16 & Pregnant’s Izabella Tovar and Jairo Rodriguez set wedding date

'16 & Pregnant' star Izabella Tovar and fiance Jairo Rodriguez's Save The Date card for upcoming wedding

16 & Pregnant Season 3 star Izabella Tovar and her fiance Jairo Rodriguez have finally set a date for their wedding. The two have been together for about four years now and have been engaged for around two. During a recent holiday, Jairo had a big surprise for his fiancé — a brand new ring! So, in addition to her wedding date reveal, Izabella has also debuted her new bling.

“Big announcement!! (: <3, Izabella wrote on Twitter along with the Save The Date card you see above which reveals their wedding date to be June 8, 2013. And just last week, Jairo got Izabella a brand new engagement ring, which he presented to her on Valentine’s Day — it was the “best Valentine’s Day present EVER.”

Izabella Tovar's engagement ring from Jairo Rodriguez

Izabella and Jairo appeared on the third season of 16 & Pregnant after finding out that she was pregnant at just 15-years-old. Izabella had always said that although she was engaged, she didn’t plan to marry until after she was done with school.

Izabella and Jairo welcomed their son Enrique Jairo in September 2010. However, they recently renamed him “Henry!” At the time, Izabella explained her decision on Twitter. “Enrique = Henry. When we went to Mexico, my family began to call him Henry b/c they figured we used the English version…” Izabella wroteadding, “Henry is easier for a 2 year old to pronounce, so Enrique began to call himself ‘Henry.’ We have since stuck to Henry b/c we love it,” Izabella adds, even though Henry’s legal name is still Enrique.

Izabella Tovar and Jairo Rodriguez of '16 & Pregnant'

It will be a summer full of wedding bells for MTV’s ground-breaking documentary series! Just one month after Izabella and Jairo tie the knot, 16 an Pregnant Season 1 alum (and eventual Teen Mom couple) Catelynn and Tyler will follow on July 13.

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  • PaigeMyrissa

    They changed his name cuz it was to hard to pronounce? Okay…

    • Kris

      It was hard for the baby to say, not them!

      • Charla

        If its his name, he will learn how to pronounce it. It seems like they are just trying to Americanize his name. Many children have names that may be hard for a two year old to pronounce.

        • Burkey

          They didn’t legally change his name. I’m sure when he’s older they’re not gonna hide the fact that his actual name is Enrique. Plenty of people are called by a different name than their birth name for their whole lives, it’s basically a nickname. What is the big deal?

          • Charla

            I don’t recall saying it was a big deal. I gave my opinion on the matter.

    • Sandy

      They didnt change his name. His name is still enrique and henry is WAY easier to pronounce for a little kid

    • Mickey

      My 4 month olds name of KristiAnne, my 17 month old shortened it herself to just Anne. I mean, of it’s easier for him then whatever.

    • Renee L

      This is a little late, but Enrique is Spanish for Henry. Like Juan is for John, Miguel for Michael, etc. So they’re just calling him by his English name. I used to work with an Enrique/Henry who went by Henry most of the time.

      • jamey

        they live in the us, not mexico, so they should of just called him henry to began with 🙂 jmo

        • Renee L

          You need to tell them, not me. I’m just saying it started when they were in Mexico. It’s their nationality, and they’re kid, they can do whatever the hell they want. I don’t care one way or another, I’m just stating that Henry is english for Enrique.

          • jamey

            I was just putting it out there as well, and telling everyone. I just replied to you because you were explaining it, as well as being a recent poster 🙂

            • Renee L

              Gotcha. No problem. 🙂

  • Congrats!!! Beautiful ring.

  • Abrianna1234

    OMG, congrats you guys! They are honestly one of the best couples I’ve seen (:

    • Ace

      They do seem like one of the ‘normal’ couples on the show, good for them.

  • :))))))))

    I am really happy for them. They were seriously the best couple on that show.

  • tab

    wow, what a ring!

  • amberc88

    he is awesome! he works at the walgreens by my work so i see him almost every day! I havent ever seen her there tho

  • Lupe

    my 3 yr old son is named Enrique and he’s been able to pronounce it just fine since he was 1yr old. my younger 9 month old is named Jairo and Enrique can pronounce it too. I don’t see why you wouldn’t show them their name and let them appreciate it

  • babyyy g

    Im mexico we call all enrique’s “kike” Lol

  • rosie

    I think he looks more feminine then her…

  • jamey

    so did they get married?? and did catelynn and tyler get married??

  • Sara

    Wow, Izabella is extremely beautiful and could have anyone she wants. Her baby’s daddy is a skeleton at best. Good luck with that.

  • angel

    Lol let me know when you feel like the owned pathetic shit you are!! Henry 2 years later lolol I’m shocked MTV didn’t buy you already. Its because even disgusting Jenelle was a better mother than you.

  • eva soto

    They are so cute together and hope for the best