Asian woman beating baby in viral Youtube video arrested a year ago, currently in prison

Malaysian woman beats child in viral Youtube video

A brutal and horrific video featuring a young Asian woman beating and torturing an infant child laying on a bed went viral on Facebook and Twitter Wednesday evening as a swell of outraged viewers demanded that the identity of the woman in the clip be revealed and she be punished for her heinous crimes. As it turns out, the video is close to a year old and the woman in the clip is currently behind bars after being arrested in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia last May.

“The case was reported in IPD Petaling Jaya on May 29 last year and arrests were made on the same day,” according to a statement posted on the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) Facebook page after they received more than 300 complaints. “The perpetrator is the biological mother of the abused baby girl,” the statement adds.

The woman is currently serving a sentence of 18 months (should be 18 years at least in my opinion) under section 31 (1) Children Act 2001 which covers ill-treatment, neglect, and exposure of children to harm.

Get the latest including why the person who filmed the atrocities did what she did, when the mother might expect to be able to regain custody of her child and most importantly the status of the baby here.

In the video, which you can watch on Youtube (WARNING – VERY GRAPHIC CONTENT), features a young woman sitting on a bed beating on a crying child with a pillow. That escalates to bare hand slapping, then pinching and twisting of the child’s arms and legs, and much more. All of this happens as the camera person watches, recording the entire time. Also, a young boy and a young girl can be seen beside the bed watching as well.

The video was posted with the title “SICK MOTHER BEATING UP 8 MONTH OLD BABY! (share to raise awareness),” which it has appeared to have done. There is now an online petition you can sign to express a wish that the woman in the video receive more prison time.

  • Diana

    This is the most disgusting act of violence I have ever witnessed. To beat a baby, or any child for that matter, is completely reprehensible and definitely warrants a punishment that is suitable to the brutal nature of the crime. I sincerely hope that this woman is never allowed around children again.

    • shar

      I have no words to express how angry and SICK this story has made me!! I physically couldnt eat my dinner when I heard about it. How could anybody do something like that to a helpless baby?! If I was given just 1 minute alone in a room with that woman….!! I hope she has been given the kind of treatment she sooo deserves. What makes me so enraged is that I know so many women who cannot have children or have miscarried and been totally devastated. What is being done about these sick depraved people who treat children like that?! I hope her life is a living hell for the rest of her days

      • Angel

        To beat a helpless baby like that, she should get life in prison! She is the devil let loose!

  • Paige

    I watched exactly 5 seconds of this video before shutting it off. My heart breaks for that babygirl, and I hope she never has to see her mother again.

  • Daysilyn


  • JAY J

    i hope she is locked in a room with chuck Norris and all we get to do is call his name

    • Bella

      Oh yeah…go chuck norris on her @$$

      • Dianna

        i dont know about other counties but in america people in prison give anyone who hurts babies hell (or so iv heard). so if she is in american prison rest assured, they will make sure she pays for it.

  • maude

    is the child still alive?

  • katie

    OMG!!!! 18 months what has the world come 2?? i feel fisically sick in my stomach id love 2 be in a room wiv the bitch feel soooooo sorry for that poor helpless baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Millie

    What about the person filming the video? The person aloud the beating to happened

    • Taylor

      Actually, the woman did try to stop it. She was abused in the process. I think the person filming is her mother, so she’s probably very old and was affraid for herself and the other two children. She recorded this for evidence and turned it into the police.

      So really, without the woman filming this b**** wouldn’t be in jail right now.

      • i cant find anything that says it was her mother that took the video.

  • say

    so someone was just filming this??? doesnt that seem weird to anyone but me?? i mean why would you film this?

    • janell

      i agreed. what is she thinking? why she didn’t even attempt to stop her? why ? she has ugly arms? the country should really drum up the education……

  • Neacy

    I cried watching that video. DONT WATCH IT!!! the poor baby was trying so hard to crawl away and when she was finally able to move enough she crawled to her mom for help who in turn threw her off of her and kept kicking/hitting her while sickos watched and did nothing and the poor baby cried. The most disturbing, deplorable, sicking, saddest thing I have ever seen in my life! DONT WATCH! I think the death penalty should include lunatics like this woman, and if society ever allows this women to regain custody of this child… or any child for that matter it will be the saddest day for the human race.

