Jimmy Fallon tosses his balls all up in Julia Roberts’ dog scaring face


America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts, appeared on Fallon last night and agreed to be a test subject for a new game called “Face Balls.”

The concept is simple enough, you toss inflatable balls at each other and record the results with some seriously high-tech slow motion cameras and then play it back for some giggles. This is way more safe than the Fire Challenge and the results were pretty great.

Check it out!

Along with participating in what Julia joked was the “comedy version of 50 Shades of Grey” she also attempted to make friends with a dog who’s internet famous for being scared of her face.

Via Reddit, a cute dog named Ahmed is shown being frightened by the smiling visage of Julia Roberts in a magazine spread. Roberts is then given the opportunity to change Ahmed’s dog mind with a plea for friendship:

Hilarious stuff and good on Julia for being suck a great sport.

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