PHOTOS Ariel Winter and her mother Chrisoula Crystal Workman

Modern Family's Ariel Winter and her mother Crystal Workman

As we reported earlier, 14-year-old Modern Family actress Ariel Winter has been removed from her home amid allegations that her mother Chrisoula Workman, who goes by the name Crystal Workman, emotionally and physically abused her. Also, it was reported by TMZ that Crystal Workman also abused Ariel’s older sister, Shanelle Gray, almost twenty years ago, resulting in her being removed from the home and being placed in foster care!

There is very little information available on Chrisoula Workman, other than she appears to be the owner of Tottally Kids Management in Montrose, California — a talent agency for young actors. (Which makes perfect sense.) But, we were able to find a couple photos of Ariel Winter with her mother Crystal. The photo above was shared online by Ariel in August along with the caption, “Momma and I at the In Style Summer Soirée! 🙂 #photobooth #forthewin”

This next photo was taken outside Demi Lovato’s Los Angeles concert in July, 2012. The photographer identifies the woman walking with Ariel as her mother, Crystal Workman:

Ariel Winter and her mother Chrisoula Workman together in 2012

Meanwhile, Crystal Workman is speaking out and denying the abuse allegations. “It’s all untrue, it’s all untrue,” Crystal (using the name Chris Workman) tells People. “I have my doctor’s letter that my daughter’s never been abused. … I have stylists’ letters that she’s never been abused.”

Bottom photo: Mr Photoman / Splash News

  • Carrie

    OF COURSE she’s going to deny deny deny… stylist letters? doctors letters? Oh okay we believe you now. HA!

  • disqus_ji9pSjd6Xd

    Right. And she runs a kids management agency and probably promoted her daughter above the rest of the “kids.” Her daughter actually owes her livelihood and career to her mother….and probably if she is anything like the millennium kids I’ve seen and worked with, a spoiled, spoiled brat. Especially if she is in the Hollywood scene or lives in California in that environment. The studio execs are nice to her so that they can keep her working and making them money!

    • guest

      Unfortunately I agree with you.