Eden Wood’s former manager to release Toddlers & Tiaras tell-all book

Eden Wood visits Planet Hollywood to promote her new show, 'Eden's World' in New York City, USA on April 13, 2012.

If you’ve ever watched TLC’s Toddler’s & Tiaras, you’ve surely heard of Eden Wood. As a matter of fact, you’ve probably heard of her even if you haven’t seen the show. Well, Eden’s former manager Heather Ryan has written a tell-all book exposing all the behind-the-scenes antics of both Eden and her mother Mickie Wood — and she’s using Eden’s former publicist to launch it.

Eden, now 8, began competing in pageants when she was 14 months but retired when she was just 6 years old to pursue her acting and modeling career. Eden now travels the world meeting other beauty queens and has recently launched her own clothing line. However, during the time she was on the show she was apparently no Miss Perfect, and in her upcoming tell-all, Heather paints Eden as a total brat.

“Mickie was afraid that Eden would have a psychotic meltdown on camera because the child was not used to doing the ‘charitable thing’ by giving away toys on her own birthday… Mickie was so worried that Eden would melt down when she realized we were donating all the toys that I collected to children in the hospital, that she was chain smoking like a fiend…” Heather wrote in a chapter titled “Music Videos and Fake Philanthropy,” detailing an episode of the show in which Eden was to make a toy donation to the Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa.

“I gathered several donations from generous friends and went shopping for additional items listed on the Blank Children’s Hospital website to make a pretty display of toys for ‘Eden to Donate’ to sick, hospitalized children, in honor of her 6th birthday,” Heather continues. “Mickie purchased a bunch of toys for Eden at the Wal-Mart when she arrived in Iowa, so that Eden wouldn’t see other children, regardless of their life threatening illnesses, receive toys when she did not.”

Mickie Wood and Eden Wood, the child pagent contestant and star of 'Toddlers and Tiaras', Eden Wood, promotes her new documentary series entitled 'Eden's World' at Planet Hollywood in Times Square in New York City on April 13, 2012. (Photo Credit: PNP/ WENN.com)
^ Mickie Wood and Eden Wood promote ‘Eden’s World’ at Planet Hollywood in in New York City on April 13, 2012. (Photo Credit: PNP/ WENN.com)

“The book goes into depth about the abuse and fame game that Eden’s mother, Mickie Wood has played for the past five years,” Andrew Sullivan (Eden’s former publicist who will be helping Heather launch the book) told Radar Online. “It is being released self-published and will debut the first week in April.”

Heather also wrote about a trying time during a music video shoot they did for Eden’s single, “Cutie Patootie.”

“When Eden returned to Iowa during her birthday weekend, February 18, 2010, I also set up a shoot schedule for her to film her very first music video. Again, I wanted Eden to be the ground breaker for which every other pageant girl aspired. No other girl had a doll, a book, a single, and now a music video,” Heather explained. “Mickie was absolutely worthless in all things production and creative – not to mention budget. We had absolutely no budget at all for a music video, so I was tasked with, and devised a plan, to create a mall concert scene where people actually showed up – for no pay – and cheered as if they were big fans… Pulling off these tasks were not that easy an undertaking.”

Heather says the book will be full of controversial tidbits about Eden, her mother, and “a very heavy focus on her father as well.”

Let’s just hope Heather’s literary endeavor turns out better than her musical one. Here’s the music video for “Pageant Mama Drama” recorded by Heather Ryan and Mickie Wood back when they were on speaking singing terms:

Photos: WENN.com

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  • A.P.

    I don’t personally know her so I have no idea if she is a total brat or not but no 6 year old has the mental capacity to comprehend why they are giving toys to other children on their own birthday, regardless if these children have terminal illnesses. Even if you explain what terminal illness means to her, she doesn’t understand the severity of the situation and therefore I can’t really blame her mom for going out and purchasing toys for her own daughters birthday.

    • Jenn

      If you teach your child not to be a complete brat then it is possible. A child shouldn’t expect to be spoiled on their birthday so they should be fine with seeing others receive gifts and not just them. If the child expects to be spoiled on their birthday instead of seeing it as a surprise and being grateful then that child is a brat. If your child throws a fit over something like that then you haven’t done your job at teaching your child to not be a spoiled brat.

      • spottedgiraffe

        So you don’t give your kids presents on their birthday?

        • Jenn

          Giving your child a few gifts is one thing, but a child should not expect to be spoiled with tons of gifts on their birthday. Growing up I got maybe 2 large gifts for my birthday. It wasn’t because we couldn’t afford gifts it was because my parents were not going to smother me in gifts just because some expected them to on my birthday. I survived and have grown up to understand that gifts don’t mean shit.

    • DeeDeDee

      My child at the age of 5 understood perfectly well that there were other kids in need and that’s why we donated toys. He’s even asked me if he could donate to more. While there are some that don’t want to grasp the subject, not all children don’t have the “mental capacity.”

      • spottedgiraffe

        so you’re telling me that on your child’s birthday you got a bunch of toys and had your child watch as you gave them all away and had him receive nothing? If yes then you’re a liar because no 5 or 6 year old would be okay with that. Mickey bought Eden birthday presents so Eden was content on giving the mass amount of toys away to the hospital since she got something too. All little kids think this way.

        • DeeDeDee

          I wasn’t saying that she shouldn’t go buy her daughter toys. I was directly referencing the fact that my child had the mental capacity to understand charity as early as 5 years old. Nothing more, nothing less.

  • Hmm.. I shall be purchasing the book 🙂

  • That video, what the f#%k.

  • kate

    Nobody feels bad about the fact that this is an eight year old who has been exploited her whole life- and now some woman is profiting from this exploitation by slamming the girl, her mother and “focusing heavily on the father” (come on, tell me that doesn’t sound positive *sarcasm*). It’s not like this little girl has a choice, give her a chance before you lambast her parents in the media and in books for her to read about when she’s older.

  • nameless

    so this woman was behind the pathetic home “music videos”, self published books and dolls, all the self created “fame” and made Eden Wood and her mother laughing stocks for the public, and now she’s writing a book slamming them… and she’s a MANAGER? what the hell?

  • Jenn

    Her making the girl give her gifts away makes me think the woman was acting out Mommie Dearest. Joan Crawford mad her children give their gifts away after making them open all of them. Not saying there is anything wrong with donating the gifts, but it is obvious to me that was what she was doing.

  • Gumby

    she probably still got presents on her birthday and a ton of attention. she just also had to ‘give’ (ok be filmed giving) some presents away too. it’s more disturbing that at that age she would assume that when anyone buys toys that they are for her. that’s what 2 year olds do. sounds like she is very spoilt. i feel so sorry for her because if she were surrounded by other kids (that weren’t her pageant competition) instead of being in the grown up world of showbiz where everyone from her mother to her manager are trying to make money off her she would probably have learnt.