    • Juanita

      i cried as well and said that i wish i could report her so i got online to see what i could do… i am so glad she had already been caught…i hope she gets more than 18months i know i’m wrong for saying this but i wish that she could get the same that to happen to her like she did to her own child plus something 100 times worse!!!!

    • carol

      A friend showed me this video last night at work and i have not been the same since.My heart goes to the baby i hope she survived.the person shooting the video should have gone to jail too.She stood there and watched the helpess baby be abused and did nothing.I cant stop cying.Whoever has not seen this video pls dont!!18 months only!!.The mistake they will do is to allow this monster to regain custody of the poor angel

    • Dianna

      i don’t think she should get the death penalty, that would be too easy. i think death wouldn’t be punishment enough. she should be kept alive in a prison with no windows, no other human interaction, and in a tiny little cell for the rest of her life.

  • hi

    im so glad the mother is behind jail but 18 months is definatly not enough, she should of atleast got 5 years and she shouldn’t be able to care for her child after this because how can someone who has a sick mind be able to take care of a child. there was no need to such bad abuse to the child the mother is disgusting and the person who recorded is just as bad, what can a 8 month year old baby do thats so bad honestly. the mother should have a longer sentence than just 18 months.

  • Lynn

    I will follow this story till this woman is relaesed and as God is my witness i will fly to Malaysia if she is released and will probably kill her with my bare hands, serve 18months and fly back home!

    • Hi lynn that’s so true ever since I saw 5sec of the video n read the stories on the web I cnt stop feeling this angry ,hurt & upset wish I could meet that women face to face

  • shyanne

    the person who videoed it should go prison too just as the mother beating the child and the two children in the background should get taken into care

  • i cried watchin this horrible video
    if only i was der to help the poor 8-month girl
    she needs more then 18months

  • Julie

    I am shocked at the kind of woman this b!tch is. Children bring nothing but joy in our lives cant we do the same for them. I feel for that little angel. hope that B!tch rots in prison or gets killed before she is released.

  • charlene

    this woman need beating with a BRICK….

    omg i watch 2mins of it before wanting to jump into computer and rip her face to bits

    that poor harmless child that hasnt done nothing as it gets beaten to death…

    I hop someone does what she done to the beautyful 8month old baby..
    so goes with who ever took the video

  • Stephanie

    This is disgusting. I feel so sad for that baby!!

  • christ warriors

    This women deserves more than what she got all I can imagine the person videoing this why could he or she not call for help well plz I don’t advise anyone watching this it made me cry and worst of all it just broke my heart to see that the people God entrust with Kids do this God shall deal with them leave them to God the law should have given her the death penalty or even life behind bars

  • farhana

    18 months?really?this child won’t even take 18 to get over her trauma,∕̴Ɩиϑ I assure you this baby will be affected by this horrific heart was in absolute tatters wen I saw this,I cried the entire nite!no matter how the mother beat her she still holds up her hand to the mother for comfort..GOD will surely deal with her once she’s out of prison,for in my opinion she deserves to die while someone beats her up!I really hope ∕̴Ɩиϑ pray she’s never allowed near her children or any other child for that matter!wretched woman!

  • Keshini Ponnen

    Hope this woman is given her share of beatn in prison… She will burn in hell. Does any1 know if that precious little baby is ok 🙁

  • I initially was more mad @ the people filming this abuse,but them assume that perhaps they did so to expose the abuse ∕̴Ɩиϑ didn’t want to intefere in order to reveal the extent of her abuse.nonetheless it takes a very hard hearted person to allow this happen,no matter what the reason is..∕̴Ɩиϑ this cdve ended in a fatal thumbs down for the “camera man” as well.not on!

  • kye

    omg terrible video i would love to torture her see how she likes it hope she gets beat up everyday in prision sad and twisted poor baby my heart goes out to that baby so sad

  • Mishka P

    I am heart broken at this video! Totally torn! I cant believe any living being would be sO heartless! Forget that! How could the person recording the video just watch and do nothing?? IT IN-hUmane!

    I was origionally sent this video as a link so just opened it!#theTerror! I couldnt watch! And they use the Lords name during process of this disgusting video!

    It is SO graphic and SO horrific! I dont reccomend aNYONE watch it! Esp if your a sensitive viewer!

    Ive watched so many horror’s in my life, but this! This is one hoRror that breaks my heart!
    It was goin on at such a pace that when the lady went for the baby’s hand and pulled, twisted and pinched-i actually closed my eyes cos i genuinely thought she was gonna pull her baby’s arm off!

