Clearly she doesn’t know what she wants…

        • Pattipandi

          And she clearly couldn’t see that she had to wax her upper lip either

          • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday


          • itsjustme (formerly me)

            This ^ I could never figure out why she was so hung up on looks when she herself had a stash and crazy eyes.

          • Jaquie Meme

            HAHAHA! YES. I even Googled MAFS Ashley mustache to see if other people noticed it too! Lol!

        • Jaquie Meme

          I disagree. She wanted her 15 minutes of fame, and didn’t care who she stepped all over to have them.

          • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday

            I agree 15 minutes of fame was it

    • Joel Mogol

      david was such a mamas boy wet blanket i dont blame her.

      • CeCe Says Ugonlearntaday

        She was cold to me

  • A.P. Millz-CT

    I knew Tres wasn’t into Vanessa :( You could tell she wasn’t his type. He seemed like a frat boy that didn’t grow up.. He just wanted to be on tv.

    • Joel Mogol

      he wanted a white girl.

  • pmo

    sam was verbally horrible to neil, the black guy wants white girls.

    • itsjustme (formerly me)

      You have to admit sam turned around quickly and fell in love with Neil and was devastated when he didn’t want to stay married to her.

      • Sue Hughes

        I still wish it would work out for them…to get out of the bar scene….and put the time into each other for about 5-6 months to truly see if it could work…

      • Jay

        Quickly…nah she turned around in the end when it was way too late. She was cruel and mean. Glad Neil said I am outta here.

      • Jaquie Meme

        Not quickly at all.

  • Joan11

    It is beyond obvious that Tres prefers white women. Too bad he lied about this just to get on tv.

  • Tee Mac

    I think what was happening with Ashley was that it hit her that she had married a complete stranger and from that point after realizing that this &#%% is real, she became terrified, She was just biding her time (6 weeks) knowing that she was going to bail.

  • Sue Hughes

    Ashley personifies the nurse from hell….I hope to God she gets out of it….for the patients sake….Nursing is EXTREMELY stressful….she cannot handle it….her personality is unwelcoming, unkind, cold, distant etc…Would you want her for your nurse?

  • mm

    I’m starting to note that all the participants that have dogs have a hard time bonding with humans. If they put their dog down for little while, especially when they are in BED, maybe more would develop. I sometimes felt they made out more with the dogs that their spouses.

    • Jaquie Meme

      You win stupidest comment ever. :)

      • Dindu Nuffin

        They’re right, imbecile.

        • Jaquie Meme

          They would be, if it were true. Do you really think that anyone holds their dogs or gives them attention to the exclusion of a partner. Then you’re even more of a moron than your past comments would indicate. Or perhaps, you just haven’t had any relationships. Time to leave the basement, but be sure to pick up all the dorito bags.

          • Dindu Nuffin

            Of course they do, you vacuous, vapid idiot.

            • Jaquie Meme

              Again, you need to get out into the ‘real’ world. Your assumption of it seems as small as your single-digit IQ.

              • Dindu Nuffin

                Honey, I’ll happily compare my educational background, CV, balance sheet and accomplishments with someone like you anytime. Your failings and inadequacies are your choice. You’re an uneducated trailer park dwelling cretin.

                • Jaquie Meme

                  Sure sweetie, if it makes you feel better. Don’t come crying (again), when you are utterly decimated. Just because you stay at home, with your mom collecting disability for your obvious mental challenges and are used to ‘battling’ other little kids, and spewing your obvious feelings of disempowerment and utter insufficiencies and failings, doesn’t mean I will take it easy on you.

                  • Dindu Nuffin

                    Ironic comment from a fat, uneducated idiot who treats animals with human qualities.

                    • Jaquie Meme

                      Still trying (if we can even call your poor, insipid comments trying anymore). How embarrassingly sad and silly are you? Do you normally LIKE to get spanked this badly? Am I doing you a favor? My parents DID teach me to be kind to the less fortunate … so, okay! :) Call me fat, ugly and all it does is make me smile. 115 lbs, and gorgeous (well, I’ve been told gorgeous :)). Of course, seeing as you really aren’t a guy, but have been dumped by many due to your face, body, droll conversation and probably bad hygiene to boot, there is no way you can relate. As for animals, there is no more perfect example than you, and a baboon. Point made. SCOREBOARD. LMAO. (You really are too easy).

                    • Dindu Nuffin

                      Honey, you’re the typical idiot who calls pets “fur baby’s”. Ergo, you’re a fat, unecuted, middle aged haus frau. Disgusting.

                    • Jaquie Meme

                      i must have missed this one. Sorry darlin’, I’m not like you at all.
                      Unlike you who was beaten and hated by your mom (according to your own
                      account), I actually took advantage of an education and have an amazing
                      job with an eye toward that corner office. Perhaps if you weren’t such a
                      loser your mom may have actually wanted you. and you wouldn’t have
                      grown up with such a hatred toward pets and people. You know …

                    • Dindu Nuffin

                      You’re right. You’re not like me at all. I’m well educated, wealthy, have 2 companies that I employ people, am well traveled, fit, intelligent and engaged. You’re an uneducated, unemployed buffoon.

                    • Jaquie Meme

                      LMAO. Sweetie, not even you in your most delirious state, and after having repeated that ad-nauseum to yourself and others, believe it. You are on here ALL the time, 24/7 WHILE you watch TV and wait to be fed and changed. You need to be honest with your caregivers, sweetie … or wait, do they not really care that much about you? Oh well. πŸ˜€

                    • Dindu Nuffin

                      Ironic comment is ironic. You slow, certain fat train wreck.

                    • Jaquie Meme

                      You keep using words which don’t mean what you think they mean. MAYBE you’re just getting them confused due to all that education from Barnyard Skool. Third grade is quite an achievement for someone like you. Did you have to be towed in daily? :) I imagine though it was a pleasant time away from your nasty home life (if what you lived could actually even have been called life) despite the teasing. Is it any wonder you sit alone, dejected, obese, forlorn, and 24/7 on a site which provides you the only interaction you so desperately need? In fact, why aren’t you being your usual nasty self? Have you been your real, obese, odious and offensive old woman, Dindu? Have you been picking fights again, grandma, and are you afraid of losing your ONE escape and THE only place people will actually interact and engage with you? Come on, let it out.

                    • Dindu Nuffin

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                    • Dindu Nuffin

                      Lol. You slow, fat, certain train wreck.

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                      Sure. Right. OK. Whatever you have to tell your fat self in order to sleep at night. Lol

                    • Jaquie Meme

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  • Owenz

    Ashley was quite cold, not sure she likes a man. David was too desperate and appear to have low self esteem. Venessa was too needy, Tres just wante dto have fun.

    • Dumfries Spearhead

      Trey just wanted a white girl; I don’t think that Vanessa was too needy. Tree wasn’t ready for marriage. He’s too immature.

  • Anon

    David was so sweet and Ashley really missed out! She was so cold and not even willing to try! She wasted time being on the show..

  • Jaquie Meme

    I have never been into shows like this, in fact, making fun of people that like similar shows. :) That said, I recently watched season 5, then went and binged other seasons. I am finishing up Season 3, and OMG the Experts MESSED UP with Ashley. You can literally tell she was not genuine and no matter WHO her partner would have been, she would have been unhappy. She was droll, dull, throughout and then disingenuous when the doctor visited them. simply, 100% a bad actress who wanted publicity and a royal beeeocth for using the show and in this case David, to get her 15 minutes. What’s worse, is that NOT ONLY do you have her parents standing up defending her, but putting down David in stories here and there. SHAME on their disgusting daughter, and shame on them.