PHOTOS Teen Mom 3’s Josh and Mackenzie McKee welcome baby girl

Photo of Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie McKee's newborn daughter Jaxie Taylor McKee and dad Josh McKee

Teen Mom 3‘s Mackenzie McKee is officially a momma of two! After a difficult pregnancy, Mackenzie and husband Josh McKee welcomed healthy baby girl Jaxie Taylor McKee on at 12:43 p.m. Friday, Feb. 7. Baby Jaxie came in at 8 lbs., 9 oz. and 19 inches long.

UPDATE – Mackenzie’s mom (and Jaxie’s grandma 😉 ) Angie Douthit just tweeted the photo above featuring Mackenzie, Jaxie and Josh and wrote, “Jaxie Taylor is here.” Meanwhile, Mackenzie’s gal pal Jordan was also at the hospital and shared this next photo on instagram with the caption, “Got to meet this little angel today. She is so precious. Can’t wait to see her again and hold her. Love you so much already Jaxie! #babygirl #soprecious”

Mackenzie McKee's daughter Jaxie

UPDATE – And more photos!!

Mackenzie McKee's daughter Jaxie Taylor with Mackenzie's brother Zeke
^ Jaxie with Uncle Zeke (Mackenzie’s brother)

Jaxie Taylor McKee Aunt Jordi
^ Jaxie with (very soon-to-be) Aunt Jordi (Zeke’s fiancee)

“I am so thankful for a healthy baby girl,” Mackenzie told InTouch, adding “Jaxie” is a tribute to her grandfather, Jack. “Taylor” is also Mackenzie’s middle name.

Jaxie joins big brother Gannon, who Mackenzie (then Mackenzie Douthit) delivered during her first MTV appearance on 16 & Pregnant.

Gannon - Big Brother

Mackenzie entered the hospital with Josh by her side on Thursday night. She shared one final belly picture on Instrgram, captioning it “37 weeks.” (See our collection of Mackenzie’s pregnancy progression pictures!) She added a smiley face emoticon, but wasn’t quite as joyful in the actual photo. Can’t blame her for wanting to get the show on the road!

Mackenzie McKee - Final Pregnancy Photo

Mom Angie Douthit took over updates on Friday morning, informing fans on Twitter that Mackenzie was getting another C-section. Angie also shared a photo of Mackenzie right before she went into the delivery room…

Then of the soon-to-be big brother and Josh in their operation clothes…

A short while later, baby Jaxie was born!

While the baby was tended to, the tired momma got help recuperating from her personal assistant.

Mackenzie surprised many fans in August by revealing she was pregnant and married. She later defended her and Josh’s decision, saying on Twitter, “If a doctor told you your body would no longer be able to have babies after the age 21. And your married and 19. What would you do?”

Putting the dissenters’ opinions aside, Mackenzie and Josh went forward with a big ol’ country wedding in August. (The timeline of it all is still confusing, but it seems Mackenzie followed in Teen Mom 2‘s Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin’s shoes by have a courthouse ceremony before a public celebration.)

Teen Mom 3 Mackenzie Douthit wedding photo

The next month, Mackenzie and Josh pink-dyed cake to reveal they were expecting a girl. Mackenzie tweeted of her normally stoic husband, “Josh cannot stop smiling. He’s always wanted a little princess to look after.”

The following few months weren’t easy for Mackenzie. In October, she was reportedly attacked and dragged off of a concrete porch. Last month, she revealed her marriage nearly fell apart before “God worked his magic.” Last week, she was hospitalized for unstable blood sugars caused by her Type 1 diabetes.

Doctors ultimately decided to have Mackenzie deliver at 37 weeks to avoid complications. The plan worked…

“My blood sugars and the baby’s were fine during the delivery,” Mackenzie told InTouch.

Besides, all is well that ends well… And that’s exactly how things seemed to go for Mackenzie, considering she spent her last day of pregnancy soaking in a warm bath while getting serenaded by her husband.

