UPDATE What did Brandi Glanville say about Adrienne Maloof?

Tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills turned into a mystery. Brandi Glanville was gabbing with the girls at a food tasting at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant SUR, and suddenly she said something about Adrienne Maloof that shocked everyone. She said that Adrienne is a liar, and that she especially lies about this one thing, But, the viewers won’t ever know what was said because it was edited out!

Later, at an event for Mauricio’s real estate company The Agency (which Mauricio said was gonna pull in $600-750 million in the first year), Kim Richards told Adrienne and Paul what Brandi said and they were livid. Adrienne immediately said what was said was defamatory, and she was going to file a lawsuit. All we can glean from the comments people made about what was said is that it has something to do with Adrienne and Paul’s family?

Paul: “Someone says anything about my family, I’m not going to take that lightly.”

Adrienne: “Brandi crossed the line and hit below the belt. I can’t believe Brandi would sink to this level…this is absolutely so classless . . . This girl lies 24/7. She had too much time on her hands. She’s not taking care of her own kids!” Adrienne charges.

At the end, Adrienne accused Brandi of being a drug addict, which they didn’t edit out. With all the things Real Housewives have said about each other over the years, what could have convinced Bravo to completely censor what Brandi said, but still have it be an integral part of the storyline?

UPDATE – It appears as though all the rumors that Brandi accused Adrienne of having her children via a surrogate may be true. “There’s a gathering that most of the cast attends except Adrienne,” a RHoBH insider tells Wetpaint. “And during the party, Brandi takes issue with the fact that Adrienne insists she had her three boys naturally, while Brandi insists Paul and Adrienne used a surrogate.”

Kyle Richards addressed Brandi Glanville’s remarks about Adrienne Maloof on her Bravo blog, writing “What started out to be a simple food tasting turned out to be the start of a very intense feud between Brandi and Adrienne. What Brandi said at the table was a very private matter. What she says Adrienne “lied” about, does not fall into the category of a lie. It falls in the “it’s nobody’s business” category. Not about anyone else except her family. It doesn’t effect Brandi or any of us in any way, shape, or form. I understand when you’re upset with someone you say things you don’t mean, but talking about private family matters is below the belt. It had gone too far.”

She then added:

I felt bad because Brandi and I have our ups and downs but we were in a good place and now this. Regardless of why she said what she did, it was wrong. There was no denying that.

I understand Paul being so protective. He felt he was protecting Adrienne and his family. I have never seen Paul upset like that and know him to be a kind, gentle person.

I know its frustrating not to hear what was said, but it is a private matter. Yes, this is a reality show and we all put our lives out there, but to some, certain things are too sacred.

Adrienne and her husband Paul have since split, and they have both accused each other of some terrible things.

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  • I am guessing the multi billion dollar Maloof fortune is what caused bravo to edit it out.

  • Karen

    She said Adrienne used a surrogate for BOTH of her sons. She NEVER even carried her own babies! Its not a rumour, its true.

    • Mikimiki

      Ahhhh. That makes sense.

      • why is that a big deal that you are going to make a big sense and sue someone.

    • but…

      but that can’t be it because a few episodes ago Adrienne told viewers will they were on her trip herself she couldn’t relate to the women’s conversation because she didn’t have them naturally she had a surrogate.

      • Layla

        No, that was camille who said that.

        • Chunkdog1

          No Layla, Camille said she couldn’t relate because she never gave birth. Camille has been very open about using a surrogate, due to her health problems with IBD.

      • ashley

        That was Camille who said that last week Adrianne said she had a c section with hers.

      • doll

        Adrienne had a c section

    • Laideebug

      That’s not even that big of a deal. If it’s true, they’re being major drama queens over it. People have used surrogate for years. I don’t see the big deal in that at all.

      • If you have not told your children it is a very big freaking deal! Brandi went too far, waaaayyyyy too far.

        • Karla

          Adrienne shouldnt tell friends her secrets if she doesn’t want them out. ESPECIALLY when they involve family. Brandi did not go too far because its obviously common knowledge around the group AND its not their legal or moral responsibility to hide something Adrienne obviously told them. It says a lot more about Adrienne to hide/lie about how her children were born than to live honestly. NEVER TELL ANYONE ANYTHING YOU WOULDNT WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW. geez people. aint nobody got mama’s teaching them these things? dang. Middle school taught me that lesson.

