Is Catfish’s Nev Schulman single? Meet his girlfriend Shanee Pink!

Nev Schulman and girlfriend Shanee Pink

At the conclusion of Monday night’s episode of Catfish show host Nev Schulmann made a startling announcement on Twitter — he has a girlfriend! And not just that, she’s a musician and her song was featured in the episode! (Turns out, despite the persistant rumors, he’s not dating his friend Max, his “cameraman” and travel buddy on the show.)

Here’s Nev’s tweet:

SPOILER ALERT: I have a girlfriend that im crazy in love with. Her music was in tonights ep. Check her out & show her some love: @shaneepink

And in response to the inevitable cavalcade of tweets asking if the two had actually met, Nev wrote:

PS – Yes, she’s totally real and no we didn’t meet online 😉

Shanee was also excited, writing “So excited my song ‘Irresistible’ is playing on tonight’s episode of Catfish The TV Show!

Catfish host Nev Schulman girlfriend Shanee Pink

So who is Nev Schulman’s girlfriend Shanee Pink? Here’s her bio from her website:

Shanee Pink is a pop chanteuse born in LA, raised in Tel Aviv and currently living in New York City. Her songs playfully mix polished electronic pop, alternative folk, and classic rock. Shanee’s soulful, ethereal voice frequently draws comparisons to strong female vocalists such as PJ Harvey and Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star. A self-taught singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist born into a family of musicians, Shanee’s style is inspired by 80s pop and classic rock icons such as David Bowie and Stevie Nicks, artists whose fierce individuality commanded attention from the mainstream. Much like the icons she adores, her musical style is flexible and constantly changing yet very much her own.


Shanee Pink photo

As one-part of dreamy duo Pink & Noseworthy, Shanee’s haunting voice stood front and center while languid waves of fragile folk carried her out to sea. Now her own leading lady with a new EP co-produced with Yonatan Levy, Shanee Pink introduces her fresh voice and old soul charm to the world. The EP, titled “Our United Hearts,” is available now on iTunes. A music video for “Ain’t Love,” the EP’s leading track, was filmed on the shores of Montauk, New York. Shanee is currently at work on her debut LP in Silverlake, California.


I’m not sure how long the two have been dating, but Shanee made this rather heartfelt blog post on January 6:

My heart swells with love. So much, at times, it hurts.
I try to learn how to gently share such a force bursting out of me like a surging river.
It changes lives, it overwhelms, it knows very well how to leave me thirsty and weak.
I crave for that water. I know it reaches far and deep
and then it seeps, into every hollow void, into every hiding crease.
I haven’t yet figured how to divert this river back to me.


Could it be that Nev is diverting that river?Shenee Pink of Pink and Noseworthy

UPDATE – Speaking of Nev, Shanee and water, click here to check out Shanee’s music video for the single “Spreading In The Light” starring Shanee and Nev at a dinner party and gettin’ lovey dovey under water!

Who is Nev Schulman's girlfriend? Singer Shanee Pink

You can hear Shanee’s song “Irresistable” used on las night’s episode of Catfish here.

And here’s her music video for the song “Ain’t Love:”

And here’s Shanee as part of Pink and Noseworthy performing a stripped down version of the song “Light Feather” from their self titled debut album live on KPFK in Los Angeles, April 18 2009:

Congrats to Nev and Shanee! Or as I guess we will now call them, Shaneev!

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  • Whitney

    If you look on her twitter account you will see that she referred to him as her boyfriend back in November when Catfish was starting. So to answer you question of how long they’ve been dating…at least since then lol


      Yup, i was just going to say before i saw your comment that on November 12, 2012 she referred to him as her boyfriend (a tweet he also favorited).

      I really only wanted to write that comment since that’s my birthday and i felt special but you beat me to the punch…LOL

  • Cheermom

    Best of luck to Nev & Shanee

  • guest

    truthfully i thought he was gay. he gave off that gay or bi vibe. kinda shock that he has a gf. then again i know gay guys that have gfs very good looking ones

    • JMac

      I thought the same! Which was only confirmed in my mind when I saw the huge tramp stamp tattoo and bikini brief underwear he wears in the catfish movie. maybe shes his beard?

