Snooki stops posting photos of her kids on Instagram due to “inappropriate and disgusting comments”

Snooki announces no more instagram photos of her children Giovanna and Lorenzo

Chalk one up for the haters 🙁 Jersey Shore alum Nicole “Snooki” LaValle announced Tuesday that she would no longer be posting photos of her children on Instagram in part because of “too many inappropriate and disgusting comments that do not need to be said about my babies.”

Snooki, who is one of the most open celebrities on the planet when it comes to sharing her life with fans on social media, shared the disheartening message on Facebook, Instagram and her blog with a text graphic that read in full:

Unfortunately I will not be posting any more pictures of my children on Instagram. Too may inappropriate and disgusting comments that do not need to be said about my babies. I also don’t need strangers telling me what to do with my kids, like potty training. Sorry to the fans that appreciate my kids pics, but I’m not dealing with that.

Here’s the original photo:

Sorry guys….xo

A photo posted by Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (@snookinic) on

This is a depressing development, but I read through celebrity social media accounts every day for a living, and I’m sad to say I think we are going to see more and more celebrities taking a similar stance — especially parents of young children. If there are any tech-savvy folks out there who want to make a ton of money, start developing some sort of social media policing service. Believe me, if you show up with a workable solution on Shark Tank, you will have every investor there in a frenzy! (Even Mr. Wonderful!)

On a side note, Snooki’s co-star and off-screen bestie Jenni “JWoww” Farley has also been dealing with negativity surrounding photos of her and Roger Matthews’ daughter Meilani, but as of two hours ago JMomm is still sharing:

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  • Carabara

    Good for her and sad for her, people can be mean and its ridiculous. Why mean comment about her children? Kids should be off limits.
    Its always the person/stranger that knows everything about everything, except doesn’t know how to shut off their phone, tablet or PC and get a life !!!

    Sorry it had to come to this

    • Vegasmomma

      I agree! No matter your opinion of her, you can’t make disgusting comments about innocent babies. Those people need to take a hard look at themselves.

    • LoLo

      I agree. I cannot stand when people knock other people’s parenting. Unless, the parent is harming the child or being foolish then let them parent how they want to. I always hear parents say their kids “would never do this or that’. No one knows what their kids will or won’t do. I would like to think my kids are perfect & can do no wrong but I’m realistic & know kids make mistakes just like parents do. Every kid is different & I hope those who made harsh comments about her parenting do not wind up with problem kids themselves. Now, if she was out partying, do porn, stripping & not paying attention to her kids, I might have words but what has she done so terrible since having them?

  • starlight02

    Good for her !!!! So sick of see all the horrible comments about babies and kids people post, sickening !!!

  • boop

    I saw the picture that triggered the comment, and saw people defending her. It was a completely innocent picture of her two babies and it’s just too bad people are awful

    • Lena

      What got posted/said? I looked at the instagram and didn’t see offending comments.

      • boop

        She deleted the picture.
        It was Giovanna in one of those rocking chairs and Lorenzo was leaning on top of her and the caption said “Sissy I love you”

        People made disgusting remarks about it

  • Kendra

    This is so sad. She has come such a long way from her Jersey Shore days… and has turned out to be a great mother and wife. It’s awful that people have to be such jerks and write nasty posts about someone elses life and children. Guess they have nothing better to do.

  • jlt0102

    Smartest thing she’s ever done…it shouldn’t come to this but people think it’s ok to say whatever they want on social media now days with no reprecussions. Kids should definitely be off limits….

  • Josie

    Good for Snooki. Protect those babies.

  • Renee L

    Good for her! I’m so proud of woman she has become and her kids couldn’t be more adorable. She’s thinking of her family first.

  • jlo27916

    First off- Pretty sure she’s grown up and made major changes. On the show- she was young and although a little more wild- not that much more than my friends and I, at her age. Second- she is a mom now and it seems like she’s a good one. Third- those kids are so effing cute. Lastly- they are children- they have nothing to do with her past and they certainly should not be receiving mean and nasty comments directed at them. GROW UP. Protecting them a lot more than some celebrities! I am proud of her!

  • spottedgiraffe

    This is devastating to no one.

  • NaeJersey

    How sad…ppl are down right disgusting! This girl seems to be a remarkable mother. She has made a complete a 360! What she did back on “Jersey Shore” was so typical of a young single person living life. Others act like it was only these group of ppl acting in such a way. The reality of it is its alot of young ppl that act in that matter. The difference…they were being filmed for a reality show for the world to see. Yes she is still the same person however, her behavior has changed, she matured n grew into a caring, loving mother n wife. Maybe some of the ppl that are making negative comments are jealous because they have so many flaws n skeletons of their own…

  • Lauren

    Good for Snooki. She has matured so much since Jersey Shore & has become a wife & mother. She chooses to share her life with her fans. So it’s her choice to not share as well.

  • Paikea1974

    l don’t think this development is weird, l mean how many times do us parents get the ‘do not post pics of your kids on facebook/twitter/instagram as they can be used by pedophiles yet we expect celebs to post pictures of their children online! Totally unacceptable to throw the ‘your kid is ugly (or whatever) and you’re a bad mom’- ball at parents in general. We all do the best we can and every household have (slightly) different methods of raising our children to be honest and hard-working members of society.

  • Pattipandi

    She really has come a loooong was from being the chubby orange honey badger she once was. I never saw it coming and am thoroughly impressed.

  • Jenn

    Don’t care. I unfollowed her long ago anyway cause I was sick of seeing pics of her kids and her advertising stupid things.

  • Maya

    Lorenzo is soo stink’n cute!!

  • Nicole Ayla Phoenix

    Facts are facts. They’re ugly kids.