    Imean it freaked me out so much i actuALLY had to research it, with my fingers crossed HOPING she got caught!

    What the hell are these women onn??
    They should all get help.. Besides actin like mosters in there home! But are so devilish that they ACTUALLY TAKÉ a video and make it a memory??!

    What the hell! I hope they both locked in jail and DONT get out!

    What will happen afterwards?? She could hurt her EVEN MORE cos she got caught or something! (GOD FORBID!!)

    I pray the baby is in better hands now and wil stay in those better hands!


  • This woman doesn’t have a gud heart, giving her 18 months in prison is not enough for dat kind of disgusting, voilence, heartless, wicked ugly woman,even if she’s insane

  • Jolene

    She is sick and sadistic and doesnt deserve to have kids! Sad and cruel world we live in. We give our all to our children, yet we get sickos likes this who does this their innocent baby!

  • I watched this and cried my eyes out! It is fkin disgusting and I hope to god she doesn’t go near anymore children I watched this and just wanted to help the poor baby! :'( that woman is a fukin disgusting human being and if I got my hands on her….!! :'( I hope that babys still alive :'( and surely in care!? For a new loving family.. And that’s the ammount of time she’s going prison?! What is wrong with this world! :@ !!!!!!!

  • Ana

    Thank God that the baby girl survived the abuse. It breaks my heart knowing that that could not have been the 1st time she suffered such brutality @ the hands of the one person who should be loving her unconditionally. It saddens me that the crule woman will only be surving 18months for such a horrific crime. And that she will be allowed back into society…. Its sickening

  • Timica

    That blady monster is so cruel..and the person who is filming the video is also hard headed by leaving this woman a.k.a “Monster Mother” to abuse the baby..and she should have a longer sentence in prison..that blady fool.

  • carey

    How can you do that 2 an innocent living being who has done absolutely nothing wrong in this world…. A little angel like that…. I hope that lady suffers so horribly..!!! She will die a horrible death..that is so horrible.. A lil kid created by da King not 4 u 2 own… But 2 just grow His children n dat is wat a person can do…!!!???? God died 4 our sins n such people can pay Him back dat way…. Women…u will rot in hell!!!!!!!!!we need2 pray 4 u…. Make me sick ..!!!! God be with that lil baby… Shame…. Tears!!!!!

  • Diveena

    All I want to do is pick the baby up and hold her. This is the worse clip that I have ever seen. It brought anger and tears to my eyes. I wish someone could tie her up and beat the mother up. But the mother need to get her tubes tied and then go for therapy. Something is seriously wrong with her.

  • Dee

    There is one way to sort out an act like this. Life imprisonment with daily abuse. Not only for the monster who perpetrated these acts, but also for the person holding the camera and anyone else that might have been around. Children trust us and this kind of act can NOT go unpunished (18 months in jail is laughable, at best). Thank goodness there is a special place in hell for mindless monsters like this. I for one would PAY for front-row seats.

  • tracey

    It is applaling of a mum behaviour to abuse a baby like dat.I’m sick to my stomach dat she only got 18mnths in prison,where’s the death penalty.the person whom done the video ur turn wil cum,u are a accessorie to this abuse,you jus stood there nd watch SIS on you

  • Baby Vengeance

    If you have any details about this woman please post it here and I will personally fly to Malaysia for the day she is due to be released.

    You will read about the rest in the press.

  • Sara

    Broke my heart. So sad 🙁 That woman deserves much worse than jail. That poor poor baby 🙁

  • Alexis

    The video has since been removed.

  • emily

    Why arent these questions covered in the article?

    Where is the baby now?

    Is the baby ok?

    When that vile woman is released from jail, will the child be returned to her?

    where are the other children in the video?

    What will it take to keep these children away from the woman and any other children in the future?

  • motherofthree

    Does anyone know if the baby is ok and if the baby needs a loving home cause I will take her she is innocent and never deserves that.

  • Katie

    18 months, thats so stupid! life imprisonment, 18 months will do nothing. what a f**ked up world we live in! if parents cant cope, they simply shouldnt have children

  • Shelly

    When I was watching the video, I kept saying “poor baby” “How could this woman do this?” It is the most painful video ever. I wanted to go through the phone and take the baby hold her, hug her and console her. Then beat and torture in the worse way this mentally sick witch and the person video taping!!! Why didn’t she or the person standing next to her stop that DEMON!! I’m appald with the law by the way this was handled, giving this demon 18 months in jail. You are right she deserves to ROTT in HELL!!!!!
    I hope and pray the sweet little angel is ok.

