Ex Buckwild cast member discusses pay, synthetic weed on set and hooking up with Salwa


The dude on the other end of the Tyler Boulet fist fight that aired on Buckwild shared some interesting insights into the show at a local viewing party during an impromptu interview.

On episode 5 he was labeled simply as “Jesse B” but his full name is Jesse Boardman and he works as a server at the Recovery Sports Grill in Charleston. The Charleston Gazette got him to field some questions and his answers were pretty darn interesting.

Q: How did they pitch the show to you?

A: “They were coming to us, looking for people for a TV show. I was just sitting on my John Deere tractor, havin’ a beer. They were, like, ‘We like this guy!’

Q: So, the episode’s fight was at a party?

A: “Yeah, it was at the girls’ house. The girls have a cabin in Sissonville. The caption on the show tonight says ‘Tyler Fights an Unwanted Guest.’  Well, I was brought to the show by the MTV crew, drunk. And then I got into a fight. So I don’t know how they’re going to play it out…”

Q: Did they get you drunk?

A: “No, no, no. I was drunk before I got there. They called me, lookin’ for me. I was passed out at a bar, and waitin’ for a ride home. They come and picked me up instead and took me to this party.”

Q: They knew you were drunk, though?

A: “Yeah. Really drunk.”

Q: Is anyone going to make a living off this show? Are they paying good wages?

A: “Well, let’s see. I’m gonna be on two episodes it looks like, but I got paid for eight-and-a-half. So, I got paid $8,500 for the first season.

Q: What about the putting of a swimming pool in the back of a coal truck [as seen in one of the first episodes]?!

A: “That was an idea by Shain, the main guy on the show, but was just enforced with money by MTV — something we would do if we had the money to do and we already had the idea for. But MTV was like, ‘Well, hell, we can get that together.'”

Q: So, they rented the truck and..

A:“No, no, no, the dump truck came from a friend of Shain’s, and then they just made sure that everything made it to work to where, you know…”

Our man was asked about the authenticity of the show and he had the following to say:

“There’s some stuff I wish they’d do a little bit different. They did a lot of editing around things that make things look like they aren’t. But I guarantee you, I tell everybody now: the show is not scripted. There was times when they’d be like, ‘OK, guys, let’s all go muddin’ and have a campfire today.’ And then we’d do it, and they’d just film it and see what kind of reactions they would get out of it.”

Two other interesting tidbits from Jesse. I don’t now why but something tells me he’s talking straight and shooting from the hip:

“I don’t know how many of you all actually watch the show, but I have a thing with Salwa on the show where we got together and we hooked up. But then they cut all that out because obviously I’m not a cast member no more. So for somebody random to be with one of the cast members, it didn’t even mean anything for the show.”


“I think that they did really well keeping it PG-13. I remember one time that we were at a cabin in Summersville filming, and they caught two of the cast members smoking synthetic weed out in the woods and told ’em next time they’d do it that they’d be kicked off the show and never be allowed on MTV again. So, it’s not as bad as people thought it was going to be. I think a lot of people are let down by that because the worse it is, the more people want to talk, the more publicity it gets. And then it just kind of got ‘kidded’ down a little bit.”

Pretty interesting stuff there from Jesse. My favorite part was him verifying that the swimming pool dump truck idea was the master-work of Redneck MacGyver, Shain Gandee. I ain’t skeerd to admit I’m a big Candee Gandee fan!

To get Jesse B’s full interview head here.

  • Booger

    Ugh this show is boring as hell…. Go away

  • m e

    So Salwa DID sleep with Jesse J’s boy in Jesse J’s house!

    • Meg

      This guy isnt Jesse J. Jesse J was Shaes ex. This was the Jesse that was the ugly chicks friend (ashley?) They went to his gross house to party than the next day he got driven to the girls house with puke all over himself. He told Salwa he loved her and Tyler beat him up. This guy was a complete mess and I doubt he was ever supposed to be a main character. That being said all these girls seem to sleep around so it wouldn’t fully shock me if he did sleep with Salwa, but I feel like there’s more of a chance Ashley (again may be wrong on that name) hooked up with him. Since she was the one that brought everyone (not including Sawla) to his house, she was the only one including the guys that wasnt disgusted by the house. Than she also drove him to the girls party. With how he acted towards Sawla seemed stalker creepy. Im doubtful a hookup between her and this Jesse B ever happened.

  • Just saying

    I know “Jesse B.” and he’s a douche in real life too. The guy has a kid and doesn’t want anything to do with him. The mother of his child has a text of him basically saying he does not care about the child and does not want to see him. He’s to worried about trashy females. So I wouldn’t take anything he says seriously he’s nothing but a liar. I also know that half of the people they interact with on the show were paid just to act that way. It’s all bs.

  • Maya

    These white trash trailer park reality shows have go!It’s embarrassing as an Americans for other countries to see us this way.

  • true

    this show is so damn stupid. who wants to see a bunch of dirty rednecks get drunk and act stupid? the only reason people watch this show is to make fun of these fools. theyre laughing AT them not with them

  • Alicia

    I find it so funny that a lot of people hate on reality shows but they are the first to comment lol. If you don’t like the shows then don’t watch or bother wasting your time commenting because believe it or not there are people who enjoy it! This show is less drama then half the shows I watch and I love it!! They are just having fun..Nothing wrong with that!

  • Dan

    I’ve actually had the please of spreading my legs for Jesse B a couple of times, and had my face down between his legs some too. He aint bad at all. Not a douche and I think he would have been a good on going cast member. Too bad they cancelled the show. I got some nudes of Jesse B if anyones wants to see them. He looks good and is hung huge! And I dont think he mind if you all see him that way. Pretty hot stuff.