VIDEO Watch two dudes in complete agony simulate labor contractions


Somewhere Johnny Knoxville and Steve-O have to be kicking themselves in the babymakers wondering why they never attempted the following TV gold. Two dudes, Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno from their Dutch show Guinea Pigs, decided they would do their best at simulating labor contractions, proving what we already knew, men really aren’t cut out for that line of work.

Dennis and Valerio had electrodes strapped to their stomachs and were given increased voltage over a 2 1/2 hour period. What resulted was some serious agony and overall horrific screams of pain and suffering. The ladies administering said stimulation-simulation appeared to be enjoying the experiment as they calmly requested that these poorly equipped gentlemen stay calm and go with the flow while they were subjected to waves of misery.

This is all in Dutch, but men screaming themselves silly while trying to act pregnant is the international language of “Ha!”

The clip does have a caption option (click on the CC and you can read the English subtitles). Here were some of Dennis and Valerio’s deep insights on their journey:

Valerio (dude in black pants): “I hate the way this feels.” “[It feels] as if they’re poking around with a coil of barbed wire inside my belly.” “Arggghhhhhaaghhhhhh!!!” “I don’t know if I can take this much longer. I swear.”

Dennis (dude in blue pants): “It looks as if I’m in control, but that last one… I could cry.” “Sh!t!!!” “Dawwwwwhhhhh!!!”

Wow. Of course neither one of these dudes had to go through all the “fun” of the months and full-out body assault leading up to the big day but at least they tried to relate to a little of the experience. Special props to Dennis for toughing it all the way through.

I would be amiss if I didn’t include a GIF for good measure. For all you moms out there – this is for you!

GIF of man pretending to give birth


  • The women need to also slam them in the back with a sledgehammer to show what back labor feels like.

    I think every father needs to go through this before their wife has a baby…..maybe during the birthing class!

  • amberc88

    i need one of these put on my husband lol and i think all men should be required to do this prior to their wives going in to labor for a better appriciation lol

  • steph

    haha I love their show!

  • Mickey

    Love this! I want my husband to do this!

  • Now if only they could know what it feels like to do that with a big belly, and no time limit to count down from… Just knowing I could go through this for another 15-20 And I agree Alyssa, I had back Labour too.. Brutal …its nice to see them flop around like that though… Lol

  • justme

    Wonder what they would have thought/done if it had been much longer to have to go through all that. Then there is the IV, getting checked and then having to stay in one position w/not being able to walk around at some point. Geez…

    Loved the part when the one guy was told to find someone to focus on and he said there was just a white ceiling. Had to laugh…I was thinking…tell me about it. :O)

    • justme

      ***something…not someone