VIDEO PHOTOS Maci Bookout’s son Bentley’s 5th birthday party

Maci Bookout's son Bentley Edwards 5th birthday party

We have to agree with former Teen Mom star Maci Bookout who tweeted earlier this week, “yall.. i refuse to believe that my son will be five on sunday. help. #bittersweet” That’s right, reality television’s awesomest little dude is maintaining his level of awesome, but is getting way less little as Bentley Edwards continues to grow up.

Although his birthday isn’t technically until tomorrow (Ocotber 27), mom Maci Bookout and a large number of friends and family gathered for Bentley birthday party earlier today. Proud mom Maci shared this next photo on instagram and wrote, “had a great birthday party today for my little guy!! thanks to everyone who came to celebrate with us!”

Teen Mom Maci Bookout and son Bentley dwards at his 5th birthday party

In addition to the photo, another party goer shared a video of the singing of “Happy Birthday To You” as well as Bentley blowing out the candles!

From the looks of the cupcake cake, it appears as though Bentley has bumped Thomas the Tank Engine from the top of his favorites list and replaced him with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Sorry Thomas, but that’s just what happens when you turn the big O-5.

Happy early birthday to Bentley Edwards! I know it’s selfish, but I hope he wished for a full season of Being Maci. 🙂

UPDATE – Bentley Birthday Bash Weekend continued on his actual birthday with a roller-skating party! Check out this GREAT photo of Bentley with mom Maci Bookout and dad Ryan Edwards, who are obviously continuing the positive co-parenting we saw towards the end of Teen Mom:

Bentley Edwards' fifth birthday party with Ryan Edwards and Maci Bookout

Ryan’s mom, or perhaps more appropriately, Bentley’s grandma Jennifer Edwards tweeted the photo today along with the exuberant words, “Great day!! Happy 5th Birthday Bentley!!” Jennifer also shared a couple photos of Bentley enjoying some Halloween activities with dad Ryan and Ryan’s new gal pal Shelby Woods in which Bentley can be see sporting a mighty cool Iron Man Halloween costume:

Ryan Edwards Bentley Shelby Woods Halloween 2013 Iron Man Ryan Edwards Bentley Halloween 2013 Iron Man costume

And perhaps better than all the photos was this tweet by Maci at the end of Bentley’s big day:


Not enough Bentley birthdayage for you? Then take a step back in time and check out tons of photos from his cowboy-themed 4th birthday bash from last year!

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  • ktbebe

    Omg, he’s already five? He’s just the cutest..

    • dev

      i kr.
      i still remember the summer that came out and maci’s episode was the first one. (which i know five years isn’t that long of a time but we’re pretty close in age and my things have changed.)

      • ktbebe

        I know! Its crazy to think its been this long! Time flies..

  • Erica

    she’s the only teen mom cast member that i feel like did good things… she’s also very beautiful and her sons adorable!!

    • very adorable (: !
      loved what you wrote !
      you watch the show also ?

      • Erica

        i used to love watching it now i do because im like wow my child will most def be on the bc and to see how ridiculous people act some are crazyyy bu then some act really sweet its a coin flip watching that show!! lol but Maci is my favorite person because she wanted to do everything on her own and be so independent and get her education and if she had a bf cool but if not she was still going to live her life and make a future for her and her child i totally respect that!

        • yeah , she is one of my favorites too! uhm , do you know if she is back with ryan ? yep! i respect that too (:

          • Erica

            not sure i hope not though he was so mean to her!

  • she is one of my favorite teen moms!
    Bentley is the cutest boy ever , and
    he is growing up so fast (:
    love her !

  • its1999

    It seems like just yesterday he was born… Time really does fly! He is a very blessed little boy.

  • LexiconD1

    Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good one (or two).

    My son had a similar ribbon he wore on his 5th, that I still have (and can see as I type this).

    How’s her brother?

  • yuck-have some class

    That skating rink is basically the nastiest in Chattanooga hahaha

  • Pat Brown

    yes he’s cute an dtime flies, not to be a hater, but can anyone tell me what she does exactly? She has tried very hard to still milk money from MTV, i don’t think her Maci special did welll with ratings. It was extremely boring. Has she finished a college degree? other then trying to get money from mtv, and driking at clubs with her less then steller friends, and sticking her tongue out, what does she do????

    • Courtney

      I was a little disturbed to see that she lived in a party house. I thought she was the most mature but now, not so much.

    • lulu

      Ratings were not bad for her special..and i don’t see anything bad living with her friends. She can have a life and be a mom ! Happy birthday Bentley !

      • Pat Brown

        she was hoping for a show of her own, MTV on this issue knows that she is way too boring to carry a show, she doesn’t do anything but party with her friends, and shuffle the child around, she is not a winner as far as I can see!

        • lulu

          I think she is a normal young woman with some little spunky side who is taking care of her beloved son and live an healthy normal life..i don’t find her particularly boring..she is kind of fun compare to majority of the other teen moms showcased on these mtv shows..we can agree to disagree Pat Brown..

  • Guest

    A little part of me is still hoping Ryan and Maci get back together 🙁

    • luliu

      It is good they are great co-parents..after that we will see, they seem happy with their respective boyfriend/girlfriend..after that life is unpredictable..maybe one day they will get back together maybe not and they will be happy with other partners like they seem to be right now. At the end of the day what matter is Bentley and both Maci and Ryan are happy.

  • J

    Looks like both parties were on the same day. Maci and Bentley are wearing the same clothes.

  • lulu

    Seemed like a great birthday party..really cute !