  • Julie

    What about the woman videoing it .Did she also get locked up for not stopping her ?

    • Shelly

      the woman video taping is serving time in jail as well.

  • Graham

    Only thing I can assume is that the mother has severe post natal depression which is a world recognised mental illness. She clearly needs help.


    When she gets out of jail I hope she never sees her child again. But I hope she is given the help she needs. No one is innately evil, she clearly is having some major major issues going on and I hope she is given the help she needs.

    I hope the baby has a happier future without her.

    • Shelly Sheray

      Please go research other child abuse cases. Some of those people are just evil.

    • Char

      I agree. I’m so glad the baby was taken from that woman. It was so disturbing to watch and I just about broke when the baby tried crawling toward her mother as if pleading for her to stop. The mother needs serious help though. She was probably abused herself.

    • DC

      she was raped. It’s not post natal depression, she probably sees the face of the rapist in her child…
      Not an excuse, but most of the time, abusers have been themselves abused by others.

      • LadyGpdiva

        The reports of the mother being RAPED are FALSE that has already been verified. IDK if she was gang raped in the middle of mardi gras and her rapists all get a free pass she had NO RIGHT and there is NO excuse NOR justification she is a monster an animal who should be put down and ANY government who would ever return any child to her care is crazy.

    • Nirmala Jagoo-Lalla

      Hello Graham, I hope she gets the help she needs too. Scroll upwards to see my other comment. I doing a course on Child and Adoloscent Counselling hence my above comment.

    • Irish

      the help she needs is a bullet to the head

    • M.

      Perhaps this is the child of a rape act or due to forced prostitution. This often happens in Asian countries (often even by their own male family members) and the women feel hatred towards the child their entire life. Which also changes life for the child, always unloved and left to face its own fate – girls going into prostitution and boys becoming murderers, rapists and junks, and so the circles continues. Not just because it is the offspring of their rapists but also because they are often rejected by their family and have no future anymore.

      Of course this is no excuse for her actions, I couldn’t stop crying when I saw this and wanted to open my screen and hurt her as bad as my limbs would allow me to. Take the child in my arms and show her innocent little body that she never did anything to deserve this…

  • lucy

    this is absoloutly disgusting 18 months is no where near enough for that sick woman!

    • Melanie

      She deserves more than 18 months! That was uncalled for. NO child should EVER go through that! My heart and prayers go out to the lil’ girl. SHE NEEDS LIFE IN PRISON!!! AND TO BE NO WHERE NEXT TO A CHILD!!!

    • The woman shud pay she mast be sentens till deth becose thet baby don’t desive thet

    • jus

      she should be sentenced to life imprisonment with hard torture everyday and should never be allowed to go anywhere near the girl or any other child for that matter. God take care of the little angel and provide her with someone who can shower her with lots of love.

    • TorontoMommy

      I was sick to my stomach after seeing this. It literally brought tears to my eyes and I was full of disgust. All I can think of is how many more innocent children out there that we all don’t know about that are being abused such as this poor child.

      I am a mother of a toddler and I can’t imagine how the mother on the video can do such a horrible and disgusting thing.

      Dear God from heaven, please help these children. Let us all pray for their protection.

  • Can someone tell me what happened to the babygirl? And what about that b!tch who taped it? I hope whit every fiber of my body that someone kills her,or I will!

  • lori

    This women should not be allowed to live 18months now that’s a joke she should have the death sentence horrible women

  • Jannette

    this woman should be put to jail and never never come out why would she do this to an innocent baby, check his/her diaper or maybe he/she wants some affection, 18 months is not close to the pain the baby went through may god be with her and the baby

  • Bailey

    I feel physically ill from this. I’m near tears. Usually I would share a video for a cause but I can’t even bear to go back to the video and put it on my Facebook wall.
    There is a part where the baby is trying to crawl into her mother’s lap for comfort, but the vile wench shoves her away and then continues beating her. My god.

