PHOTO Eminem’s daughter, Hailie Scott, crowned homecoming queen

Eminem's Daughter Grown Up

Aside from immortalization in her father’s songs, Hailie Scott lives a fairly normal life in Michigan. Without a constant stream of paparazzi photos, it’s easy to forget that Eminem’s daughter is all grown up now… In fact, the gorgeous teen was just crowned homecoming queen at Chippewa Valley High School in Clinton Township, Mich.

A screen capture from a local news story has been circulating since Friday. (The original story isn’t online.)

Apparently the crowning took place during halftime for the homecoming football game last Friday. According to Macomb Daily, Eminem was in the crowd as Hailie was escorted on the field by her mother, Kim Scott.

“He didn’t want to cause a scene — he wanted Hailie to have her own moment,” one parent said.

Another added community members respect Hailie’s right to privacy.

“I think all of the kids in the district have shown respect to their family and just let her live a normal life here out of the spotlight,” one parent said.

A final source said Hailie is “a smart, athletic and caring young woman.”

UPDATE Here’s a better picture of Hailie in her homecoming garb.

Hailie Scott Homecoming

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  • jeff

    Thanks for making me feel old.

  • Sara

    I’m so glad people let her live a normal life.

  • Nikki

    Pretty sure the top picture was identified as an imposter’s photo several years ago.

    • Steph

      The twitter it was linked to was fake. I believe the photo was real. The girl in the homecoming dress is clearly the same girl in the sports photo.

      I just vaguely remember a fake Twitter of Hailey posting some mean things publicly about someone. It was later proved to be fake. Or something?

      Congrats on her for winning though. Every person that won homecoming queen at my schools (I went to 4) was always a sweetheart.

  • Ashley

    If only people like her stalker “fans” such as a “team” could allow her to lead a normal life.

    • Hailie Anne

      What do you mean such as a “team”? Who’s that supposed to be?