VIDEO PHOTOS Jessica Simpson’s elaborate Charlotte’s Web themed baby shower

Jessica Simpson and husband Eric Johnson at their baby shower

Back on March 18 Jessica Simpson was the honored guest(s) at an elaborate Charlotte’s Web themed baby shower that included a hay bale gift repository, an organic ice cream cart, and elaborate electric signage. Also impressive was the guest list, which included celeb mothers and children like Jessica’s sister Ashlee Simpson and her three-year-old son Bronx, as well as Jessica Alba and her 8-month-old daughter Haven.

Though the shower was reported on soon after it occurred, it was thought normal folks like ourselves would just have to use our imaginations to picture what it was like. But, thanks to the generosity of Jessica Simpson, we now have a video with highlights from the shower of the year set to the song “I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, Baby” performed by Ella Fitzgerald. (Classy all the way!)

WOW! And here I thought celebrities only threw events like that if reality show cameras were around 😉 And not to sound cliche, but Jessica Simpson was absolutely glowing! Oh, and burgeoning! That’s a mighty big belly, especially considering this video was from more than a month ago!

Pregnant Jessica Simpson at her baby shower

And did you see hubby Eric Johnson being a real trooper in that sea of estrogen? Looks like a keeper.

In addition to posting the video to her website, Jessica also posted the quotes, “Creating a family is the best thing I’ve done in my life,” and “I really hope I can be half as good of a mom as my mom has been to me.”

Here are a few more shots from the maternity shindig:

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Jessica Simpson at her baby shower

Jessica Simpson's Charlotte's Web themed baby shower Jessica Simpson baby shower photo with tables and food Jessica Simpson baby shower over-sized safety pins

I think attending a Phaedra Parks event just got bumped to number 2 on my list.

Photos: Vimeo

  • She has been “publicly pregnant” for 6 months and the pictures she released on Halloween did not look like those of someone who was just 3 months pregnant. With 1 baby.
    Her poor uterus. I really hope she somehow managed to give birth at the beginning of April and just keep it a secret.

  • lizzza

    “click to enlarge”… hahahahahaha, no need!

    • Diana

      That’s so mean!


      But totally true and pretty damn funny 🙂

  • ER

    Okay, either she had the baby a month ago and is not saying anything (which is cool! I’d be way impressed if that is the case) or she way over ate while pregnant. She is HUGE.

  • Jen

    Look like Jessica has a fat suit on. The thing is she has always been fat so of course she is extremely over weight now as a pregnant lady. I believe Jessica will always have serious weight issues.

  • Sparkle

    She looks gorgeous.

  • tab

    poor thing. these pictures were over a month ago and she was huge then! i hope her baby comes soon, she looks so uncomfortable.

  • brittney

    her baby did come and for people who are making fun of her because she is so big..WHO CARES SHE WAS PREGNANT YOU DUMB A$$’S JEEZ…

    I swear women these days cant even be fat when pregnant or they get made fun of GET A LIFE YOU RUDE MOTHER !!@@#$!!!’S

  • me

    She has always been fat??? Are you kidding me? Sounds like someone is jealous. Or anorexic. You might as well say angelina Jolie has always been fat. Its just stupid. She gained a few pounds AFTER HER DIVORCE. Who doesnt? Then she lost them. That is all.

    • Rochelle

      Amen! She’s always looked great to me. You don’t need to be a size 2 to be beautiful

  • ER

    I don’t think she’s always been fat. There was a point where she was far too skinny. I like her curves- I just wish she knew how to dress for them.
    She way over gained with this baby though. She took “eating for two” way too seriously. There is normal baby weight then there is stuffing your face with everything in sight.

    • Logic

      Just because a women gains weight during her pregnancy does not mean she is over eating, even if she gains too much weight. That is like saying a person who gets liver cancer drank too damn much, or a person who gets lung cancer smoked too damn much. That is called stereotyping, so Before you go assuming someone gained more than society’s view on what is OKAY to gain while pregnant get the f**king facts and think LOGICALLY. stupid judgmental ignorant asshole.

      • Jill

        Although I won’t say it as harshly, but I agree with Logic.. Jessica had a lot of fluid during her pregnancy, causing her belly to be so big and causing her face to be so round and puffy. It happens, over-eating isn’t the only reason woman get very large while pregnant..