Congrats to Mackenzie, Josh and Gannon on the new addition to their family!

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  • Jules

    That name is horrendous! There are so many nicer options if they wanted to honor her grandfather. I wish people would realize that their kids are stuck with this name forever, or at least until they’re old enough to legally change it.
    While the writers here might feel bad for Mackenzie, I think it’s pretty clear that basically everyone else thinks she’s at fault for putting herself in such cruddy situations again and again.
    I won’t wish ill on anyone; I hope mom and baby are doing well and continue to do so, especially since Mackenzie took such poor are of herself while she was pregnant.

    • :))))))))

      LOL Jaxy means buttock, she named her kid buttock but mispelled it.

      • BlahBlahBlah

        Hahahaha o.O Clearly some people never look up the names they chose

      • Jules

        Oh my goodness! That poor baby!

      • Jules

        Also, Mackenzie probably misspells her own name on the regular so I wouldn’t put it passed her to do the same with jaxy

  • Harper

    Jaxie??? That’s unique.

  • Jenn

    Jaxie? Seriously? If she wanted to honor her grandfather, she should have named her Jackie. I think she just makes names up for her kids, like Gannon.

    • Roo

      Where I’m from Jaxie is another word for your ass! I can’t think of a worse name! Jaxie isn’t remotely like Jack!

    • Ohio, before you all ask

      Where I live, Gannon is a pretty common name :/

  • Chandler Bing

    It’s pretty cool that she gave the little girl her middle name, while Gannon has Josh’s. Jaxie is a cute name as well.

    • Manda

      Me and my daughter have the same middle name to :)

  • Chandler Bing

    I already know people are going to bash the name. At least she didn’t name her something totally off-the-wall. Some of the girls on that show used names that would be better suited for pets than human beings. It’s not like she named the baby something like Toyota or Buckwheat.

    • Chelsea

      Her child’s name is slang for anus. How is that not off-the-wall?

      • Britney Robinson

        I’ve never heard of that must be a white person thing.

        • Haha

          Its a british “thing” haah

        • ashleyj

          White person thing? Wow. Ignorant. By the way, you have a white person name.

          • Britney Robinson

            You made your own self look ignorant with that statement. My name is a name has nothing to do with race. Pot meet kettle.

          • Britney Robinson

            Also your an idiot if you think being black automatically means African oh and even africans in africa can be mixed. Obviously I’m not just black.

  • GHfan

    Jaxie Taylor? Like Jax Taylor the sociopath from VanderPump Rules…I can’t. Why not Jacklyn? Dumb. Hope she got her tubes tied during that C section.

  • Nastassia

    I think Jaxie is a cute name and if you guys would judge someone based off their name you’re pathetic

    Haha internet trolls at their finest

    • Internet Troll

      Did you like your own comment so many times?

      • Nastassia

        haha if I did I’d have more than that

  • Ashley

    Either she’s making shit up or her Doctor is a dickhead for advising her to have babies before the age of 21. The ONLY thing age can impact is your fertility. Your age has no bearing on anything else related to pregnancy or birth.

    • samileaxo

      I’m sure her dr didn’t advise her to have kids I myself was told I wouldn’t be able to have kids after a certain age due to some medical issues that my dr thought would get worse. However I am now 2 years past that age and just had my 3rd baby.

    • Britney Robinson

      Her doctor most likely told her that she shouldn’t have kids as she got older or that being pregnant could worsen her medical condition as she aged I’m sure you have seen steel magnolias.

  • Peepers

    white trash people = white trash baby names. Like the name Destiny… BIGGEST white trash name ever. 9/10 times a girl named Destiny lives in a trailer park and wears shirts with “Aeropastle” blazing across the front.

    • Peepers

      Whoops,my bad *Aeropostale. (had to run down to the mall and find a skank and read their shirt for the correct spelling)

    • Yeah Yeah

      And you are probably some *****r who has some stupid ass names for your kids

      • Peepers

        … you must be a Destiny.

    • Tabitha

      Miley Cyrus’s real name is Destiny. So I’d have to agree with your statement 110%

    • ashleyj

      Tell me what is so trashy about that store? Generally white trash means poor, careless, dirty amongst other things. I must be worse for wear because I make good money but choose to shop at second hand stores. Especially on account of high priced stores such as Aeropostale. So again, describe this trashy ness you speak about, fashionista with a nice urban name (I can only assume)

  • Steph

    You know, reading all these nasty comments I can’t help but be angry. This is a young women who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and every single one of you has only mean words to say. Pathetic. You may not like the name, so what? But to sit her and make fun of a newborn child and call her mother white trash is terrible.We as humans are way to hard on one another and I find it so disgusting. Hope all of you feel great about sitting behind a computer putting down a person you have never met. Bravo.

    • BlahBlahBlah

      They’re not making fun of the beautiful child but the stupid name the mother thought of. I understand she was trying to honor her grandfather’s name and be unique all at the same time but the name.. she should have thought about it a little more 😛 AND she’s in the public eye, you’ll always have someone judging her ALWAYS. That’s the path she chose. Not everyone will like you ^_^

      • Chandler Bing

        Being in the public eye shouldn’t be an excuse for the way some of the people here are acting, though. So much animosity over something as simple as a baby’s name! I’m not saying you’re being rude, because you replied to this very gracefully and were very nice about it. I’m just disturbed by how cruel some other users are acting. Just don’t see the point in saying anything bad if it doesn’t have a personal effect on anyone leaving posts.

        • Hypocrite Much?

          I’ve seen this screen name on here before make rude comments on some of these stories. So get off your high horse cause you’ve done the same.

    • Jules

      No one said anything bad about the child, except maybe that they feel bad for her being saddled with such an awful name and parents that can barely take care of themselves. People criticize other people, that’s life. People judge what other people name their kids every day, most of them just don’t have articles written about them where everyone can comment in one place. I hope things go well for them, I do, but right now I don’t think they’re making the best decisions and it’s going to come back to bite them.

  • Chelsea

    Serious question: is she illiterate? We all make the occassional grammar/spelling error, but for goodness’ sake, I know third graders that have better writing skills than she does.
    Anyway, Jaxie? Is that even a real name? It’s sweet that she wanted to honor her grandfather, but how does she expect her daughter to be taken seriously in life with a name like that? Or did she mean that her name was Jackie and made one of her infamous spelling errors…

    • Lux

      Where can I witness her stellar literacy skills? (Or lack of?)

      • Chelsea

        On Twitter and Instagram. Beware, it might make you lose brain cells.

        • Britney Robinson

          Where everyone has grammar issues. I don’t have a twitter for that very reason.

  • -.-

    Jaxie… yuck. Look at Josh in the background of the pic where she’s showing her belly. lol

  • Chandler Bing

    If I were Starcasm staff, I wouldn’t allow comments on any posts. Nobody ever has anything nice to say anymore. Instead, it has been reduced to attacks on both subjects of the posts, as well as fellow commenters. Goodness!

    Can’t we all just get along?

    • The internet


      Welcome to the internet.

      • farrah’s horseface

        real original

  • Hey

    I don’t know, I quite like the name Jaxie. :) It doesn’t have a nice meaning, but who even cares about that? I wouldn’t even have known if it wasn’t for the commenters here. I don’t know why people worry so much about the meaning behind a name, it’s not like it’s common knowledge. It’s sentimental to her, so what? Congrats to her and her family. God bless. :)

  • Gagalooch

    It is Jacks e or Jackie?
    Like Max would be Maxie. (The x making the sk)

  • Bri

    Who the hell cares what she named her kid? You all are so rude and hateful its disgusting. Not everyone looks up the meaning of what their chosen name means. Every name has a meaning if you google it. I had no clue it meant ass and Im assuming a lot of others dont know as well. I dont care either. Get a life!

