PHOTOS Beyonce cuts her hair super short, goes blonde!

Beyonce short hair phot2013

Beyonce shocked the interwebs this morning when she posted multiple photos of her brand new super-short blonde hairdo!!! The 31-year-old singer shared the pictures just after midnight, and let them speak for themselves without any captions whatsoever.

Beyonce shorter blonde hair

Beyonce’s new shorter hairstyle is not only short, it’s also blonde — which I’m sure will have everyone comparing Beyonce to Miley Cyrus later today.

Beyonce haircut photo

The singer looks to be in a hair salon in the photos, so I’m guessing the cut is fresh. Perhaps Beyonce was ready for a new look after wrapping up the summer leg of her Mrs. Carter Tour with three shows at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York a couple of days before. It will be curious to see if she brings wigs along when she returns to the stage in England later this month!

So what do you think of Beyonce’s pixie hairstyle? Is it Sasha Fierce or “Ruin the World (Curls)?”

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  • Dani

    Beautiful as always.

  • Sarah

    Shes looking more like Joseline Hernandez then Beyonce !! NOT LIKING IT

  • BoBo

    It’s her head, she can do anything she wants with it. She is a cute person either way!

  • Amanda

    More like she just took her weave out… Get real lol

  • me

    She has a great face shape because she can easily pull off long or short hair. I think it looks good on her.

  • Bryony

    I wish these actresses/singers would stop thinking short boy hair is attractive.

    • Sweargrl

      And I wish people would stop speaking their opinion as if it were fact.

    • Elle

      Short hair on girls is edgy, and it takes a special kind of girl to pull them off. I get why you don’t like them-you probably could never pull of short hair like Beyoncé, Miley or P!nk.

    • Dani

      I wish people would stop stereotyping short hair for males only. Hair does not define sex nor does the length define beauty.

  • Liz

    Stars can always have their hair stylist put in more hair or dye it back if they don’t like what they did to it. I’d be changing up my hair all the time!

  • TheNieve


  • Lala84

    She has Michael Jackson nose in the first picture.

  • burkey

    Just my opinion, but I hate short boy haircuts on women. There are some who can definitely pull it off better than others and Beyonce definitely looks better than I or most people I know ever would with hair like this but I still like her way more with long hair.

  • twelfthnight

    Beyonce needs to stop being blonde, it looks ridiculous on her. Go back to brown, caramel or brown with highlights, full blonde looks so, so stupid, especially when it’s platinum or whatever this is…

    I wonder why she’s trying to look whiter. If you look at pictures of her from Destiny’s Child she was still the lightest skinned of the group, but over time she just seems to get whiter and whiter looking.

    Doing a google search for “Beyonce is getting…” comes up with “whiter” as the first result. It is SO obvious she’s skin bleaching once you look at before and after pictures.

    Rihanna is skin bleaching too, and that’s extremely obvious as well. Her skin tone has changed SO much in the few short years she’s been famous.

    Why do these women all want to be white or look white? I don’t understand it. You have beautiful skin and you choose to lighten it and get nasty unnatural blonde hair. Why?

    It seems all the young black female starlets these days are trying to distance themselves from being black, and what kind of message is that sending to young black girls? That being black is not okay and they have to be lighter to be beautiful?

    • Elle

      Beyoncé has all ways been light skinned, but a very proud black woman at that, stupid pictures of “Beyoncé getting lighter” can alwayysss be explained by lighting, or just the picture being changed.

      • twelfthnight

        Always? Really? Because I’ve seen tons and tons of pictures from all angles, fan pictures, pro pictures, whatever, and they all look far lighter than she was in the 90s.

        She may have had lighter black skin, but now honestly if I didn’t see her face I’d think she was a white person with a tan.

        There have been pictures in all kinds of lighting and taken by all kinds of people then and now, so why in all of them now does she look lighter than she did before?

  • tanya

    Thats not a haircut. Thats called taking her weave/extensions out! So sick of celebrities “cutting” their “hair”! 1. Its not even their hair. 2. Who cares!? 3. Its still ugly! lol

  • Sally

    I saw these pics (especially the one with her hands behind her head) it reminded me of Joseline Hernandez.. I was like no that’s crazy.. but thanks to google I know it wasn’t just me. HA