PHOTOS BIO Blakeley Shea from The Bachelor 16 with Ben Flajnik

Blakeley Shea official photo from The Bachelor 16 with Ben Flajnik

Meet Blakeley Shea Jones, one of twenty-five eligible bachelorettes competing for the heart of hunky wine maker Ben Flajnik on Season 16 of The Bachelor set to premiere January 2, 2012 on ABC.

Blakeley is a fully licensed sexpot with a resume that includes being a Hooters calendar girl (UPDATE – and Hooters Energy Drink can model) and a member of the Maxim “Hot 100” in 2006. She’s also the object of fellow contestant Monica Spannbauer, who reportedly “puts the moves” on Blakeley during taping. Could it be that ABC is trying to appeal to the male audience a little more here?

How about some sexy funk music and a video of Blakeley in several hundred stages of undress? You got it…

And in case you can’t watch Youtube, here’s a still image for you:

Pro: Blakeley is a professional hottie, and as far as the stereotypical criteria go, the sexiest woman in the competition.

Con: Blakeley is a professional hottie, and as far as the stereotypical criteria go, the sexiest woman in the competition. That usually either means she’s not going to really be that serious about the competition or else she’s going to be T-R-O-U-B-L-E! (Or both)

Heterosexual dude notes: I’m sure ABC struck a deal with Ben early on that whether he liked Blakeley or not he would keep her around until they have some sort of bikini date / photo shoot. (See: Michelle Money) And don’t take that as curmudgeonry because I CANNOT WAIT!

Blakeley Shea Jones

Age: 34

Occupation: VIP Cocktail Waitress. Former esthetician who studied at the Aveda Institute in Charlotte, North Carolina. Also a former Hooters calendar girl and an inductee into the Maxim Top 100 in 2006. In other words, a professional hottie!

Hometown: Rutherfordton, North Carolina

Do you have any pets and if so, what kind?
Yes!! Halo, she is a teacup long haired Chihuahua and my everything.

Who is your favorite actor and why?
Edward Norton – his ability to completely take on his character. He’s amazing!

If you wanted to really impress a man/woman what would you do and why?
I would cook them their favorite meal. Cooking requires a lot of time, patience and love: not too many people take the time anymore for the simple things in life.

Tattoo Count: 4

Location: Foot, Stomach, Back and Arm

What’s your worst date memory?
I went with some friends to meet up with this guy only to find out his girlfriend was there.

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Official profile photo (at top):
Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney