Twilight’s Ashley Greene sued for accidental apartment fire that killed her dog

Ashley Greene Sued West Hollywood Fire

When a March fire damaged West Hollywood’s Granville Towers, no one was more devastated than Ashley Greene, whose dog was killed during the blaze. Now four of the Twilight star’s former neighbors are making her revisit the tragedy by suing her.

“My clients have been through hell,” lawyer Keith Davidson told The New York Post, adding the plaintiffs seek unspecified damages for their emotional stress and some physical issues, e.g. smoke inhalation, exhaustion.

Ashley Greene Fire Damage

The suit was filed by three former residents and the doorman.

“Living next to Ashley was pure hell,” said tenant John Luciano, who is among the plaintiffs. “It was like living next to Studio 54, with people coming and going at all hours of the night. We would have had more peace and quiet living next to Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller.”

A source close to the 26-year-old actress said Ashley is “completely distraught” by the lawsuit, particularly because the fire was ruled an accident that was caused by a candle.

“None of it was intentional and she feels deeply saddened by the whole thing.”

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  • Kellie Hamilton

    This is a sad situation all around. Hopefully the people suing her are really doing it because they have been truly affected by what has happened. I feel sorry for Ashley losing her dog, but even if it was an accident, the candles were lit by her and that makes the whole thing her responsibility.

  • DeeDeDee

    We’ve had 4 apartment fires in 6 months where I live that have displaced at least 30 people, sometimes more, each time. All of them were ruled accidental because some asshats don’t know how to extinguish their cigarettes properly. To me renter’s insurance should be a requirement and you should be able to receive compensation for troubles from the person who’s responsible. It’s ridiculous that people get to keep having these “accidents” at the expense of everybody else and not having to take responsibility for anything.

    • LexiconD1

      I think your landlord might need to feel some repercussions too. Didn’t they run a background check on the people renting apartments? Usually where theirs smoke, there’s fire (pun intended:)?

      One is an ‘accident’ (maybe) 6 sounds like someones trying to purposely burn down your complex.

      • DeeDeDee

        After posting I realized that it sounded like it was 6 fires at the same complex. LMAO. Whoops. These were at various apartment complexes across the city. Most of the complexes around here are trying to go smoke free, meaning you can’t even smoke on the premises, but they’re getting backlash from smokers saying they’re all being punished for doing something they have “the right” to do. There was even a case where a mother who lived in government housing with a special needs child complained because they put the smoking depot 60 feet away from her front door so she couldn’t open her windows. They offered to move her, she declined because she shouldn’t have to move to accommodate a smoker. She received a lot of shit saying that she lives on the governments dime and she should be happy she has a house to live in at all. I was a smoker, and I was never of the mentality that I had the right to force everybody to deal with my potentially harmful second hand bad habit.

        • DeeDeDee

          Blah. That’s 4 apartment complexes, not 6. I’m f*cking losing it.