Jenna Fischer is fed up with scrutiny of new mom’s bodies

Are you ready for a Pam slam?

Actress Jenna Fischer, who is best known for her role as Pam Halpert on NBC’s The Office, has had it up to here with the scrutiny and expectations of new mothers in regards to their bodies.

In an interview with Celebuzz Jenna didn’t mince words when asked about what her life has been like since she became a celebrity mom.

“I think it’s unnatural. There’s so much pressure on you as a new mom that the last thing you need to have hanging over your head is some expectation of what your body is supposed to look like. I actually think that the scrutiny of new mothers’ bodies has gotten out of control.”

Fischer and her husband Lee Kirk welcomed their son Weston Lee to the world back on Sept. 24. She went on to say:

“Every new mother just gets a free pass. I’m actually angered by the ‘posing in a bikini six weeks after having my baby’ [trend] … Who cares if our b00bs are hanging low and we have a little more junk in the trunk? We created a human being, everybody. Let’s celebrate!”

It sounds like she’s talking directly to the Dwight Schrutes of the world! Dontcha just love Pam, errrrr, I mean Jenna!

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  • Awesome

    Thank you Jenna!

  • Dianna

    i do love her now. if you want to get back in shape after having a kid than cool. but i don’t think any new mother should be pressured into doing it. who cares if you don’t?? i don’t. plus moms that don’t get paid outrageous amounts of money by being on tv are spending all their money on their new babies, they don’t have any extra for surgery or physical trainers/gym fees. i don’t think we should expect every star out there to slim down as soon as they give birth. they should have time to enjoy their little ones and fill their memory cards on their cameras to the max lol.

  • InWonderland

    Good for her!!! It’s like in the Jessica Simpson comment page where everyone was criticizing her. She was pregnant for God sake, she’s allowed to get big. I agree, it’s a disturbing reflection of our society.

    • Anne

      And now she’s getting paid 2 million dollars to lose weight on Jenny Craig and promote JC.

      Anyways, I agree with Jenna.

  • Lindsey

    Word. I had my son in November, so not long after Jenna had her’s.

  • white lamp

    yay, she’s so cute. her mind is so healthy and clear :)))

  • Victoria

    I just had my daughter in January. And while I have lost all of the actual weight. I do not think I look the way I used to look. Creating a human life changes a body, for the better, for the worse…neither. It just changes. So while you can lose the weight, the muscle tone in your abdomen is gone for a little while. Your hips get bigger. You butt gets bigger. But damn are my legs strong. Probably because I was carrying around all of that weight in my uterus for so many months.

    People need to welcome the changes that happen to their bodies, not frown upon them. Enjoy your child, enjoy your new life. Worry about your health so that you can live longer and spend even more time with your child. Don’t worry about having a 6 pack and gracing the cover of a magazine. If that is more important to you, maybe you should take a step back and see what kind of world you brought new life into.

  • helloisitme

    I do think women should be encouraged to get back in shape after having kids because health is important for everyone, but the idea that they have to be back to where they where in less then a year is NOT healthy.

  • Pam

    I agree with her. With my first child I was back into shape with diet and exercise within a couple of months. I have the body type that you really have to work hard at keeping fit. Well, my last child was born a year ago and lets just say I’m still wearing some of my maternity pants. I have tried very hard to lose the last of the baby weight but It seems to be staying put….for now! I have also faced critism from family members. I wish some people would lay off of celebrity moms, not everyone can snap back into shape quickly. Also, most celebrity moms that do snap back quick do it with LOTS of exercise and practically starving themselves.