PHOTOS The truth behind ‘The Bachelor’ Rozlyn Papa ‘sex scandal’

Sex scandal contestant Rozlyn Papa and The Bachelor Jake Pavelka

There has been a lot of hype over an alleged “sex scandal” involving a female contestant on Season 14 of The Bachelor and one of the show’s producers, an incident that will reportedly be aired on the Monday, January 11th episode. Host Chris Harrison has been addressing the scandal in the press by tiptoeing around words like “sexual” or even “relationship,” instead opting for the vague “inappropriate behavior in the context of the show” to explain why one of the show’s producer’s was fired from the show and why contestant Rozlyn Papa was eliminated from the competition.

Rozlyn Papa of Season 14 of The Bachelor has a secret to tell
ABC has kept Rozlyn Papa quiet so far

UPDATE – Rozlyn Papa has a sex tape?!? And there’s a CLIP ONLINE!

The “scandal” marketing has been working well, creating quite a buzz about the 14th installation of The Bachelor franchise before the first episode even aired, but the whole thing is starting to look more and more like a Balloon Boy hoax than any sort of sex scandal thanks to sources for a perpetual thorn in ABC’s side, blogger Reality Steve. (WARNING – DO NOT click that link unless you are ready for The Bachelor spoilers of the highest degree, including a 4-3-2-1 countdown and winner!)

To sum up the diligent reporting by Reality Steve, it seems the scandal breaks down into this timeline:

Rozlyn, a 28-year-old mother of a 7-year-old boy from Richmond, Virginia was reportedly told that she would be able to talk to her son at least once a day and that he would eventually be flown out to be with her. Apparently this never happened and it’s not the first time. Steve says “Megan Parris from Jason’s season” was told the same thing about her son, who wasn’t even a year-and-half, and they didn’t follow through for her either.

the controversial center of The Bachelor scandal Rozlyn Papa and her son
Rozlyn Papa and her son are at the center of the controversy

Producers allegedly asked Rozlyn not to reveal that she had a son to Jake, even though it was common knowledge among the other women in the house. Producers ask the other women in their one-on-one interviews what they think about the fact that Rozlyn hasn’t revealed the fact that she has a son to Jake and they tell Rozlyn who is incensed and goes into a tirade about being lied to in regards to her son and then demanding to be off the show. (Obviously none of this footage will be shown.)

This creates a “situation,” and unlike Jersey Shore, that’s not a good thing. They began to look for some sort of creative way to get her off the show and that’s where “the scandal” comes in. There was a producer on the show that had taken a liking to Rozlyn, to the point of exhibiting flirtatious behavior. Reality Steve describes it further by saying he “spent more time with her than any of the other girls, confided in her, and basically started to fall for her.”

Some of the girls had noticed the behavior and someone (I assume it is someone from the show and not one of the contestants) confronts the producer who “ADMITTED that he basically had fallen for Rozlyn.” That amounts to “inappropriate behavior in the context of the show” and the producer was fired. “However, while this producer admitted this, he NEVER admits that he and Rozlyn had any type of sexual affair. Never kissed, never had sex, never did anything of the such. Well, it didn’t matter at this point cuz boom! They’ve got their storyline now.”

The Bachelor's Rozlyn Papa in a hanging chair
Rozlyn “hangs” out with a friend

Rozlyn was told by Chris Harrison in a “one-on-one” interview that included psychiatrists, lawyers etc. that she was getting booted off the show. She’s then “escorted immediately to her room to pack, and is taken off the show.” Producers tell Jake and the other contestants that the producer and Jozlyn have been removed because of “inappropriate behavior” and of course the speculation begin to fly, most of which of course assumes the two were in a sexual relationship. So, the voice in the infamous promo saying, “She’s having a sexual relation with someone in the Bachelor house,” is just one of the contestants speculating on why Rozlyn was booted from the show, which of course bails The Bachelor out legally because it’s not being presented as fact, but just documentation of the other contestants’ reactions.Brilliant! A little shady, but brilliant nonetheless.

That’s pretty much it, really. It sounds as though producers on the show were a little deceitful to Rozlyn up front about being able to talk to and see her son during production of the show and then tried to be a little heavy-handed in creating drama by asking her not to tell Jake she had a son while the other women knew. Rozlyn got upset. A producer had the hots for her, and the show made lemons into lemonade. Tada!

The sexy Rozlyn Papa in a modeling shoot as a mermaid
The “sex scandal” story doesn’t have legs and neither does Rozlyn!

Kudos to Reality Steve! I may never watch another season of the Bachelor again! I’ll just read his blog the week of the premiere and find out all the background drama as well as who wins and be done with it! Good ol’ internet!

On an interesting side note, Radar Online got one of their infamous “exclusive” interviews with Rozlyn’s former boyfriend but misspelled Rozlyn’s last name by adding an extra “s” – Rozlyn Papas. To read that hard-hitting bit of journalism and find out what Rozlyn was like in the 7th and 8th grade (seriously) CLICK HERE. Radar – it sounds like you need to hire Reality Steve!

UPDATE – I think I may have found the notorious producer! Radar Online announced just a little while ago that his name is Ryan Callahan and I found a matching defunct myspace account with photos and a video. Check it out HERE and see what you think! Is that the dude that beat out Jake for Rozlyn’s heart (and whatever else)?!?

