Jeremiah Raber’s ex-girlfriend Iva is on Breaking Amish: LA

Breaking Amish LA Iva with Facebook photo and photo from Breaking Amish Season 1 as Jeremiah's girlfriend

TLC announced in April that they would be introducing viewers to a whole new batch of young men and women looking to leave behind their Amish and Mennonite communities for the big city in a second season of their popular “reality” series Breaking Amish, this time set in Los Angeles instead of New York City. (Click here to watch the trailer!) Actually, the new cast isn’t completely “new” because it features Iva, who played the part of Jeremiah’s girlfriend in the first season of Breaking Amish!

Here’s an idyllic screen shot from the premiere episode of Breaking Amish with Jeremiah and his gal:

Jeremiah Raber with girlfriend Iva in Breaking Amish Season 1

I say “played the part of” Jeremiah’s girlfriend because on the show it was presented as though Jeremiah was still a part of the Amish community and had been dating Iva for two years, but it was later revealed that Jeremiah had left the Amish community long before appearing on the show and even has an ex-wife and two kids — so clearly the entire thing was staged. (No Amish girl would be seriously dating and planning to marry a divorced father of three who left the church years earlier — especially not one as devout as Iva was supposed to be.) Not helping the situation was the fact that the scene in which Jeremiah reveals he is “leaving” the Amish for New York City is one of the most awkward on either season of the show:

Jeremiah would later return to his hometown in Ohio (though Iva is supposedly from Pennsylvania according to her Breaking Amish: LA bio) but Iva refused to even talk to him and slammed the door in his face:

And in case you couldn’t watch the clip, or it went by too quickly, here’s Iva opening the door for Jeremiah:

Iva from Breaking Amish LA as Jeremiah Raber's girlfriend on Breaking Amish Season 1

Back in October the X Amish Atheist blog published some photos from Iva’s Facebook profile in which she could clearly be seen in “English” clothes — one of which was taken at a restaurant in New York City in December of 2011:

Breaking Amish Iva Facebook photo in English clothes New York in 2011

Here are some other photos of Iva not looking the part of an active member of the Amish community from her now private Facebook profile:

Breaking Amish Los Angeles Iva Facebook photos

It should be noted that TLC has tried to cover their bootay (is that Amish appropriate?) by saying in Iva’s bio, “Iva has explored life outside the Amish in the past, but has never before been able to make it work.” I dunno – seems like she was making it work to me! Plus, the whole fake relationship with Jeremiah thing pretty much dulls any sort of spin they try to put on it in my mind.

It’s a bit disappointing that we appear to be getting yet another dose of Faking Amish. I’m not naive enough to think reality shows aren’t all scripted to some degree, but to lie about the basic premise of a reality show is a bit much. (It would be like finding out the cast of Teen Mom weren’t actually moms, or that Deadliest Catch was actually a bunch of actors filming in a studio with a bunch of CGI you know?) Plus it just seems unnecessary — especially the second time around! Knowing they have a successful franchise on their hands the network and/or production company really couldn’t find a group of people actually just leaving the Amish?

Here’s Iva in her Amish kitchen from the preview trailer for Breaking Amish: LA in which Iva can be heard lamenting “Sometimes a car goes whizzing past, and it’s just like ‘Why can’t I be in that car?’” (Judging from the photos above, Iva can be in that car — and she can have a Monster energy drink too!)

Breaking Amish Los Angeles Iva in the kitchen

All of that being said, I’ll be tuning in because in the end if the folks are entertaining on screen (like the original cast) then that’s good enough for me — and apparently millions of others.

Breaking Amish: LA premieres Sunday, July 21 at 10/9c on TLC.

P.S. – We’re still looking for Iva’s last name and more info on the other members of the Breaking Amish: LA cast!


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  • Scooby’s Doo-Doo

    Yup, nothing like more fake Amish and I have a feeling that Jeremiah will appear as well like Screech on “Saved by the Bell: the New Class”.

  • Sweet Venom

    I’ve never watched this show, but why do people watch it? I know reality shows are staged, but this type of staging seems extreme to me.

