VIDEO Teresa Giudice walks out of Access Hollywood interview over Joe Giudice deportation question

Teresa Giudice Access Hollywood interview

It seems there must have been a memo that Access Hollywood interviewers Dave Karger and Kit Hoover didn’t get before their interview with The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice! The reality star stormed off when asked a very obvious question about the possible deportation of her husband, Joe Giudice, after his release from his current prison sentence for fraud.

Guest co-host Dave Karger was the first to bring it up. “Do you worry that it’s the end of your family unit as you know it because there is all this talk that Joe could be deported since he’s an Italian citizen?” Dave asks. “Do you think about that?”

Teresa pauses for just a moment. “Um, next question please.” Just as Kit is about to say something, Teresa adds: “I don’t think that’s something you should be asking.”

Melissa Gorga Teresa Giudice interview

Kit disagrees. “Well, everybody’s talking about it, and it could be your reality,” she points out.

“Yeah, no. I’m sorry,” says Teresa, “That’s — I think that’s really rude.”

Kit remains unconvinced. “Well it is a fact and we’re probably going to see it on the show, so I don’t think it was a rude question,” she argues.

“No, you’re not going to see it on the show,” Teresa says, which is perhaps a bit of a spoiler for the upcoming season. (I am guessing that the issue of Joe’s potential deportation will be off limits.)

Kit then moves on to a question involving an apparent statement by The Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow, but Teresa is done. She abruptly stands up and bails stage right. “As a matter of fact, I’m going to leave,” Teresa says as she departs. Then I think she adds “Because I don’t have to take that s**t,” but I could be mistaken.

Melissa Gorga shocked when Teresa Giudice storms out of Access Hollywood interview

During the entire awkward clip, Teresa’s RHONJ co-star and sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga, just quietly stares as the drama unfolds. When Teresa walks out, Melissa says “OK, OK, OK,” before giving off a HUGE sigh face as her mic is removed and she leaves as well.

Just after Teresa disappears off screen, Kit literally laughs out loud as she jokingly calls out her fill-in co-host for asking the question. “Karger, look what you did!”

“I’m sorry,” says Dave as he breaks out laughing — albeit awkwardly. “I’m sorry Kit.”

“Karger, I have you here one day!”

After they joke a little more, Kit and Dave do a good job of filling in the time slot with a discussion about whether or not the question was rude before just a tiny bit of celebrating.

“OK, first of all, let’s just say this is a reality show,” Kit points out. “We’re watching their whole life play out. It’s in the news that this could be a fact. I think it is a totally fair question.”

“Right,” says Dave. “It’s true. And listen, I hope it doesn’t happen.”

“Totally!” Kit exclaims. “For the family, and for everybody.”

Dave gets a little serious. “But I can only imagine it’s something that has to be — it has to be weighing on them.”

Kit has no time for all the seriousness. “Go back!” she instructs the producers, “see if they’re both gone.” Viewers are shown the two empty chairs where Teresa and Melissa were sitting. Kit laughs heartily. “Well, here’s the good news!” she says excitedly. “Melissa followed her, so their friendship is now — they’re…together.”

“Well that’s good,” Dave says — still not quite getting into the jovial vibe Kit is giving off.

“Dave!” she says. “I’ve never had a walk off. High five!” Kit has her hand raised and Dave reluctantly gives her what I estimate to be a low five.

Access Hollywood Dave Kit high five

“No, I don’t — well –” Dave says.

The studio audience cracks up and Kit raises her voice above theirs. “Not that you want a walk off, but if — Karger screwed it up.” Kit begins to make a large pot stirring motion with her hands and arms.

Kit continues to joke about the whole thing, and Dave concedes he’s a little bit shook up over it.

Dave later took to Twitter to respond to tweets about Teresa’s walk off:

Kudos to Access Hollywood producers for not having Teresa and Melissa sitting at a table! There’s no telling how many injuries they avoided from that potential furniture flipping incident!

To see more of Teresa’s antics, be sure to catch brand new episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey airing Sunday nights at 8/7 on Bravo.

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  • cookie

    Ohh, boo hoo Teresa! Don’t put your dirty laundry out if you don’t want people asking about the stains!

  • Bruja

    He should be deported.

    Sorry, we have enough financially supporting the criminals our own country spawns, we don’t need to support the losers that can’t even be here without phucking up bad enough not to wind up in prison.

    GTFO, Joe.

    • Che

      How would we be supporting joe when he gets out of prison? I don’t think he will go on public assistance or use any of programs the help felons re enter society.

      • Bruja

        I meant that the taxpayers are supporting him while he’s in prison. We have enough American citizens clogging up our jails/prisons. We don’t need to add to it.

        If folks can’t follow the laws, they can go home, and break the law in their own country. Let their system support them when they mess up.

        • Deportation not enough

          Then how will they be punished for the crimes they committed in this great country of ours?!

          • Bruja

            I think a swift boot back to his homeland is punishment enough. Go back and may he never be able to return. Piss on the hospitality of others and it should be revoked.

            Lets be honest, it’s not like people are doing their full time anyway. Plea deals, “good behavior” (lol, that cracks me up.. acting like a responsible person nets you “rewards”.. perhaps they should have employed that tactic before winding up in the clinker), probation, etc. Let him go be a burden on his own country’s society.

            • disqus_LQmjCZP25F

              This is his “own” country! It’s a technicality that he is still an Italian citizen, not a reality.

