Mayte Garcia’s marriage to Prince, how they lost their child

Hollywood exes Mayte Garcia belldancing photo

VH1’s new reality series Hollywood Exes officially premieres tonight and one of the women viewers will be meeting is Mayte Garcia, the former wife of The Artist Formerly Known As Prince.

Mayte and Prince’s story is a fascinating one that began after Mayte’s love of dance led to her becoming the youngest professional belly dancer in the world, or at least that is how she was billed when she appeared on the show That’s Incredible before she had even turned ten. Years later, while Prince was on tour in Germany where Mayte’s father was stationed at the time, cupid notched his arrow.

“My dad showed him a video of me dancing and Prince asked to meet me,” Mayte recalls. Prince, who was 32 at the time, later met 16-year-old Mayte for the first time backstage.

Prince and Mayte Garcia

“My first thought was, ‘Wow, he’s really – small!’ It came as a surprise, because he’s got such a huge presence on stage,” Mayte says. “When I mentioned I could flip coins on my belly, he called everyone into the room to watch.”

Prince, after asking permission of course, began contacting Mayte and continued to do so for almost two years. Amazingly, he would send her his new recordings and she would respond with her comments on the songs as well as videotaped recordings of her dancing to them. He also talked to her every other day on the phone.

Prince and wife Mayte Garcia in 1997
^ Mayte Garcia and Prince appear on a talk show in 1997

“Looking back, it was a bit surreal,” Mayte recalls. “I didn’t tell many of my friends because they wouldn’t have believed me. It was all quite innocent, but quite intense.”

As soon as Mayte graduated high school at the age of 17, she visited Prince at his home (Paisley Park) in Minnesota and almost immediately was invited to go on an international tour with him as a dancer.

Mayte Garcia was the muse for Prince’s Love Symbol album in 1992 and would star in the music video for the album’s biggest hit, “7.”

Mayte Garcia and Prince wedding photo

On Valentine’s Day in 1996, Mayte Garcia and Prince married. At the time, Mayte was 22 and Prince was 37. Here’s a 1996 interview with the happy couple on The Today Show conducted by Bryant Gumble:

On October 16, 1996, Mayte and Prince had a baby boy and named him Boy Gregory. Tragically, after being born a month premature, Boy Gregory was diagnosed with Pfeiffer syndrome and died at one week old.

Prince and Mayte would famously do an interview with Oprah Winfrey a week later in which they talked as if their son was still alive. Here’s the segment in which Mayte joins Prince and the couple discusses how they met as well as their relationship and Boy Gregory:

“We believed he was going to come back, that souls come back. We didn’t want to acknowledge he was gone, it was our way of grieving,” Mayte recalled in 2006. “Losing a baby is a terrible thing. Some couples are brought closer together after the loss of a child, others are driven apart; in our case the latter happened.”

Prince and Mayte Garcia had their wedding annulled on their third anniversary.

“I don’t really like to speak as to what happened in the marriage,” Mayte said in a recent interview with “I believe in soul mates but I don’t think they have to be forever,” Mayte adds. “I look at it as a beautiful time and a growing time.” She notes the experience is “something I’ll always cherish.”

Mayte Garcia and Tommy Lee of Motley Crue in 2001

Mayte then started dating Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee (the photo above was taken in February of 2001), but that relationship ended after only a couple years. “We’re still really good friends but he didn’t want children,” Mayte says of her relationship with Tommy Lee. Mayte has since revealed that she had a second child and lost it, but hasn’t provided any details.

Mayte has since settled down in Los Angeles where she currently lives with her mother, 7 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 birds. According to her VH1 bio, “she won’t be happy until she’s turned her guest room into a baby’s room … and her clock is ticking!”

Hollywood Exes Mayte Garcia bikini lingerie photo

You can keep up to date on all thing Mayte on her website Hollywood Exes comes on Wednesday nights at 9/8 ET/PT on VH1.

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  • Jenn G.

    Prince is so creepy looking!

    • MEEEEE

      Real mature lady, real mature!

    • meitheu

      are you blind? Prince is handsome and the expression of his talent make him beautiful.

  • Terry Corsello

    She is the sweetest woman. just lovely. I hope she finds real happiness

    • MEEEEE

      Agreed, 100%!


    As beautiful as she is Mayte is crazy. I understand losing a child but expecting people to have the same feelings and to attack someone by throwing a glass at them is not normal behavior at all. If her temper is that bad maybe having a child is not a good thing. I see all these celebs on television who have children behave so violently and its always over something so stupid it makes u wonder how they react when something big happens. When your a mother your a role model for your children and throwing things and bullying people are not the characteristics of a good mother..

    • MEEEEE

      That is a ridiculous comment. People lose their temper, it happens, she’s human. The truth is, you have no idea whether or not she would be a bad mother. Just the simple fact that she wants children SO badly shows that she would be a great mother. She’s shown that she’s capable of intense love & compassion. You’re basing her entire personality on 1 scene in a tv show…that’s just absurd. Stop being so judgmental because you wouldn’t want someone saying that crap about you. Grow up.