UPDATE – Radar Online not only corrected their spelling error, but they got an interview with Rozlyn Papa! About the scandal she channels Bill Clinton and says, “No, I did not have a sexual relationship with a producer on the show.” She continues:

She clarified her status with the producer. “I had a relationship with someone on the show that didn’t benefit them,” Rozlyn said, referring to the network and the show’s senior producers. “We remained really close but we are not dating now,” Rozyln said of the since-fired producer.

“This is a TV show and it’s made for entertainment, but it is a far cry from reality,” Rozlyn revealed. “I know that things on television weren’t always as they seemed, but I had no idea the extent of the show manipulation.”

In a follow-up interview with Radar Online January 10, Rozlyn Papa seems to verify everything Reality Steve said word-for-word:

“ABC told me I could bring my son to the show to visit and that I could talk about him each day on the show,” Rozlyn told in an exclusive interview. “But then they didn’t let me.

“The other girls on the show all knew about my son and ABC kept telling me to hold off and not tell Jake about him yet. At that point all the other girls knew I had a son and they were spending time alone with Jake and it looked like I was hiding the information.”

The Bachelor Season 14's Rozlyn Papa drinking with a friend
Rozlyn and a lesbian producer… Oh wait, none of that’s true.

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Photos: Faceboook (Except top photo: ABC)

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  • Nycbug

    Whoever wrote this article and comments on the photos is hilarious! Thanks for pointing out how ridiculous reality tv and it’s believers are! Anyone with half a brain can see right through ABC’s rating ploys and good for you for not stooping to digging up dirt on this girl who is a MOTHER! I feel bad for her child and think people should see the real scandal here is ABC’s treatment of their contestants! I like Rozlyn on the show. I think she seems funny and maybe a little vixenish but so what? If she weren’t drop dead gorgeous, more people would be saying nice things about her. I’m just tired of people feeding into the garbage these shows feed them. Keep up the good work in debunking these jerks’ lies! It’s cold in NY so I’ll be cozied up in my snuggie keeping up on the REAL scoop!

    • lindo

      I”ve never read a blog about ‘non reality tv’ before – and after reading the above – well, jeez… you’re ALL IDIOTS! I”m outta here to live my life through reality ; NOT virtual fake contacts.

  • thanks a lot for ruining it for me (the link about Vienna)
    really, did you HAVE TO???no, not everyone knew – you did not give fair warning
    d**n you

    • Lou

      Seriously Tracy! That is ridiculous! I just wanted info on what happened with Rozlyn and now the whole show is ruined for me. Whether or not it’s Vienna for sure (which I would guess it is?) I will be thinking the whole time that it is her. Not fair at all. I purposefully avoided the links that said spoiler alert and i still got screwed. jerks.

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  • TexRex96

    The link about Vienna’s “elopement” refers to a past elopement that she has already disclosed to Jake, on-air, while they were sitting on a bench one night in the garden patio. So, there is no spoiler here.

  • LMAO!

    HAHAHAHAHAHA You all got suckerd into this for the very reason of getting the show spoiled. You just could not resist the temptation, face it.

  • MisteryRealityMan

    Who’s the idiot who wrote all this garbage? If you had watched the reunion last night you’d clearly see both Rozlyn and the scumbag producer had an affair. The worst thing isn’t the affair – who gives a rat’s a$$ really – but about the lies.
    And Rozlyn ha to bring up the rumor that the scumbag producer was “hitting” on Chris Harrison’s wife in New Zealand. I’d love to see Rozlyn g@ngb@nged in an Adam & Eve @nal film and the scumbag producer getting the sh*t kicked out of him.

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  • WhatEvER

    This author is OBVIOUSLY pro-Rozlyn. She is a bimbo. He Ex-husband/boyfriend did not give permission for her son to be on the bachelor. Sorry folks ABC has the BEST lawyers in town and they would never mess with someone one a silly show like The Bachelor. It was her ex’s fault that her kid didn’t get camera time just as her kids facw is blurred in the photos above…… That’s not the sho denying him it’s Rozlyn blurringing his face so they don’t get sued by the husband. Wake up people.

  • dsd

    in the video it’s not Rozlyn Papa. it is a pornstar named Lucy Ann. They both look like each other. check it out on this site p0rn -hub
    just google Lucy Ann

  • Donna

    I’m not even sure what Rozlyn found appealing about the producer. Compared to Jake, Ryan is a just a pudgy balding guy. She’s an attractive woman but obviously she’s a conniving manipulative lying b**ch too.

  • Manisha

    All the other girls were jealous of Rozlyn so they made this up. She’s by far the hottest and they all felt threatened by this. It’s stupid. And pretty obvious. They envy her because she has male friends. Its pathetic. I LOVE YOU ROZLYN

  • We Men

    Atractive woman seduces a man in power, nothing new in this day and age, Even a bored weak married man. Let her lose the make up and you’ll see that shes just an ordinary gal.She has figured out that shes 30 and over the hill, had her partying life style and is now seeking a bachelor/married man to offer security and maintain a lifestyle.Seems like a parasite but this behaviour is completely normal in this day and age, as per soapies,reality TV, and in reality.
    She should be sued and arrested for attempting to destroy this marraige, hope she hasnt got STD’s.However, the thought that this woman entered a show to meet her dream man and get married, but have an affair before she does/ couldve?????Lets laugh about our Free Country,Fantastic morality and ability to make money from adultry.