Diana Ross storms out of restaurant after being asked to follow rules


Diva is an overused term on these here internets but it’s always applicable to OD (original diva) Miss Diana Ross.

The former Supremes headliner made a scene at a noted Beverly Hills restaurant on Thursday when she was told she would have to follow rules and wait to be seated.

Ross arrived at Italian eatery La Scala to have lunch with her daughter and was informed they do not seat anyone until their entire party has arrived. Diana was on the scene before her daughter and was therefore asked to wait. The 68-year-old living legend was having none of this, according to the New York Post, and made her way to a corner booth.

Management, this is why they’re the managers after all, came to Ross’ claimed table and attempted to patiently inform her of their seating policy. In the process they let her know that she would not be served unless she waited for her daughter to arrive. Ross ignored their requests and once her daughter did show up they created a scene and stormed out.

The owner of La Scala, Gigi Leon, told the Post:

“Our policy is that we don’t sit incomplete parties. If people jump the line, our policy is we don’t serve them, and she was told that. We treat everyone the same, whether you’re famous or not. We love having her as a customer. We’d be happy to have her back.”

I think I like my Italian cuisine served with a little passive-aggressive flair! La Scala may not have had Diana stop in the name of love but they did have her walking when they applied their rules to everyone.

Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/ WENN.com

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  • Jessipoo

    Good for them. There’s no reason anyone, famous or not, should be treated differently.

  • jeff

    Good, I love it when someone can knock these useless divas down a few pegs. Shut up Diana Ross, this isn’t the 70s, no one cares about you. Stop throwing a temper tantrum like a child. She needs a good b**** slap.

  • It’s time more bsinesses would do the same thing to all who think they are more important than s regular people.

  • kaja

    these rules are stupid anyway, famous or not famous.
    i mean, how rude is it to let people wait until they can sit down when there is space to sit down.

    • disqus_QmTSOznNlr

      being a server myself, there are many reasons to make people wait. sometimes one person comes in to hold a table for say 9 people (which requires the server to push together three tables). an hour or 2 goes by and only 3 more show up. so while the restaurant turns other customers away because they don’t have tables, you could have used the two extra from this “table of 9”

      • joe kocur

        Absolutely correct. I love it when one person shows up 2 hours early, hogs the table set up for 10, and costs the restaurant and the server a lot of money.

  • joe kocur

    Waited on her @ a famous restaurant in Wash. D.C. while in college. Waited on hundreds of famous people and I can honestly say she was the absolute rudest person I’ve ever met. The only other person that comes close is Dan Snyder.