    • Hello

      You’re not the only one who thought Nev was gay. I still say Shanee is a beard.

      • Homer Simpson

        wtf is a beard? other than the hairy thing on my chin.

    • Homer Simpson

      It’s a cover story. Look at the grey haired guy… he’s clearly gay, yet he has a “wife”

  • Thought Nev was gay

  • micro OP

    Well it’s cute they are in love, but he’s so douchey I’m not sure what she could see in him. But hey love is love!

    • LOL

      I’d say he’s more of a tool than a douche.

  • Fluffy Jones

    hes gay look at her

  • Catfishfan13

    theres no way nev is gay or there wouldn’t even been a Catfish movie so lay off him and just wish him luck with his new girl.

  • Carolync

    WHat all of you must be jello lol shes beautiful and he is hott i so have a crush on him totally hott

    • Homer Simpson

      Eww… she is far from beautiful. She’s not even decent looking.

  • i’ve always thought Nev was hot and has the nicest personality. I dont personally know this guy but the Nev on TV is the guy my mom would love for me to bring home 🙂

    • Homer Simpson

      Aw, your mom likes you bringing home flamers? So cute.

  • JJLove

    i think that nev is super cuute! i wish that I was his gf!:(
    but still happy 4 him.P.S luv catfish!awesome tv show

  • Anon

    My moms name is Shanee

    • erickw93275

      Are you guys ok? The show is about a guy who was talking to a girl over the internet it turned out to be someone else. Not a guy talking to another guy.

  • guest

    No Nev isn’t gay he’s just comfortable enough with his sexuality to show care and affection that most guys cant.

    • Jill Dambrosio

      I agree, I always felt Nev was heterosexual , super intelligent, compassionate and HOT !!!

  • Rick Lopez

    Nev is gay. Catfish is fake. You’re all morons for believing otherwise.

  • Cindyrelisha

    She’s ugly as eff… Nev could do much better….

    • Homer Simpson

      She’s just a cover story.

  • kimbles

    who cares if nev was gay? get yer heads out of your asses.This guy has a true heart and from what i see in the footage of his film, photographs and now show hes good people. thats all that should matter.Hes stylish you morons.

    • Homer Simpson


  • Marite Rossi

    This article sounds a bit of a spoof… strangely enough, if you search for “is Nev/Max gay” you’ll find two suspiciously similar articles. And then, there’s lots of gay people who get married just to have kids and because of the social pressure.

  • foggy

    He has such a whiney voice can’t stand it, its croaky and high

    • beth

      Omg….you people are so critical! First of all…the show started because he fell madly in love with a women he met online. I highly doubt he is gay. He just isn’t your average typical guy guy….which is a good thing in the eyes of many women. Also…his girlfriend is beautiful!

  • John

    He has a tramp stamp ffs.. gay

  • Nova

    If anyone paid attention to the whole story of how CatFish began, then you all would know Nev is NOT gay…

    • Homer Simpson

      He probably thought the person catfishing him was really a man.

  • Hello86

    If she is not attractive then I must look horrendous. She is a beautiful woman. I think some of you are just bitter.

  • cocobaby

    Ok y’all are either very negative or very miserable stop being so judgmental deal with the fact that they are not gay

  • martin

    wow so he lies on that catfish show ?? he portrays himself a s gay friendly .. what a bitch.. and a shame he cant chose a more interesting woman she is a dog

  • Alias Darker

    Oh please, he’s gay and she’s his beard

  • David Johnson

    Just watched that show with Psychic from Jupiter FL who obviously knows the Foster parent who someone who spent time in the Penitentiary with the dec’d male. Your show looks/sounds like nonsense when you start saying, “I believe her.” Psychic’s are fakes 100%. You were out of your depth and should have consulted at least a P.I or even the Police/Sheriff. You did no background on the fraud Courtney (getting free advertising).
    Did you check to see if she was Gypsy related.? Did you check to see if she had a Psychic Business license.

  • rollerblademan

    Anyone can have a girlfriend… Doesn’t mean that he is straight….no way this guy is straight