      • Cynthia Morse

        Just the fact that she is willing to throw glass not just at Nicole’s but earlier in last season as well in a restaurant where anyone could have been hurt. No one can predict where glass will fly. If she has this out of control temper around her child, it could really scare a baby not to mention hurting her by accident. To say that she did not break the glass (even if it was an accident,) shouldn’t she have apologized and offered to replace Nicole’s property? To run away and hide from her seems childish.

        • ms.D

          Absolutely Crazy. Who breaks someones things calls it an accident then refuses to clean it up pr apolpgize. Only a crazy person. You have no right to go off because someone doesnt share you views on fur!

        • Daone66

          Bitch shut up! And sit down with your stupid comment. Are you a nun? Priest? Monk? Its normal to get upset. You have no idea what this woman is going throu! She wants children so badly and to lose 2!!! She should have punched that bitch..that woman is hurting..and to think she would act like that around a child is pure stupidity. Those woman should not mess with touchy subjects and expect that nothing will be said or done..she deserved more then a glass

      • Don

        BS!! She’s a crazy B!!!!

  • Harris Chavis

    I truly think she is still in love with Prince to be honest with you. And he (Prince) is definitely is not going to admit it, but your crazy times are your best times in your life that will always with you. Its sad when your co-stars and friends are giving you signs to call and have a private sit down with him and discussed some issues which was never resolved. I think she and him is going to be back together.

  • Bucmell

    So sad, they HAD REAL LOVE between them, very hard to miss that kind of connection. Hope they heal all wounds and become whole again.

  • Prince_TheArtist

    My name is Prince n i am Funky, Me n Mayte are getting back 2gether. U heard it first

  • Ollie Lee

    Mayte is crazy she need her ass beat for burning up NICOLE fur hat! She then expected that NICOLE to tell her quest to not wear fur. She then broke Nicole sugar dish. That was disrespectful.

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  • Jolene

    How tragic and sad

    • roxanne

      i cant beleive all the negativity sourounding the death of their child, n a miscarriage, whose buisness is it anyway. i am a mother of 3 children n i would have been devastated if one of my children passed within a week. also concerning the name of the child, again it is not anyones buisness what the child was called except the parents. mayte is a beautiful young woman and she n prince i truly beleive would have still been together today , if this tradgity hadnt have happened. as mayte has stated ,some people are closer than ever when one loses a child, or they are torn apart and cant get passed the tradgity , i wish her well and all the happiness in the world. she now has a little girl gia , who has brought joy into her life, also it breaks my heart that prince has passed, and the tabloids are having a field day with their assumptions . why the hell cant everyone leave it alone, instead they are tarnishing his legacy, n i beleive the family members are suddenly so concerned cause theres a vast fortune involved. i beleive prince was not close to any of them. as far as a will its only my asumption that he didnt care what happened after his passing, you cant take it with you. he may be counting on those that were closest to him to do the right thing. rip roxanne.

      • Annie Gainous Thompson

        Thanks Roxanne for summing this up. I am amazed at how hateful people can be. So much hate directed at Mayte. Everyone seems to forget Prince and Mayte together kept their family issues private. This woman lost her babies and all anyone can talk about is hating her. Well none of us were there and we don’t know what went on. Only Mayte and Prince know and one of them has left us. I agree with you about the will. He often said when you got to attached to things or even people, it could destroy your very essence. RIP

  • Teatime

    What happened to that child? A lot of kids with Pfeiffer lives???

    • Fainie

      He was on life support due to his early birth + the Pfieffer Syndrome and Prince & Matey asked for it to be turned off after a week. The baby was cremated soon after his death. Ask Matey where his ashes are… Also how she invented a miscarriage soon after Boy Gregory (sorry but who doesn’t give their child a proper name!?) died – after her split with Prince and then expanded the story by saying it was because she was vegan and it was Prince who banned her from eating meat and dairy while she was pregnant. But the crazy sticks: She said Boy Gregory was a ‘miscarriage’ (something about not being able to feed him) BEFORE this 2nd baby revelation. I wonder if Prince knew he’d conceived 2? (or even the 1st one)

      • Molly Ann

        I haven’t eaten meat in seventeen years and have had three healthy, full term eight pound babes. Miscarriages happen, it had nothing to do with diet.

      • Annie Gainous Thompson

        I don’t understand the hate for this woman. I’m a diehard Prince fan but I wasn’t there and we don’t know what happened. But there were friends who know about the second child she lost to a miscarriage. She actually named her son Ahmir Gregory. The Boy Gregory was Prince’s idea. When she said she wasn’t able to feed him, she was stating ‘what was wrong with her and why couldn’t she feed her baby’ in the sense of asking why can’t I get nourishment to it. Regardless how we feel, only Prince and Mayte know what happened and he’s gone now. I know he’s not happy at all this hate when he was all about love, peace, and forgiveness. I pray for her strength to move on and I pray for his soul to be at peace. RIP Prince

      • Tracegazer

        Per Mayte, she checked into the hospital under the name Mia Gregory to avoid press. So, naturally it said “Boy Gregory@ on his bassinet. His name was Amiir. As for not being able to feed him, that was a reference to being unable or to nurse due to all the tubes in him.