    • Some britt

      Well that is beyond just a meaning you get when you google it, it’s a pretty popular slang here in brittain.

      • Bri

        Well its a damn good thing she lives in the US and not Brittain!

  • sara

    Everyone is like “omg she named her baby buttock but misspelled it” um no you idiots. She spelled the name according to how she wanted it and didnt base it around buttock. If she had spelled it the same then I would understand all the ignorant comments, but she didnt?

    • Chelsea

      It’s like naming your kid Betch. Different spelling than “bitch”, but essentially, it’s still the same thing.

  • ashley

    Am I the only one who thinks she named her Jaxie as a cross between Josh and MacKenzie?? But she is saying it’s a tribute to her grandfather so she doesn’t look self centered and immature?

    • Jules

      I never thought of that but now that you point it out, I can totally see it!

    • Myndee

      She’s just following in Leah’s footsteps naming her kids after her. Maybe they’ll also follow Leah’s lead and call the baby by her middle name instead of the first

      • Jules

        In this case, we can only hope that’s what they decide to do!

  • who knows

    People need to shut the eff up & stop worrying about what other people name THEIR kids. I’m not a fan of the girl but geesh this is ridic. Anyway I’m glad that she delivered a healthy baby girl.

  • Emily

    Cute baby but horribly white trash name. What was wrong with Jacklyn or Jackie? She and her Legend of Zelda brother are going to have a horrible time in school. Hopefully their woefully immature parents will grow up some before they have anymore babies.

    • SMH

      Her Legend of Zelda brother, huh? You must be a really great person to pick on a child.

      • KnowTheLedge

        Calm down, do some Legend of Zelda trivia and you will see it was Mackenzie who insulted her own child. She should’ve name him Link…

        • :))))))))

          HAHAHAHAHAHA I love you.

    • AMommy&AWife

      Hey! Don’t insult Legend of Zelda! Wonderful games. 😉
      Buuuuut I would never name my kids after any of the characters.

  • Hannah

    I cannot even comprehend how dumb this girl is. Why would you have a second child if you’re 19, have a bad marriage, and still live with your parents? And then she names the kid Jaxie. Also, can we talk about how hideous her wedding dress was? She looked like a feather pillow.

  • ugh

    and everyone criticizing the name because jaxie means “ass” in britian, well… that’s great, but mackenzie doesn’t live there. she lives in america. and there, it’s not slang for ass. let it go.
    you people will NEVER like ANY name these girls choose. jenelle was going to name her daughter lydia and even she got tons of backlash for that, even though it’s a perfectly normal, somewhat common, classic name. give it up.
    don’t like jaxie? then don’t name ur own daughter that. move on.

    • Jess

      I don’t understand why you’re so upset about us thinking it’s funny. We don’t say that for being mean ! It’s like D!ck Butkus, funny unfortunate name. Nobody think anything less of that baby because of it’s name. And I taught Lydia Marie was great, btw.

  • Lulu

    Now stop having kids and take care of your health!! 2 kids is enough! Then you be broke cause mtv will stop paying you!

    • Britney Robinson

      I’m sure it is implied that she can’t even have kids after this. You may hate her way but I believe this was god’s path for her. She won’t be able to have kids anymore as she gets older.

  • RebeccaS

    Jaxie…. What about Jackie, Jac(k)lynn, Jackleigh even! Oh she’s not good with those names…

  • Murphy

    Congratulations on a beautiful baby girl.

  • Jessica

    I live with my mother. I had my son at 17 and my daughter 19. Im not married yet. We also both have jobs and we pay my mother rent as well as help with other bills. Dont judge a story but the cover.

    • Jessica

      My sons name is Jacoby(Ja-coby) and my daughters is Stellah.