  • Mel

    it’s probably about the abuse allegations that came out during their divorce

  • What’s wrong with that, if she did it. Camille admitted she use a surrogate. Really Adrienne (Blank stares).

  • Ellen1

    So what if Brandi ‘said’ Adrienne used a surrogate…? the statement could only possibly merit a defamation lawsuit if Brandi actually lied. Yes? Whether true or false, why is it so “personal and below the belt” for someone– especially some rich person to use a surrogate to have children? Who cares? IMHO–All of these bee-atches are liars, gossipmongers and talk trash.. Its very entertaining and I watch this show and comment in that same spirit. LOL

  • DINA

    I am so sick of everyone criticizing Brandi about everything. She is more real than any and I mean any Housewives from OCHW to NJHW. Didn’t anyone notice in last season the way the Maloofs were speaking to each other? You could visibly notice they did not like each other any more. Brandi being to blame for anything is just freaking stupid. The only person on that show that seems like a good mother is Kim, mostly b/c she is the only one that shows her chiildren. Kim I swear if you turn into a bitch again I won’t be watching. You already had to apologize many times for your poor behaviour and what a bitch you and your Sister were to Brandi. And guess what Brandi was right wasn’t she??
    The reason we all Brandi is because she doesn’t take any shit and alot of shit is thrown her way. Do treat her like this again just sucks. NO WONDER SHE IS SICK!! Good Luck with your Surgery Brandi.,

    For Adrienne to stite there and pretend she never heard the word was ridiculous and f….ing stupid b/c she must think we are all stupid or something. She deserved to be told to shut the f up b/c they were actually apologizing to each other unti she piped up, and wouldnt stop badgering so I would have told her to f shut up as well.
    So did I hear rumors or facts that Adrienne’s husband beat on her? Anybody know more about that. And
    I love you Camille please don’t leave the show.
    Who is the billionare involved with big lips? I was wondering how she could afford to keep up with the ladies now I see why. PLEASE GET YOUR LIPS FIXED THEY ARE SO DISGUSTING YOU ARE PROBABLY A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN BUT YOUR LIPS GET IN THE.


  • Bitesizecupcake

    I think…Brandi said that they neglect their kids by leaving them with “the hired help”. That makes more sense.

    • Mishi

      Has to be more than that. It doesn’t make sense for character assassination as maloof calls it. It’s probably some type ofa use or molestation.

  • Ugly Adrienne and Ugly Adrienne’s husband can go to hell, their not entertaining and annoying to watch, get rid of Kim too please, ever girl named Kim on real housewives really sucks!

  • Kristal

    They took out Brandi saying that Paul abuses her and the children. Bravo cannot keep that part in the show because it’s prohibited from talking about an ongoing case and trial/divorce.

    • Truth Cannon

      I doubt that because Brandi has Paul have made up publically on twitter.

      • PennyMissMoney

        Is it possible that it was Adrienne was the subject of such an accusation?

    • Feisty

      Kristal seems to be on the money. During the divorce Adrienne herself accused Paul of abusing their sons. People with money think they can do what ever they want and make other’s believe what they want. I believe Brandi, she’s the type of person that just says the truth. It was obvious that Adrienne and Paul seemed fake. I can’t believe they were actually married.

  • Guest

    They* him* SORRY

  • I don’t think it’s about a surrogate. I think they adopted their children and their children don’t know.

  • Laideebug

    The season has shown that later Paul and Adrienne separate so Brandi must have said something that maybe Paul is abusive or maybe one of them cheated on each other or that they’re divorcing, something bigger than Adrienne using a surrogate. I just see a big deal in using a surrogate, not big enough to merit a lawsuit!

  • Katja

    I really really did not like Paul’s threatening and intimidating behaviour towards Brandi at Mauricio’s event. I think the Maloofs are classless, not Brandi. They were both swearing like troopers on the way out, so they need to stop acting as if they’re above everyone. I like Brandi, she’s real and she doesn’t let people manipulate her or take any sh*t from them. Team Brandi!

