Holly Madison debuts trim post-baby body


It’s been less than a month since Holly Madison gave birth to her first child, baby Rainbow Aurora, and she’s already back to looking like a pinup.

The former Playmate wowed at Cirque du Soleil Presents “One Night For ONE DROP” in Vegas Friday in a cute, curve accentuating blue dress.

Losing baby weight has definitely been Holly’s goal since giving birth. She told In Touch that she installed a gym in her house so she could do yoga, pilates, and cardio to help shed the 40 pounds she gained during pregnancy.

Most celebrities lose weight quickly after giving birth, sometimes making it seem way too easy. Holly had to take time off from her Vegas Show, Peep Show, which is now starring Ice-T’s wife Coco, so she’s hoping to get back in shape so she can get back on the Vegas stage.

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  • awoman

    Spanx and belts go a long way. I don’t know why I didn’t do it after I had my son. I wore pajamas for a couple of months. lol

  • cdhb

    She looks like Bubbles from Power Puff Girls lol

  • savannah

    Her body looks awesome! Hair is kinda greasy looking tho…LOL but props to her, I’m sure that after I have a baby I’ll be a hot mess.

  • sanoga

    Insane.. didn’t she give birth, like, 2 weeks ago?!

  • anjealka

    She gained 35-40 lbs (per different articles) & since her job(peepshow) requires her to be in shape I’m sure she was following a workout program during pregnancy. She could have easily lost 20-25 just by giving birth (I believe in the low 20lb range is average for all women). So she really has 10-15 lbs to loose. If she is careful with diet and excerise, she should be fine in 6-8 weeks. Her arms and legs looked great during pregnacy so ad a little spanx int he picture and she looks great. I do dislike her being so public about the timeframe and weight loss because it is different for every women. Holly had professional help and job requirements which is a whole different story then a women who has a c-section, several kids and home and no paid help or extra money for special diets or workout programs.

  • Courtney

    She looks great! Good for her! I honestly think she has a great heart and will be a GREAT mom! The more I hear her daughter’s name the more it grows on me and I like it! I think I might even be a little jealous that I can’t use it now! 😉