  • iq

    I havent watch the video yet and intend not to cause my blood is boiling as it is just from reading this article. Now i just want to go home and cuddle my 2 kids and wishing with this little girl too 🙁

  • watch the video closely. it looked like it was done for the camera, as soon as the baby started to go quiet she beat it again to make it cry. i hope this is not a new form of gratification for the sick weirdoes out there, who might have paid the mother to do it. was the person videoing it put in jail. this video was filmed deliberately , not by a person shocked by what the saw. they should investigate ware this video came from, and who made it. it would be shocking if this is a new trend and is happening again and again to other children.

  • fahima ebrahim eunas

    This woman is just nuts…you just don’t do that to a baby, she looks soo precious n vulnerable, just brought tears to eyes,the woman is just a wench, hope she rots…how sickening , the woman taping it more ill mannered coz she cud hav stopped it instead she tapes this as if she’s going to win an award…both should be locked away, child abuse is the worse thing ever, this woman will definitely meet her maker, god will judge n send her punishment…still can’t believe how evil a person can be to hit a BABY who can’t even hurt a fly…

  • sara

    Does not anyone understand that this Asian woman did this for money? The one FILMING is probably the one with fetish – torture children/babies.
    I mean, she is very advanced in her torture act – using a electric chock tool.
    Unfortunately there are many more of this kind out there – CRAZY pedophiles etc. paying for this! How can we stop this?

    IT IS SO HORRIBLE and I regret watching this on FB, it gave me a thorn in my heart.

  • Sarah

    This is horrible. How could someone do that to their child, and you can see her other child is watching it. How could someone film this, and towards the end there is a grown woman standing in the door just watching, makes me sick.

  • this video is so heartbreaking , icouldnt bare to watch the rest . the message going on in the back of my head was ” what kind of mother would even attempt to endanger their child ? & with their own hands ? ” it sucks to know that the baby is defensless & all she can do is sit there & cry while taking the pain . im gunna pray that the mother of that child gets some mental help & that her baby is in good condition .

  • jess

    That is absolutely disguisting how anyone can record such a thing and sit there and watch it i would ave done eveything that girl did to that baby to herself…… 18mnths DEF should be 18yrs….. hope that baby was taken from that family as i dread to think whats happened to her 🙁 brought tears to my eyes and pray the baby is more safer hands

  • Mags

    My heart is still crying for that baby girl and it happend a year ago — why did that mother only got 18 months for that crime — if it was a male who did that hineous crime he would have been dead all like now — as a social worker do i really have to deal with these type of people — this incident makes me want to vomit or puke — those laws need to be changed — from watching the video and i could not watch all of it because it made me sick physicallly and mentally sick, it tells me that that mother is mentally ill and needs to be in a psychiatric hospital for live — she would get the help she needs in that place. God help those children

    • Leoncia

      show no mercy her home in hell!

  • Andrea

    The person filming was a friend of the Mother’s who had witnessed the child being beaten before. She recorded the footage to prove to the authorities that the baby was in danger and the mother was arrested the same day. I saw the clip 2 days ago and have been crying on and off ever since. I would have taken a bat to the Mother and beaten the crap out of her. That poor little girl! Apparently, the Mother may get her back when she gets out of prison and that is the biggest travesty of all. In the meantime though, the baby is doing very well with a foster family.

    • Kim Lanny

      Do all her limbs function properly? Is her sight non impaired after the pillow thumps? Are her ear drums intact? Doesn’t she get traumatic tremours? I can’t ask enough about what I saw and its effects.

    • Sydariqua

      I really pray the baby stays with the foster family cause I have a bad feeling she’s just going to hurt the baby all over again and it could be even worse

    • SARAH

      Andrea do u know this family please let me know how the child is doing. email.

  • sophie

    To think a mother would do that to her own baby what a disgraceful woman to hurt her own child like that. All that child wanted was love but no she keeps on abusing him the sick twisting mind she has! 18 months is not enough it should be more than that! The child should be 1000 miles aways from her and as far as she can go because the child does not deserve a mother like that or even look at her.

  • tina

    So painful to watch and not be able to beat the living life out of this animal…may she rot in hell and may her time in prison get her there!!! Poor poor innocent helpless baby.. I’m sick!!

  • tina

    I shouldn’t have called her an animal!! I love animals…she is a disgusting disgrace and a waste on this earth…every adult who was in that home needs to be fed to the alligators..get rid of them!