  • orderly logic

    Fool me once…

  • DeeDeDee

    If I were to never know what being Amish truly was (I do, for the record), and had only watched this show… I would assume that Amish are only Amish when they want to be, follow what they want out of their lifestyle and then go back and forth between the two lives.

    On another note, it REALLY seems like all they did was go around seeking people who hadn’t been totally shunned but had left the community numerous times before and asked them to film the show. It probably would have been better to do a show about the girls and boys going through Rumspringa.

  • anjealka

    How hard would it to be to find actual Amish teens going on Rhumspringa? The show Amish in the city did I years ago and did it well. Amish out of order on natgeo also shows young people leaving and the real struggles, getting a birth certificate, GED, first job, and feelings about family left behind. There have also been many specials shown of young amish going on rhumspringa and then deciding to stay Amish or not. I remember one where 6 teens went to England and lived with different families and adults.

    • mlegibson

      The problem is that they are minors typically when they go through Rhumspringa. Their could be issues around parental consent, work regs etc. These folks have to be 18 or older and by the time they hit their early 20s they have probably been out for a few years already.

  • Lindsey

    I am from Juniata County, where Iva worked at JP Pancake House. I know for a fact that she left the amish a few years ago. I do not know why they say on TLC that she has attempted to break away from the amish in the past, but it did not work out. She has been quote on quote “English” for some time now.

    • paisley

      that’s “quote, unquote”.

      • lovelyll

        piss off Paisley. You get the point.

  • Patricia Butler

    I thought it was also odd that Lizzie, the pregnant one, had very obviously plucked and shaped eyebrows and was even more obviously wearing makeup and fake eyelashes.

  • RIGHTway

    I thought Jeremiah was Iva’s brother.

    • Janella

      Probably both

  • promise

    the amish people leave the community from time to time to go to bar clubs or even restaurants or shopping. its frowned upon but many of the young people do that. its when they fully commit to leaving the amish all together is when they get shunned. Don’t be so ignorant.

  • mariah

    wow that’s crazy I can’t believe it they should a least cover it up more.smh.

  • Do Your Homework

    From what I understand, one joins the Amish “church” by choice, during adulthood. Before this, a single person may live in the English world for some time, then has the option to come back and truly become Amish. It is called Rumspringa. Whoever declares that they instead choose the English way of life would then be shunned. This period can take months to several years.

  • Lee

    What about the air conditioner in the window powered be electricity!!!!!!!! So faking Amish!!!

  • Kim

    Iva Troyer is her name. Has not been amish for years…has her drivers license and has been on many vacations including a Caribbean cruise…she is also engaged to be married.

  • Rose

    I thought that I recognized her as such so I came online searching for that info – thanks for clearing it up and confirming my suspicions!! I think you gave it what the name SHOULD be – Faking Amish!!

  • Lysa

    Has anyone noticed the AC in the window of Iva house in the 2nd clip?

  • Kim Wengerd

    If you need any info on Betsy please feel free to contact me! We are related by marriage!

  • Zavier McFall-Maycock

    I don’t find it odd at all that Iva was wearing English clothes since she went to college. More or less going to college should be calling into question her “amishness”, not her wearing English clothes. I mean to be fair this show admits everything you guys dig up during the season. Why don’t we just admit, its a show about people who at one point, were raised amish, and who aren’t now?

  • IngeC

    The reason Amish People do not photograph comes from the Bible reasoning of worshipping idols in any form; ie pics are meant to be looked at from time to time – creating ‘idols’ of some sorts.
    The same goes for ‘filming’ of Amish People; whenever you see these kids attempting to make it in the English world – the most obvious way of saying they left the community already. One can not go in and out from being ‘Amish’; it creates problems for the parents such as being ‘shunned’ themselves if they continue to allow their children to conveniently ‘abuse’ the life of being amish. After one at the most two attempts, a choice has to be made – that’s the end of it.
    Otherwise the amish community feels as though they become the subjects of mockery.

  • abigz

    1.8 million veiwers really don’t care how the show is created. So what is the point? Breaking Amish …hmmm I wonder what that means?