The truth about Pretty Woman, according to a real life sex worker


Pretty Woman turned 25 yesterday, and it turns out that this Cinderella-inspired fairytale about a “hooker with a heart of gold” may be more off-base than we thought.

According to The Mirror‘s Margaret Corvid, the real life Vivian would have been taking a potentially grave risk by getting into Edward’s car and agreeing to be bought for a week. “No sex worker would agree to be a ‘beck and call girl’ for a week, with no strings attached. We all have limits and needs,” she writes.

Another thing Margaret, who is a sex-worker herself, takes umbrage with is the idea that Vivian needs to be rescued. “We’re not looking for a white knight to save us – we’re working, we’re saving ourselves,” she says.

“This sort of story is a very old one,” she says of the from the Book Of Esther to My Fair Lady to Fifty Shades Of Grey, and it’s a dangerous one. It is time to put it to bed.”

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  • ren24

    Way to state the obvious Margaret. Also, I’m sure in real life Vivian wouldn’t have been so adorable either. lol

    Margaret says we’re supposed to have issues with the sex worker character, however I’ve always had an issue with the rich guy character: I find nothing attractive about a guy who buys a hooker off the street for a week. Gross.

    Having said that, it’s a movie Margaret. No one takes it seriously. It’s a funny and cute movie.

  • Kathy

    Wait what? You mean the movie wasn’t pure realism? Well I’ll be damned.

  • Isa

    Being a streetworker isn’t exactly saving yourself…. If you know what i mean

    • Amanda Lynn

      Saving themselves for marriage don’t you know lol? No aex before marriage unless your selling it!… lol sorry million ways humor

  • unbubbleslayr

    A millionaire wouldn’t take a street hooker either, he’d get a classier one and those would probably stay with you a week.

    • sam

      Lol there’s no such thing as a classy hooker 🙂

      • unbubbleslayr

        High end escort.

  • Emily

    Hey, I agree that all the stories of women being saved by rich men are sexist and ridiculous but I think if I were hookin on Hollywood Blvd and living in a utility closet I would be pretty psyched to shack up with Richard Gere at the Regent Beverly Wilshire for a week. Maybe this is why I’d be murdered by a serial killer my first night as a sex worker. I guess I’ll just stick to teaching…

  • Jessica

    Right because being a sex worker alone doesn’t put you in a potentially grave risk.

  • michaela

    Let me guess Margaret, you’re white, from a middle class family, and have other options besides hooking? Because LGBT teens doing survival sex work, human trafficking victims from around the world, and women living in poverty due to drug addictions have a lot more to worry about besides wondering if Pretty Woman was realistic. I agree with another commenter below, I have no respect for anyone who thinks it’s okay to buy sex.