              • Bruja

                Is he an Italian citizen? Then Italy is his own country, not America. Can’t threaten an American with deportation from America. That is a reality.

                There was no “technicality“. He has been here since he was one year old. Juicy Joe knew at least since he was old enough to be responsible for his own affairs that he was not a citizen, but here is the deal. Joe don’t play by the rules of society, so he phucked himself.

                Being married to an American citizen would have made the process even easier more than likely, but que sera sera, Joe can’t be bothered to do anything right, including getting his own drivers license.


                Ask me how many phucks I give for this guy. I’ll play the worlds smallest violin.

              • Queenie

                He never bothered to gain U.S.citizenship. Thats not a technicality, it’s laziness.

        • Crystal cowle

          Joe giudice is not a visitor to your country he has been there since a very young boy and his parents have worked really hard throughout the years paying your American taxes so why don’t you back off and worry about your own shit.

          • Bruja

            Oh? Is that why he is in the shit for not paying his taxes from 2004 to 2008 and his wife was just hit with another tax lien in February and he was hit with another one April? He’s not paying my taxes, I am…hence why I’m not in jail, lol. Hell, he can’t even pay his own, let alone mine, or any elses.

            If he wasn’t a “visitor”, his place in this country would be secure. He’s a lazy POS that was too stupid to cross his T’s and dot his I’s to live the gangster life he thought he could. Perhaps his parents should have used some of their hard earned money to buy the dumb-phuck an education and a damned citizenship attorney, hmm?


      • Vavoline Say-leen Johnson

        and you know this because???????? Are you privy to some secret info?

        • Che

          Can you read? I said I don’t think… I didn’t say I know he won’t go on welfare. Besides he would not qualify for welfare based on how much teresa g makes.

          • Vavoline Say-leen Johnson

            LOL….geez, you’re very emotional over these people, aren’t you? LMFAO!

            • Che

              Clearly you are the one that’s emotional about these people. Because your reply to me was rude and I always respond in kind. You little 💩

              • Vavoline Say-leen Johnson

                LOL..asshole LOL

                • Che

                  At least you know what you are.

      • iluvgossip

        He is not an american. kick him out!

    • Crystal cowle

      I guess your a very uneducated person. You know nothing about teresas life. You only know what you hear in the magazines and papers. Don’t believe everything you hear in the media it’s all a bunch of shit.

  • srt_3

    I haven’t ever commented, but thought this was a good point to start… much as Teresa is trying to avoid this, she can’t keep people from asking……she is on a a reality show for crap’s sake. I watched the video and thought the line of questioning was fair. She came across as a petulant child for walking away.

  • wangson

    oh come on….we all know teresa erupted a hot fart from that hairy ass of hers and so she ran out quickly so not to be accused of making the staff gag in instant repulsion.

  • jeff

    Wah, wah, you broke the law and now your faced with a problem that money isn’t going to be able to solve. I love seeing people like this get what they deserve. They’re selfish people who are living inside of their own bubble, their own world that revolves around them. I enjoy seeing them get a dose of reality and I hope he does get deported. The US is going in the gutter as it is, they don’t need to be supporting criminals, send him back!

  • disqus_LQmjCZP25F

    Rude hosts; very rude and Kit Hoover who I did not even know existed, was beyond rude in the aftermath. No respect! I hope their show gets cancelled. Hoover needs to apologize big time to Theresa and to her family.

    • Queenie

      Yeah those interviewers really need to stop…asking questions…how dare they…

      • disqus_LQmjCZP25F

        Even moronic “interviewers” need to show some level of respect and decency. Theresa is not a circus clown, she is a human being with a family and a husband who is not making life any easier for her and them. This bit#h was way out of line and used the lazy approach by asking such base questions!

        • Queenie

          She puts it out there over and over again. Her chosen hustle is getting paid to be a dancing monkey. Part of that hustle is doing paid interviews. Suck it up, Buttercup, or find a new gig.
          SHE is the one ensuring her kids’ future therapy bills for keeping what should be private family affairs in primetime.

        • iluvgossip

          Oh boo-hoo to the felon Teresa Giudice!

    • iluvgossip

      oh hellll no!

    • CO

      That’s a little dramatic don’t you think? theresa and her husband acted very irresponsibly and should be required to pay back every cent they stole! why are they still living in a mansion?

  • Crystal cowle

    You know what we all do things that aren’t on the up and up. You can say you never have but you would be a liar. I think it’s disgusting how you all sit her bashing them. They are an American family trying to provide for four beautiful daughters. You do what you have to do to support your kids. Yes there lives have been lavish and extravant but all I hear is jelousy. Yes I struggle to feed my three kids and keep my hydro running but to come public and bash their family like this is disgusting to me. I hope the best for the giudices and hope they recover as a hole from this.

    • Bruja

      Yes, people lie, cheat and steal on huge, tax evading, million dollar scales on a daily basis around here to live in mansions, drive luxury cars, wear outrageous designer bags/clothing/jewelry/IVF treatments after having multiple children/plastic surgery.

      My heart bleeds purple piss.

    • iluvgossip

      He is not american just a crook

  • Vavoline Say-leen Johnson

    Teresa seems to think she is more important than she is…doesn’t she realize she is only her for our kicks and giggles? She’s entertainment, nothing more LOL

  • iluvgossip

    Teresa Giudice who???? Get her off TV!

  • CO

    Its a valid question