  • Frankie

    This is disgusting, it is hard to think about the fact that there are actually people as sick as this on the earth. There is absolutely no excuse for the other adults in that room to dismiss what that terrible woman was doing to that poor BABY. BABY!! I don’t understand how someone could just watch that, it confuses me and im sure it confuses thousands, hey millions of other people aswell

  • I Feel That She Needz To Be Beatened Like That Baby Was Poor Baby I Felt Sorry For It I Meann Thats Abusee Manee Who Would Do That Mane Like Seriouslyy….

  • misty

    know mother that does this to there lil baby or children should ever get custody and should have to serve 18 yrs for what she did please dont let her out im just glad she was caught god will see to it that you get whats coming to you

  • Shiblee Mehdi

    It made me cry. I wish I was there and could have stopped it and could love the baby.

    What the hell the camera person was only shouting ‘era…era..era..’! She could have captured keeping camera somewhere and stopped.

  • Peeved Off

    She needs 18 years, 18 months is too short. And, NEVER allow to see the kids again if she gets out, she needs be spayed!

  • lily1234



  • nancy buchanan

    keep this woman in jail for life… this poor baby didnt need that at all… make her rot in jail…..let someone beat the sh!t out of her…. keep kids away from her….

  • ann green

    keep her locked up this was very heart breaking ..let her rot in her cell block

  • C1992

    This woman should have more than 18 months in jail. I say she should have the death sentence. No mother should ever do that to a child who is so helpless and vunerable. As a mother myself I cherish my son with everything I have. I could not imagine doing anything like this to him.

  • Niranjan

    She must not be locked up.Jail is not the place for her.I’d never report her to police if I had been in that place.I’ll surely burn her up alive!!and let the earth be free of this Shit

  • anonymous

    tht women is a bitch….merciless women she shud be kept in jail for life and shud starve and treat her the same way she did to her child…feel pity for the kid….they shudnt give her the custody of child after her jail time.

  • Leoncia

    To watch the video clip and how she brutally abused the little poor angel,hopefully the make the right decision to put behind the bars forever.This is worst than a crime !!!

  • Leoncia

    she sick on a head and she dont deserved to be out of jail!!!

  • Leoncia

    18 months in jail this monster are kidding us!!!! Please please your law out there in Malaysia should do better than what been declared.Imagine the scenario of a little poor child so totally brutally abused………and think again and again it is really worth it to give this monster a second chance???????!!!!!!!! that satanic

  • Leoncia

    very extremely serious crimes!!!!!

  • I wish there would be a place for all of those who are abusing hurting they innocent children. Also all those pedofiles out there should be locked away somewhere where they can torture each other. I would never let a child abuser going free again cause if did it once they will do it again! Poor baby what did she do to deserve this??? Ggggggrrrrr makes me so angry

  • zoe

    Awful, I cant believe she did this.. why do this its sickening, I hope the baby girl is with a loving family, All the people out there that can’t have babies and would give there left arm to have a baby, then we have mothers like this in the world!!

    Hope she gets anything bad that comes to her because 18 months isnt long enough she dont deserve a second chance!!


  • mack

    very heinous crime that lady did … its so unforgivable even if someone did it with animal’s baby . This lady’s parents should be ashamed for upbringing such a bad lady .

  • jenny lisondra besin

    So shocking!!! I wish she gets raped & tortured every single day in prison… I was not able to watch the whole video because my heart was crushed at the sight of this… :'( I am so angry at people who are worse than animals!!! So evil!!!

  • madeyourbed

    People like this need to be put down for their own good and society’s. Not hide behind post partum depression labels or teenage pregnancy. I could not even watch that sh*t……and no need of it to be online either for some sick disturbed ppl to watch.

    • Julie Fields

      See thats wht kills me is ppl try to plead crazy when they get caught doin shit as this and get out of it. These ppl need to be locked up and us throw away the key to never have the privaledge of freedom again

  • anonymous

    You dont know how it is to see that shit and have your heart slow and skip a beat. Ive allways loved kids. I dont have any of my own this bitch should be hollowed out downstairs with a butcher knife and hit with rocks and hit with metal ends of belts and kicked in tje gut when she tries to get up hit the bitch in the face keep thos up for days let her shit on herself and piss on herself then string her up like they did pirates. Im outraged about this. Really 18 months…. holy shit i know people with any where from 8 to 40 years in prison and they wouldnt do this shit. Thats enough im prolly gonna get in trouble for this comment but idk that bitch dont deserve no better than to be treated the way she treated that poor little girl. She will be in my prayers. I would hope that she will be in all yours as well.