    • I find it funny how these women act so shocked when Brandi cusses, but then go on to do it themselves. I would love to tell them all to STFU!!! Bunch of phony-a$$ beotches. Leave the girl alone, she’s been through enough already.


      • Kola

        Money doesn’t give you class, it just gives you money!

  • the truth

    brandi sucks massive amounts of cocks she is stuffed with STD’s and she is a full blown drug addict that spills herpes and lies at the same time

    • Jayla

      Lol is that you Leeann.

  • davis

    brandi is a huge liar that is trying to get attention because she is a broke ho that cant make anymore money spreading her legs now that it is known how gross she is down there. she actually got paid for a while to keep her legs closed.

  • Jenn

    It had to be something with their kids because of the way they reacted…you don’t talk smack about peoples kids or that’s the reaction you’ll get…then Adrienne made that comment about Brandi’s kids so had to be something along those lines.Brandi’s such an attention wh0re why is it her business to air another family’s business just because she likes to go on & on & on &on about what happened to her…honestly she probably loves the fact her husband cheated on her sadly it’s her only claim to fame(if you can even call it that).How many years ago was that…get over it!Her & Taylor are shameless money hungry wh0res.I love how Brandi is now Lisa’s new poor person pet project…her new Cedric!

  • Noneya

    I think the big deal is that Adrienne has said that she had c-sections with her kids when she actually was never pregnant at all and used a surrogate. That’s what I’m thinking. Brandi is sick of her lies and this is just another one of Adrienne’s tall tales.

  • Sailor

    Brandi went too far… but what is the big deal if Adrienne used a surrogate? so what??? In the end, only Brandi’s classless behavior is the only thing hurting anyone.

  • adrienne was in one of the mags i read with bruises saying her husband did it.. if you want your family protected why are you publicly showing something like that? its kinda hypicitocal.. if its something that makes her in her own eyes look bad its law suit time if its something that shows her as a victim and to gain in whichever way its free for any one who buys a magazine to see? Brandy should bring that up.. juust sayin.. oo and i am poor so dont bother lol

  • sagistwo

    so what, its not a lie if its true. Camille had her children via surragate, if you cant carry one yourself this is a good alternative. Leave Brandi alone, she is the only real one on the show, love her and lisa

  • jennyjo3201

    so not true…that’s what Adrienne wants people to think she said….but it definitely wasnt about using a surrogate. Adrianne probably started that rumor so she wouldn’t be faced with what Brandy really said

  • JaJa Gabore

    I bet this isn’t even the secret….it’s probably that the kids are adopted or something…and they Maloooooooof’s haven’t told their kids.

  • addy

    OMG if that is what they censored out then adrienne needs to CHILL.. Adrienne is making WAY more out of it and shame on her to yell at brandi and call brandi a drug addict and a liar IF brandi was telling the truth. That makes Adrienne look like a idiot.

  • Tammin

    Why does Brandi constantly have to air out other peoples business? She is always putting herself in the middle and causing issues, telling everyone elses business and making personal and private matters of people public, there was no reason for her to ever bring this up. I cant stand Brandi, she is such a child. She needs to deal with her own family before she starts trying to mess up someone eles.

  • Kat

    Brandi and Paul have made up on Twitter. Interesting. There’s a ton more to this than just saying Adrienne used a surrogate. Possible causes : One of the Maloof’s is abusing either the kids or the other spouse, and since we all know they threw that out about Paul,… makes you wonder. Second, they kids are adopted and they haven’t told me…third…( and this one is way out there but it’s possible..) Adrienne used a surrogate and Paul is NOT the father or Adrienne is NOT the mother by either sperm or egg…Whatever it is, if Paul’s reaction to Brandi’s telling, at Mauricio’s event, has now led him to support Brandi, you KNOW it’s got to be something bad purely on Adrienne or , divorce or not, Paul wouldn’t be sticking up for Brandi on Twitter.

  • Nicole

    There better be a book coming out, I hate how they are teasing us. i would rather they have not aired this season than have to wonder. lol Maybe this divorce will give us some answers.