    • Julie Fields

      I totally agree with everything u said and i feel exactly like u do. This bitch deserves the worst henious punishment known to man

  • All I could do is cry for this baby. I wanted to jump through my computer screen and beat her ass. She shouldn’t ever get out of jail period…

    • so did I! I wanted to jump through my computer!
      I often wonder why people like that have children and some people would do anything to have a child…and keep it safe and love that child

    • Jay Hoyt

      Im a father of three, i’m pretty damn tough too, this brought tears to my eyes. I had to turn my head because I just couldnt watch anymore. I would be in jail for murder if i witnessed that. very terrible. is still have a lump in my throat.

    • Kim Lanny

      God forbid but that woman would cry more than the much that baby cried if I was close. I have never felt this much pain in my heart over an infant as now. She’s a devil.

      • crystal

        So true my heart is killing me how can a mom be so wicked I wish I never watch I can’t stop crying from I watch the video it keeps playing in my head over and over and I can’t help myself from crying I wish I was in that chid place at the time of the beating her mom give to her my heart broke when I saw the baby crawling to her for help n she keeps beating her o my god how can a person be so heartless poor baby don’t understand why is she being hurt at one point she look like she really had enough she look tired and in a lot of pain and had no choice but to crawl back to her and she keep striking the poor baby I can’t cope with the pain that I feel by just watching not to mention the amount of months the child have to wake up to this

  • Buff

    This is why our kids grow up to be killers and criminals because of devilish act such as this, that bitch should be hung!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • DanielleBernard

    I haven’t been the same since this came across my newsfeed on fb…I hope that women’s gets shot and pissed on! N a pray that baby lives a life filled with love comfort and compassion <3

    • maria

      I hope that lady never get to see that baby again, that baby was so tired and couldn’t even cry anymore and still got pushed and slapped, after I saw thae video I couldn’t stop crying,.and couldn’t sleep for days it’s just horrible, I pray that the baby girl is in a loving and caring family, that lady should be in jail for a few years so she can grow up and think of what she did, and never get close to another baby,

      • Julie Fields

        I felt the same way u did after watching this. I lost months of sleep and still after ovr a yr of reviewing i think about that helpless baby reaching out for comfort from her attacker. How could she be so cruel to her OWN child as this. Its beyond anything ive ever seen

    • Julie Fields

      I feel the exact same way u do…

  • Hope

    If they would let me have this baby and care for her I would and she would never remember the pain of being abused, that was awful. I can’t even imagine why they would consider giving that child back to her mother if she was able to beat her child at 8 months then what makes them think she won’t do it at the age of 18 months to 18 years if the baby even lives if given back to mother. PLEASE GIVE THIS CHILD A CHANCE IN LIFE DO NOT GIVE HER BACK TO HER ABUSIVE MOTHER I AND MANY OTHER PEOPLE BEG OF YOU.

  • donielle_17

    I am just at a lose for words when i saw this video it makes me sick this women should be in prison for much longer than 18 months for what she done in the video alone not 2 mention what had been going on through til the 8months that we didn’t see

  • dg

    fuckin bitch needs to die

  • Leslie

    This is one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen! I would just pray that the legal system would NEVER let this lady near a child again! My heart aches and I am just livid!

    • Tina Klein

      She is no ‘lady’! Anything else I have to say about this woman is not fit for the internet.

  • NameUnknown

    Makes me literally nauseous. Holy shit, I’m praying for her and the poor baby who had to go through the abuse. I feel so bad, and so sick. Just sick.

  • Lichelle

    I’m glad she’s behind bars, but she DEFINITELY deserves more time. I don’t understand why people continue to have babies if they can’t handle the responsibility.. the crying..It’s all part of being a parent.. if you can’t handle it.. don’t have children – or put them up for adoption where they can find a loving family who won’t put them in harms way and will treat them for what they are – A GIFT. I really hope she does not regain custody. That poor baby girl. It breaks my heart – I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that little girl since I saw the video and I couldn’t even bare to watch it all.

  • laura

    They should all get life and tortured for what they have done to little innocent baby’s and the penaltys they get are rubisgh and the women beating up et baby on a bed should not get her baby back the baby should go to a loveing family that will be good and love the baby the law is rediculus change the law life for child abusers

  • Ray Lolley

    can someone please tell me if the baby is still alive an if there is anyway of trying to adopt her,i have 2 babies an would love to have her grow up in my home as part of my family

  • Ray Lolley

    i actualy had to go punch the wall from my true hatred for that woman,im gonna go to hell bc she is the only person i can say i hate all the way down to the soul god blessed me with

  • Steph

    The entire thing was horrific. But the worst was after some of the beating the baby tried to crawl to her for comfort.

  • Destiny

    She should never get out of jail or her baby back.

  • Stephanie Crowe

    This is so sad . Man it hurt me to watch this .They should throw her ass under the jail only after torturing her like she did that child. I hope she never remembers this abuse when she’s older .

  • heba zafar

  • Nirmala Jagoo-Lalla

    I saw this video about 2 weeks ago on my friend’s wall. I posted saying that the woman was the worst kind of bitch. Next morning in the cold light of day I remembered something – that the abuser was once the abused. Was she raped, was incest involved? Was she physically or emotionally abused? Was she a pregnant teen without support from parents? Ladies and gentlemen what you saw was the multiplier effect of having been abused.

  • Micah

    I would love to find this woman and skin her alive SLOWLY!!!! Along with pouring salt on her as I do it. Then while she’s still breathing and screaming, slowly descend her body into hydrochloric acid.

  • tammy

    Don’t let me see her on the street,i would really jump out and beat the shit out her,all she got was 18 months wtf she don’t deserve to breathe.

  • topgun

    She is a ungreatful pice of shit. I pray I can find her when she is up for release because i will be more than happy to give her the same treatment.

  • carmen

    Ok I understand this is old but now its 2014 and Im wondering how the baby is doing and hope she never has to see or deal with her Birthgiver ever again. And I hope that this women had to do more jail time. I cant belive she only got 18 months for such a horrible thing to do to a helpless baby.i not even want to know what happen after the camera stopped rolling. Would be nice to get an update

  • Aurora Morales

    Déjenla que la dejen en la cárcel por maltrato
    es inhumano lo que se atrevió a hacer

  • Sandy Hoeg

    WTF? 18 months? What about the a** hole that stood
    there and recorded the whole thing?

  • mongoose

    this is the most traumatizing, disturbing thing I have ever seen and believe me I’ve seen a lot. I feel sick. I want to smash this bitch’s limbs with a goddamn sledgehammer, and then drive a stake through her heart. The identity of this devil needs to be exposed! 13? Months? WTF???

  • Jennifer Levine Lawani

    I couldn’t finish watching, people like this should be punished by street justice. I hope she suffers horribly in jail. I am SO GLAD SHE WAS CAUGHT. The camera man is JUST AS RESPONSIBLE AS SHE IS, if not more so.

  • Jennifer Levine Lawani

    I CANT BELIEVE SHE JUST GOT 18 MONTHS. What is wrong with the world? I am due to give birth in 6 days, I have a 10year old and a 17 month old and when I seen this video, I held my baby and cried histerically, he knew I was hurting, he held me back and for the first time, he patted my back while he comforted me, a little baby capable of so much love. I hope this BITCH has not ruined that poor babies ability to trust.

  • Julie Fields

    I just couldnt believe my eyes when i watched this horrific video. I lost months of sleep over this and still cry when i think about that helpless baby being beat like tht and even afterwards she cried out and reached for her mother to comfort her…wth has this world came to. She should be punished beyond recognition and thrown in the depths of hell to suffer 10xs worse than this baby did. How in the world could anyone especially “a mother” do something like this to a child not to mention one u gave birth to urself? I will petition her to serve a life sentence and never be eligible to obtain custody of this child as long as i am able. I will do whtevr i need to in order to stop this kind of violent act on and towards children. This is uncalled for and should be penalized to the max. I am proud of the one that videoed this and reported it to authorities however theres no way i couldve sat and watched it in the act. She wouldn’t be alive right now to tell it. Im praying for this baby and for its safety security and future. I hope its not scarred too bad ovr this.

  • Candice

    I know this is an old article, but I just started seeing this video in my feed and I got to tell you it made me bust out crying for this poor innocent baby so I went to google to see if the baby turned out ok and if that POS woman got what she deserved. I cant even express how this made me feel…..very angry and very sad to say the least. I hope they find a loving home for that precious baby and I hope someone or a whole mob of people rather beat the hell out of that woman..torture her and make her wish she was dead!!

  • eterriea,13yrs

    i want to slapp her and see how it feels i agree with a death sentence wtf is wrong with her